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Quanah and the Snow Storm

Curious Quanah

Curious Quanah

Quanah Discovers Snow!

Quanah was three years old and having lived in Texas most of his life, had never seen real snow before. HIs Mama Judy knew this and was so thrilled when it snowed real snow for the first time in years, because her Quanah would now know about snow.

Quanah was not happy about going outside because he could see strange stuff falling from the sky. He knew if he went outside, that falling stuff would fall on HIM. He was afraid it might hurt him, but most of all, he was afraid it might be WET.

Being a Rhodesian Ridgeback dog, Quanah was not generally happy about wet stuff, unless it was in his water bowl. After all, his ancestors had come from Rhodesia, now called Zimbabwe, and South Africa. These were places that didn't often get rain, much less snow. The Ridgebacks were not very happy with stuff that fell out of the sky, especially if it was WET!

Mama Judy had tried to get him to go out in rain before but he would not do it unless she was going to give him a treat afterwards. Now she was going to have to give him a really good treat to go out in that falling stuff.

Mama produced one of his favorite treats, a large, bone-shaped treat. That was all he needed to make it worth his while to go out in the falling stuff.

Quanah stepped out on the porch and watched the white stuff fall for a couple of minutes before he stepped out into it. He was ready to jump back to the porch if it was hard or wet.

He was surprised to find out it was not hard and did not hurt him when it fell on his head and back. He also found it was not liquid like rain. He reached out and licked up a bit of it and found it tasted like...water! Quanah decided to walk out into the snow.

After a few minutes, Quanah found that the stuff was cold after it fell on the ground and his feet walked through it. That wasn't pleasing but it wasn't bad enough to make him go back to the porch.

Quanah walked around in the snow for a few more minutes until his feet began to feel cold and WET. He did not like either cold or wet stuff. He decided that was enough and stepped back onto the porch. Cold air was fine for a few minutes because his nice coat of hair kept his body warm for small amounts of time.

Casting a look back over his shoulder at the snow falling onto his yard, Quanah decided that he would much rather be in the nice, warm house. Mama Judy opened the door for him and he went back into the house.

For being brave and going out in the snow, Mama gave him a whole dog biscuit treat and another half of one. He was really pleased with that, (and a couple of cat treats he stole from Itty Bitty Lily Kitty,) and he curled up afterwards in Mama's chair for a nice, warm, dry nap.

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