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Quaker Parrots as Pets - Facts You Should Know


Quaker Parrots, also known as Monk Parakeets, can make wonderful companion animals. They are very social, entertaining and highly intelligent birds.

If you are considering bringing one into your life, please do your research. Quakers can be high-maintenance, like lots of attention and can live a very long time.

Birds require a big commitment, especially parrots.

Quaker at the Window

Quaker at the Window

About Quakers

These medium sized parrots originate in South America. They are typically green with a grey chest but other mutations such as blue and yellow are available. Pet stores and breeders sell the blue ones at a higher price.

They are very hardy and active birds. They demand a lot of attention and need daily activities and toys.

They are considered one of the best "talkers" in the parrot family for a bird of its size (10-12 inches) Most of the Quaker owners I know will tell you they are able to carry on a conversation with their birds. My bird will ask for specific treats such as apples.

Quaker Facts You should Know

  • They can live 30 years or longer. Sometimes it's like having a toddler that never grows out of the terrible twos.
  • They can start talking at 6 months and they may never stop. They can repeat almost anything so be careful what you say. I have heard of Quakers who have never spoken a word. The more you speak and interact with your bird, the better talker he will become. My Quaker sings "burning ring of fire" by Johnny Cash. Sometimes repeatedly, all day long.
  • Quakers can become controlling and sometimes have a mean streak. My bird will specifically seek out my eldest son and try to bite him. He only does this with him and laughs the whole time he is doing it. They can also become cage possessive. Try to clean a Quaker's cage when he decides it is completely hands off.
  • Quakers are prone to fatty liver disease which means you have to carefully monitor their diets.No matter how much they beg..never give them chocolate! I feed my bird a pellet based diet ( which is expensive) and he also gets brown rice, veggies and fruit. His favorite treat is peas.
  • They are early risers. I get up at 6:30am to him squawking every single day, even on holidays. He squawks until he is fed. Then the singing begins. He sings and talks all day long. Most days I love listening to him but sometimes I wish he had an off button.
  • Quakers are illegal to own in some parts of the U.S so check your local laws before adopting one.
  • These type of birds are prone to feather plucking and self mutilation. They are social birds used to large flocks and can become easily bored. This is one of the biggest causes of plucking.
Ernie enjoying a carrot.

Ernie enjoying a carrot.

Helpful Quaker Sites

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Susan Sears on June 17, 2017:

I have a blue Quaker Parrot-he has such a personality and talks like crazy. He will shout step, up step up if you are ignoring him and we wants to be picked up. He will also tell you Good Morning - although sometimes at 3pm when we come home from work-which makes us laugh. Although a word to those thinking about getting one - they can get noisy and do need a lot of attention.

Angelme566 on June 11, 2012:

Wow , i love birds especially parrots they are so adorable , cute. Thanks for sharing some facts about quaker parrots.

Voted Up , interesting !

Suzanne Sankey (author) from Sarnia on May 16, 2012:

Hi Phoebe, I use oven mitts too on occasion. Usually Ernie flies on his own back to his room but if he is a bad mood,out come the mitts! I bet Twinkie looked adorable riding the dog!

Phoebe Pike on May 16, 2012:

Beautiful bird. I owned parakeets when I was younger. They were gentle in nature, but required loud noises to basically not exist at all. They have incredibly tiny hearts and if you jumped them, it could trigger a heart attack. Fortunately, all my birds lived for a long time. Longer than they were supposed to actually... it was a bit strange. We had a blue one named "Twinkle", and he was a nightmare. He would bite and get out of his cage even when we tied the door shut.

He would ride on my tiny dog, who was terrified of him, and would fly all over the house. Whenever we caught him, we had to use oven mitts because he would bite so hard it would make us bleed. He was beautiful though. We knew anyone else wouldn't put up with him. Even the vet hated having him come in. His cage partner, Pretty Bird, was the complete opposite. She was happy and never bit. She even let us hold her.

They definitely are like toddlers. Each with their own personality.

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