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Raising One Spoiled Chiweenie Dog

My Chiweenie, Chi Chi

My house hears the voice of one little Chiweenie named Chi Chi.

My house hears the voice of one little Chiweenie named Chi Chi.

Frankie the mini Doxie gnaws on his jaws like a mother grooming her son. She looks like his real mom. Frankie has been around him for almost 4 years , because she belongs to my daughter.

Frankie the mini Doxie gnaws on his jaws like a mother grooming her son. She looks like his real mom. Frankie has been around him for almost 4 years , because she belongs to my daughter.

Cross Up Between Dachshund and a Chihuahua

The most unusual little puppy I ever heard of was a Chiweenie. This baby was born of a 4 pound chihuahua daddy, and a 10 pound Dachshund mother. I saw them advertised in the newspaper, and decided that I would take a look and see, if that is what I wanted. He was so adorable and cute and cuddly that I decided to adopt him right away and gave him a new home. The mother Daschund had a total litter of 5 puppies and all were adopted out but this little fellow. Off I went with my new found baby puppy.

Picking a name was kinda hard for this one, but we finally ended up with the name Chi Chi. He is one spoiled little puppy, and from the time he was a baby he tried to copy my puppy language back to him. For water we would say wah wah and he knew what that was and tried to say it back to me. From then on he uses his puppy and adult language to get his needs met. We can count of the loud hound voice in him. I never knew that Daschunds were bred to hunt badgers and other animals like rabbits. So anything that moves in the house or out, then he becomes extremely vocal. He is also very territorial. If he is up on my bed , then that becomes his territory, and no one other than myself can cross it without some serious growling and barking. He just considers himself part of the family.

He goes outside and demands to own his territory just like a male dog. Except he knows not how to be cautious about what big dog he attempts to bark at, or who might ever come down my street. It is his way of making it his place. All during the night, when anything moves he jumps up and starts barking. I am thinking dog just hush and go back to sleep. Then finally after his duty shift is over, then he feels like curling up under a blanket and getting some shut eye.

Now let us look at his appetite .... he loves everything we eat but eggs. That he turns his nose up at a heart beat. Of course he loves pasta, chili, and some vegetables like garden peas. So he gets his own little dish of whatever I am serving up with the exceptions of onions or garlic, and he knows he cannot have what we call chocolate. He is not an over weight dog but a healthy one. He does eat his dog food as well. I guess I can say my granddaughters spoiled him by feeding him nibbles under the table. So he now looks for a bit of every ones leftovers. That does make for cutting proportions on my part. If I have a nice sandwich of turkey or whatever, then he wants to nibble too. So I have to tear him a bit and put it in his dish. He thinks he is human also.

Strangest thing I ever saw about a Chiweenie is how they can sleep. He will be lying on his stomach and in a twinkle of an eye, then he has flipped himself upside down with his legs sticking up in the air, and he is out to sleep before you realize he has done it. Not sure if that is more comfortable or not, but my Chiweenie sleeps on his back sometimes flipped up side down. It just comes natural to him.

If you ever get a chance to raise one of them, then you can see the traits of both animal breeds in them. The protector is the Chihuahua,and the loudmouth is the Dachshund in him.
I call his name so much around my house that my love parrot Mango calls out his name quite often.........................."Chi Chi". Mango is another story waiting to happen, but in my house all creatures big an small respect each others space. Outside the house is another matter. That domain belongs to Chi Chi.

Update: I am on a new health issue with my Chiweenie. I experienced a Dachshund having a seizure and it scared me so bad that now I have to rethink things with my own Chiweenie. Diet wise I must make sure he is not getting something that is not good for his health. Small dogs can cross a line with age and become diabetic or have problems that can cause them to have seizures and heaven forbid a stroke. So instead of giving this little one human food of any type, then I look more like giving special dietary treats that is considered safe for dogs. So when he thinks we are eating something he wants, then I substitute a healthy snack for him. He feels more like you are including him in on things.

Now I am not sure , if you happen to experience this with another Chiweenie, then you will understand what I am talking about. Literally mine has become the ultimate defender of ever inch of my house. Nothing....... and I mean nothing...... moves in this house or outside without his barking aggressively and with no consideration for who he is barking at. He is literally driving me bonkers with this barking at my husband, my son, and anyone else he knows lives here. I can see the yard and his dominance but not inside the house. I love my Chi Chi, but sometimes he gets on my nerves. I keep trying to figure it out, and wonder how am I going to get him under control toward others. He never barks at me. Others tell me he is defending me. I really do not know, but I wish he could communicate why he is doing this.


ladybluewriter (author) from United States on August 19, 2018:

I see the same thing with Chi Chi my male. He barks with aggression every time someone stands up to walk anywhere around the house. I think that you may be right about picking them up to stop the barking. He does it more to my husband than he does at me.

Bob on August 19, 2018:

My Chiweenie, Rose, barks when my wife and I talk while standing up but not sitting, we found out that picking her up when she barks at our conversation ends the barking. Also we have been work on a "no" command and is rewarded with treats and praise when he stops barking.

ladybluewriter (author) from United States on October 19, 2015:

I wish I had an answer for the habit of attacking the neighbors Dachshund, but I can say my Chiweenie, Chi Chi will take on any and all dogs no matter their size or breed. I did a little research and wondered which dog was considered the first one to bite in defense. First on the list was not a pit bull that I would have figured. It was a Chihuahua, and second is a Dachshund. I was completely shocked. These two dogs which make up a Chiweenie are more intensified in the Chiweenie. The dog is on guard all the time. They are in my thinking more devoted to one person in a household, but they can attach to all. Mine will even challenge my husband by barking. He will do this only, when my husband stands up. However he gives kisses to my husband for getting his trip out the door to visit the world of the outside. My Chiweenie was raised at times around my daughters two grown Dachshunds, and they all got along. He was a baby at that time. As they got to be around each other through the years their age and size changed. However the male dominant was the older full size Dachshund that kept mine in line. It was a respect issue, and my dog just thought of them like his own mom and dad. The only suggestion I can give you might be to get together with your neighbor and attempt a bonding between the dogs. However, if this dog is set on thinking that dog next door is a threat, then nothing you do will change that attitude. I have not changed mine in since 2009, when he was born. Watch your dogs body language to see, if this dog is making them feel uncomfortable.

Connie on October 18, 2015:

My Chiweenie Puff is the funniest most loving adorable furbaby i have ever owned. She has saved me from the mailman, fedex, sketchy looking leaves outside and is a mighty mole hunter (we live in the country in Kansas). Ever since she was little she would cough and choke on her water and sometimes over nothing. I get her on my lap and pat her on the back and back of neck and she will quit. She is 2 now and has just started recently attacking the neighbors dachshund, any ideas how i can break this habit? She is good with all the dogs except that one. When i work long days and get home she waits impatiently on my to set down then she jumps on my lap and mauls me with kisses. I love by baby girl so much!

ladybluewriter (author) from United States on March 09, 2015:

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I have listened to my dog mumble for awhile now, and knowing that he is really fussing about something , and he wants me to understand him and his language. I talk more to my dog, and he thinks of me as Mama. He is now trying to tell me, when my neighbor makes a loud noise with his tin gate that he is upset. He says , "Mama ....I don't know...." He has gotten to the point that he is picking up my language back at him in figuring out what he is saying. Chi Chi now tries to use that language which is not now listed him as just receptive but now expressive. Dogs are smarter than we give them credit for.

ladybluewriter (author) from United States on September 18, 2014:

Beliza I love hearing about Chiweenies from all around the country. They all have uniqueness, and everyone loves their Chiweenie.

beliza on September 18, 2014:

So cute! I have a Chiweenie too, they are adorable, wonderful dogs. Thanks for sharing.

ladybluewriter (author) from United States on September 11, 2014:

Carla your female Shi Shi is like describing my dog made over. Chi Chi does not like change in the house. He does not like it, when I am gone out of the house. he sits at the door until I come home. My husband watches over him , but he barks if my husband stands up out of his chair like he is mad for some reason. He barks, if anyone goes into the bathroom. He thinks it belongs to him for some reason. He is bonded to me, and he has been since a baby. He thinks he wants everything I eat, but I have learned you cannot give them everything they want. You are right, because these dogs not only know emotional words, but they seem very intelligent in their knowledge of human language, but he does try to mumble stuff, and I am always wondering about that. What is he saying. He looks at me like I am suppose to understand why he is not happy. Usually it is other dogs or something outside that irritates him. He will get moody, but he is usually glued next to my body. I am also writing a book that I hope to release soon called "You've got to Love Your Chiweenie" by S.M. Rodgers. You probably would like to read it, when it comes out. I try to cover more behaviors and the uniqueness of his breed. Thanks so much for reading my article. You might want to read my Article on receptive language of the Chiweenie. I can see you know what I am talking about, when it comes to their language. All you have to do is say that word. I know you are going to spoil those two dogs of yours just like I do to mine. After all they think they are human.

Carla Burris on September 11, 2014:

I have never had a Chiweenie and our ShiShi is just the most spoiled, dainty, demanding, smart, funny, and overprotective little thing. She only did the bark at night thing for a couple days when we got her at 10 months. My boyfriend works overnight and when he walks in at 7am, she would bark very aggressively and wake up our other dog. I sleep with an air purifier next to the bed and it is loud, to drown out the kids in the early morning going to school or any other apartment noise. We got her for Nacho, our Chiterrier. He is just the best dog I have ever had my entire life. Very easy nurtured, never barks, loves rides and walks, cuddles and sleeps with us, loves baths, loves cats, dogs, people, kids. He's not too fond of male dogs, but warms up. But he always did this small whine when he smelled a female even thou he's fixed. So we decided to expand our family and add a girlfriend for him. A friend was leaving to the Navy, and she was finding a home for her Chiweenie. So we took her in. She absolutely loves Nacho and me, she's warming up to Joe slowly just because he gives so much attention to both pups. Nacho is on a schedule and ShiShi has adopted well. Even sneaks more pee breaks and, of course, Nacho loves to go outside. We can't even say Nacho's special words because ShiShi has caught on. (snacks, treats, walk, park, ride, nitenite, kisses, toys, crate, and even zombies, when I say zombies they get scared and run and hide lol I'm a zombie fanatic and it's funny to be scared watching a movie or hear something outside at night and ask, "Is that a zombie outside?") I love everything about her and she has even taught an old dog new tricks. Nacho doesn't get overexcited when walking or going for car rides. But he is very overprotected of all of us when we walk together. I have mastered walking both together at the same time, and we are moving up to going places together. A few things about ShiShi that I wonder are: she's always cleaning or licking Nacho's mouth or teeth?? she has to pee a lot, 6-7 times a day?? Nacho goes 3 times a day so he's not complaining. But it's mad hot and humid here in Texas year round. ShiShi barks at everyone we see and instigates when Nacho even barks?? She growls and mumbles when I tell her no she can't have anything I have, or that she needs to sit down and chill out for a second, or if we tell her to get down. So funny! She leaps, she does not jump, she literally leap frogs over the dog or over thick covers with all four feet without even running!! The one thing that bothers me is that she has very bad separation anxiety. How do I correct this? I am a stay home full time Veteran student. So I am always here. But I'm also an artist and have to leave once in awhile to get groceries, mail, or supplies from the store and she will throw the biggest crying barking running around in a frenzy fit until I walk back in. I have tried to walk out then walk in after 5 -15-20-35 minutes to assure her that I'm coming back so I plan an extra 2 hours to leave early for this stage and it still doesn't work. I don't make a big deal about it, just walk out and come right back in. And she just can't stand to be away from me. But when Joe leaves for work, she simply could not care at all. Nacho doesn't care if we leave because he's usually always sleeping. She has started to let us know when she has to go potty. She will nudge us with her wet, cold nose, lick our arms or face, or pull my arm with her paw and when I look at her she will do a dance/shuffle with her front feet. She also plays fetch with the toys and of course play wrestle with Nacho til they are both thirsty. She will steal Nacho's stick bones back and forth. The first week we had her, she brought out soo many treats that Nacho had hidden for a rainy day, that he was soo mad about it. Literally looking at her and ears forward, eyes big, and walk right up to her and take it and run, and we've never seen him do that. He was with a previous family of 6 that had a small maltipoo that would boss him around so now he acts like he's the boss. We had no idea how many he had hidden but he got so mad he would not come out for about 2 days and was hiding in his spots and eating them slowly and would growl at her if she went to investigate. He's not aggressive at all to her and we wouldn't have kept her if he was. But they are just the funniest 2 together. We don't even watch tv much anymore because they are so interactive with us and entertaining with each other. It's like they balance each other out perfectly. He's a lazy bum and she's a hyper psycho. But we love them together equally. I just wish she wouldn't get upset when I leave, but I have things to do too! Thank you for writing your article. I couldn't find anything personal about chiweenies!!

ladybluewriter (author) from United States on June 24, 2014:


You sound like you have been spoiling that baby rotten. As I always say, " you got to love your Chiweenie!!!" My dog loves chicken. In fact I think it is thinking he is human and wanting whatever I am eating. These dogs are special, because they think they are just like you. They see themselves as being more human. I cannot wait to see a pic of your dog. All of them have their own special look. Some look more like a Chihuahua, and some more like the Doxie. They are all adorable.

Peanut57 on June 23, 2014:

Hi Ladybluewriter. I'm glad you wrote me back. Peanut also does it after drinking water and we rub her little throat. When you talk to her she will turn her head as to make sure she hears what you are saying. I love my little nut, wouldn't trade her for nothing. Can't wait to read the articles, know pea will love them also. got to put up some pic's of her. Talk again real soon and let me know when it comes out. We cut the onions and garlic out as soon as we read about it . Now she just get chicken , turkey, hamburger, and steak and veggies, she loves peas, green beans, cabbage , collards , carrots , and fries. Well really there's not much she won't eat.. Lol

ladybluewriter (author) from United States on June 21, 2014:

Peanut57 your Chiweeie sounds like it is adorable. Mine does have spells, when the throat will close up. I attempted to reassure my dog that it is all right, and he seems to settle down. If he has a more difficult time, then I will rub his throat, and I have been known to take a cold cloth to the nose of my dog. The thing I believe that puts him in that state is over excitement or allergy. Sometimes it is going around something outside or being overly excited , and then it happens. The thing I most do with my dog is try to give him some cooked garden peas for a treat every once in a while. Be sure you do not let any food that contains onion, garlic , chocolate or raisins or grapes come in contact with your dog. I did not know that ketchup had onion powder in it. One of my daughters Doxies had a terrible seizure caused from human food. I am very careful to watch what mine gets. He does love for me to cook him some boneless chicken. I hope you might consider reading my book, when I am through with it. I am writing one called You've Got To Love Your Chiweenie , and It will come out as written by S.M. Rodgers on Lulu. com. I am letting my Chiweenie tell it like it is, and I think you would like to read it since you are one of the ones it will be dedicated to. I am glad you wrote me a message on the article, because it lets me know the true nature of my breed of dog. You just got to love them. Barking is one of their traits. It can drive you insane. Read my other article on the receptive language of a Chiweenie. I think you will see what I am talking about. They do have it.

Peanut57 on June 21, 2014:

Hi. I read about chi chi and he sounds so adorable. I have a Chiweenie she is 11 months old and she is baby. She is loving like you said chi chi is and very protective over me and my son and daughter in law. Yes she has that bark thing down it amazes me the littlest thing she hears. She love table food, haven't really found a dog food that she will eat more than a couple of bits. She thinks she's human also , well I do treat her like my baby cause she is. Not to say they treat her the same way but they say I'm worst. Lol! Does chi chi when drinking water and after seems to choke and her throat tense up and you have to rub her until it passes. It scares the mess out of me the first time and every time since then. She has a lot of energy and people that we like she does also , and if we don't she doesn't. Then some people can just walk up and she will start barking and acting like she 's going to bite them. We love her that's our'll sweet little baby peanut.

ladybluewriter (author) from United States on April 15, 2014:

Everyone I know on search engines call Dachshund a Doxie for short. It is strange that your little girl dog shows more Dachshund traits. I wonder what she was mixed with. My dogs traits have much more Chihuahua in him. Any mix of Dachshund tends to be territorial. I have been around two registered Dachshunds and two mix hybrid Doxies. Be blessed that she is not annoying the cats and other dogs. Typically most act out and will try to rule. Dachshunds were bred to take on a Badger. The diggings and tunneling are natural for them. They definitely are spoiled rotten. They do not think they are dogs but part of you. I am glad to hear that you own one. She will be a treasure in your life. My Chi Chi is four years old now, and just as much as spoiled baby that he was four years ago.

I.Rodriguez on April 14, 2014:

If I'm not mistaken, is not dOxi, but Dixi, but the popper name is Dachshund as you had written at the beginning of your article. I have adopted also a Dachshund Mixed that I have rescued from the streets behind my home. She was about 2 month old when I took her in and now she is about a year and a halve. She is also very territorial, especially when it comes to iguanas (there's a lot of iguanas where I live). She can smell them from a distance, literally. She is very loving with everybody including other pets, which is very surprising to me. Most Dachshund that I have seen are very territorial and could be aggressive against strangers and other animals, but not mine. She loves to go visit with my neighbors' cats and dogs. Very playful and loving, even to strangers. Which makes me nervous that someone could take her away from me. I think Dachshund have a very fun personality and are very spoiled pets. They love to steal your heart every moment they can! :D

ladybluewriter (author) from United States on March 07, 2014:

Carrie my Chi Chi is the same way. He was sweet, when he was little but can act aggressive in a heart beat. He will let those he does not know make friends but he acts as if he will eat them alive to begin with. Nothing walks my street that my dog will not protest them being there. He is defensive of all bumps in the night, and all that come near my house. He has done this toward my husband, my daughter and my son, and even ,when they live with me in the house. I love him to death, but he is on guard duty 24/7. He for some reason claims the bathroom as his territory and that is weird to me. The breed is a mixture of a Chihuahua and a Doxie. The Chihuahua is a defensive dog and sees himself not being small. The Doxie is a German breed that was bred to go after badgers in their hole. So the burrowing and all is what they do. Mix the two and I feel like you got a dog that stays over alert and on guard as they become adult. I love my dog, but no one in my house likes him, when he gets like that. His barking at everything can drive me nuts sometimes. What you must do with them is let them know you do not like the bad behavior, and reinforce the positive behaviors. I spend a lot of time telling mine things around here are ok. Even when the dog outside is barking at night. He does not know what is going on, but he will start barking. You can help your dog by watching his body language, and watching to see , if he is communicating a receptive language to you. I wrote an article about that also. Other dog owners are telling me their dog has this language too. Chiweenies are smart, but defensive. Doxie and Chihuahua both carry those traits in their genetics. Stay calm with your dog, but show them you are in control, and reward the positive behaviors. They do get anxiety, when they feel like someone is threating their master or family or themselves. Reassure them all is ok. Talk to your dog , as if they know what you are saying, because they learn your language. Sometimes I hear mine mumbling under his breath about something he does not like. I kind of let him know that I understand he is not happy about something.

Carrie on March 06, 2014:

I have a 17 month old chiweenie named Frances aka Frankie the Butch. He's so aggressive when people come in the house or when people walk within a 1 mile radius of the house. Its quite distressing because I know he can't be happy being that aggressive towards people or certain other dogs. He goes to doggy daycare and loves it so I'm not sure if its just a territorial thing or a behavioral thing. This aggression towards people in the house just started about 7 months ago so he wasn't always like this. We've done a training class but they gave me my money back. He gets plenty of exercise and eats and sleeps well. I just can't figure out what made him snap and become ultra clingy, aggressive, and have separation anxiety?? Any thoughts?

ladybluewriter (author) from United States on February 13, 2014:

annasmom you sound like you are describing my Chi Chi. His bark is a nuisance and no one around my house likes it, but I seem to be the only one who can almost tolerate it, and understand he is defending his home. Does your girl sleep with her feet straight up in the air sometimes? I cannot get use to seeing mine do that. Chi Chi was born in 2009 and is the baby around my house even though he is close to 5 years old. Read my article on receptive language of the Chiweenie and let me know, if yours is showing receptive language. I like hearing from other Chiweenie owners. It helps me, when I write about them.

annasmom on February 13, 2014:

I've had Anna since she was 5 weeks old. She was weined with babydoll bottle. Dog food is her last resort only if there's no people food. Next month she will be 7 time goes by so fast. At night she tunnels under covers I thought she was scared as she fears every thing. Long body ears like Dumbo delicate legs & paws. Very attached to me but loves my kids & grandkids. Doesn't like strangers barks incessantly very annoying! Extremely intelligent. First house dog and I can't imagine life without her.

ladybluewriter on January 12, 2014:

Shay that is why I have decided to write a book called You've Got to Love Your Chiweenie. I would be glad to share anything you might like for me to say about Chiweenies in my book. Everyday I learn something new about my Chiweenie. He is like my kid. I am so glad you are raising one. The baby Chiweenie is so unique, and oh yes they can be very spoiled. If you get a chance read my article on Receptive Language. My biggest problem has been the intelligence level of my Chiweenie. I cannot even spell words now, because Chi Chi knows what I am talking about. Thanks for commenting and sharing about Baby Girl Rosie.

shay on January 12, 2014:

I have a three month old chiweenie named Baby Girl Rosie. She is definitely spoiled rotten,very smart and has been potty trained. I found that positive encouragment and praise has gotten me along way with her. I love her so much!!!!!!!

ladybluewriter (author) from United States on December 08, 2013:

Just to let Chi Chi's followers out there know that he is experiencing snow and ice, and more earthquakes this December. No wonder he barks a lot. I wonder what he hears before our walls shake?

ladybluewriter (author) from United States on November 09, 2013:

This may be an important factor or not in my Chiweenie's behavior. We have had over 14 earthquakes in the past two weeks in Oklahoma. Some were felt here in the Oklahoma City and Edmond as well as Jones area of Oklahoma. My dog is barking at every small noise now or anything that moves. He is literally driving me nuts. His little buddies the Doxies have also joined in the barking. It is like what one does they all do. The leader of the pack. Let me know, if you have any Chiweenie strange behavior. I am thinking possible scientific investigation here.

alex on September 07, 2013:

thank you and yeah its right there unique and perfect yeah I think people that have a lot of love to give the should get one to me hes my baby i adore him

ladybluewriter (author) from United States on September 06, 2013:

I truly think a Chiweenie is a unique kind of dog breed. Once you have experienced them, then you know just how unique they can be. Your life will never be the same. I have had mine over 4 years and he is something. I am glad you feel that way about yours Alex.

alex on September 06, 2013:

i have a chiweenie name chico taco hes the cuties thing he looks more like a weenie then a chiuaua and he has such a personality for a small dog do mine rearly barks he doesn't like it do he loves human food and demands attention all the time and loves to rode travel and he loves going digging to go under the covers what's super funny when he gets in trouble he gets mad at us for punishing us and well ignore us and if we pick him up he well close hes eyes to not look at us he is such a joy theres no better dog he well be 2 in january 17 2014

ladybluewriter (author) from United States on August 27, 2013:

I really need to have mine fixed , but I cannot say it would change his behavior. It might stop some of his hiking and marking territory behind my back. I think it is the Chihuahua in him that dominates the Doxie in him. He thinks he owns my street , the house and nothing is moving out there unless they hear from him first. Chiweenies are unique dogs. He does not know he is a small dog. He thinks he is as big as any dog out there. He is very intelligent, but his bark can get under my skin sometimes. You might want to read my article on the receptive language of your dog. You may not know it, but they have it. They learn fast. I have to end up spelling things to my husband , if I do not want my dog to know what I am saying. Good luck with your Chiweenie. The breed is definitely unique.

IndrasNet on August 27, 2013:

Hi, my fiancé and I just adopted our Chiweenie about 4 months ago- we needed a little pet in the house- and he has been the best little pal. Now at 8 months Buster Dobus McDoo is showing some of the dominant nighttime behaviors you have described. I want to know if yours fixed, and if it helped him to calm down. Thank you so much for sharing with us.

ladybluewriter (author) from United States on March 12, 2013:

Today I am dealing with my Chiweenie in a protest movement for Milk Bone Biscuits. Of course he did not start it, but his little companions a female Mini Doxie and a full size Doxie. Each one backing the other up in barking. Each having their own distinctive vocalizations. This is rare, but when the pups want something they start to protest. Who would have ever known a pint size female Doxie named Frankie would start it all. Frankie is unique with one blue eye and one brown. Chi Chi sees her like his mom he left behind as a baby.

ladybluewriter (author) from United States on November 21, 2012:

I will have to get a movie of him. The only thing is you never know, when he decides to get vocal. Chi Chi is a unique dog, but I am also learning that dogs are really underestimated in their communication. I heard a remarkable story of someone recently whose whole family was saved by a Daschund with three legs and blind. He was rescued. He caught his masters attention in time to save his whole family from a fire in their home. Dogs do amaze me! My dog definitely responds to certain vocabulary he associates with. Thanks for reading my article. Hope you can find you one. Handicap children do respond to dogs. I was a teacher of handicap and challenged children for over 15 years. So consider raising your kid with a good dog.

Cathy Turner on November 21, 2012:

Hi Ladybluewriter:

I had a Chiweenie 15 yrs. ago and would love to have another. I have a handicapped daughter now and don't know if I have the time it would take to care for a dog and I believe they need plenty of attention. If you can't devote time to an animal ZI don't think it is fair to the animal. My Chiweenie was named "Poochie" I adopted him from a dog shelter and I was soooo glad I did. He was very protective of me and if he thought someone was a threat to me he would growl. He normally was not aggressive oro mean. However, my brother would tease him and pretend he was hitting me. I warned him one day to stop it because "Poochie" had warned him with a growl. My brother didn't heed "Poochie's" warning or mine and "poochie" bit him. That was the only time he ever did that though.

I love your little dog and would love to see a video of him, especially him trying to talk, how cute that must be.

ladybluewriter (author) from United States on November 16, 2012:

I have decided that my dog is very special and many people love the Chiweenie breed of dog. I am going to write a book about raising a Chiweenie. They are truly special dogs. My readers have inspired me to carry on with my writing about them.

ladybluewriter (author) from United States on September 17, 2012:

Everyday my Chiweenie surprises me with new intelligent thinking. He just does not tunnel under my covers, he tunnels under my couch and anything else that makes him feel snuggled. He substitutes my husband for closeness, if I am away, and when it is time to go outside, then he becomes excessively vocal with his demands. I have raised Chihuahuas before and Doxies too, but never a Chiweenie. He has amazed my writing by being the biggest topic on my hub pages. I never thought he would beat out a pop star nor other hubs of popularity. I feel special just to have him. The day I had to fight for his life made me know just how special he really was to me.

TK on September 16, 2012:

HI, I have a 9 month old Chiweenie dog name Chica. She is so spoiled as well. I also call her my little tunnel dog because she loves to bury up under the covers and sleep under you

ladybluewriter (author) from United States on June 21, 2012:

I want to thank all of you who has placed my Chi Chi at the top of the hub charts of the hubs that I have written. This little fellow is a nuisance at barking at everything at night and all day long. I think to myself he is on duty taking care of my family. He alerted me one night that a fire truck and ambulance was outside my neighbors house. I found out later on that a baby was born at night and placed in intensive care. He is the guardian and watcher of my neighborhood. When I get up take up my usual daily chores, then this little fellow thinks it is time to crawl under the covers and take his nap. He barks all during the night, and when something really irritates him then he will also grumble under his breath in a vocal manner like he is trying to say why he is upset. You just got to love a Chiweenie. They keep you company all the time.

ladybluewriter (author) from United States on May 28, 2012:

I am truly honored to know that Chi Chi has been read over 505 times by interested readers. I am noticing that my dog has a new commentative language. He barks, then if things don't make him happy, then he grumps under his breath like someone bad mouthing in an irritated mode. Usually it is dogs in my neighborhood that bark and get him going. He is an amazing little dog, and I am glad so many have enjoyed reading about him.

ladybluewriter (author) from United States on September 04, 2011:

I cannot believe that of all the articles or hubs I have written that this one has been read the most. I know my dog is unique, but this takes the cake. I know, if I had some then Chi Chi would definitely be trying to beg me out of it.

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