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Triggerfish Aquarium With Picasso, Undulated, Niger: Care and What You Can Put in Your Tank With Them

Undulated (Mine isn't photogenic but here's what one looks like)





My Picasso

My Picasso


I am by no means a saltwater fish tank expert yet. I wanted to start out with fish that were resilient and tough in case I messed up along the way. The care and experience levels for triggerfish are very low compared to other fish you can add to your fish tank. I would easily recommend putting triggerfish in your aquarium if you are a beginner like myself or an expert who enjoys them.

The triggerfish are very unique. They have "triggers" on their backs that go up when they are scared, showing dominance, or sleeping. The most practical use for these is while they are sleeping and holds them in place while sleeping in crevices.

They also have great personalities and are a blast to watch. Triggerfish are perfect for your whole family to enjoy. They fight back and forth with each other (just play fighting, if they are attacking each other to the death you will want to separate them). These fish are constantly rearranging your tank so you will want to make sure that all rocks are firm and stable so they won't be knocked over by a charging trigger. They will move sand out of their way with their mouths when making their home and continue the upkeep when sand gets pushed around or is somewhere where they don't like it.

Currently there are three triggerfish in my aquarium. I have a Niger, an Undulated, and a Picasso trigger who are getting along great with each other. When putting aggressive fish in your tank you have to do some research first. What I should have done was this: added the Niger first (least aggressive of the three), the Picasso second (medium aggression level), and then put the Undulated in last. I actually put them in the tank in this order: Picasso, Niger, then the Undulated. This worked for me because the Niger was bigger than the Picasso when I added him so he didn't get picked on too much. The Undulated has a reputation of being a jerk. And that he is. I put him in the tank last and he still tried to beat up my other two triggers. Luckily, these triggers have become friends and ganged up on him. I think this has really humbled him because everyone is now getting along.

What Triggerfish Will Eat in Your Aquarium

So far it has been hard to put very many things in my aquarium without the triggers eating them. So far I have lost two starfish, an urchin, they chased out an eel, they ate all of the crabs and snails, and my lionfish died because they were hogging the food. I have also been told they will eat any corals you add to the tank. This doesn't mean you can't put these things in your tank and test it out but don't spend a lot of money on anything you don't want eaten.

Will Triggerfish Get Along With Anything Else?

Here is a link to a good compatibility chart for triggerfish:

Just keep in mind that size and timing are very important for adding things to your aquarium. If you have something that is in your tank before the triggers and is larger than them, it has a better chance to survive. You can always ask your local aquarium expert about what they would suggest you do.


Brittany B (author) from U.S. on January 26, 2012:

Thank you Teri!

Teri Silver from The Buckeye State on January 26, 2012:

Well-written and informative. Thumbs up!

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