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Solutions to Help Your Puppy Through the Teething Phase

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Is your puppy chewing everything?

Yes, puppies often seem to chew just about anything: your clothes, your furniture, and your hands. This is a perfectly normal part of teething and will last until your pup is around 7 to 8 months old (or, in some cases, a full year). This can be a frustrating time, both for you and your puppy. Here are a few tips to make teething a little bit less terrible for the both of you.

Commercial Puppy Teething Products

Manufacturers have long been aware of the needs of teething puppies, and many have created hard-wearing toys with clever textures that both entertain and soothe the gums of a teething puppy.

Popular brands include Nylabone and Kong, and most large pet stores will have these in stock.

Praise Your Puppy

By praising your puppy when they choose to chew a toy rather than something they shouldn't, you can help them begin to distinguish what is chew-appropriate and what is not. It is important that your puppy learns to associate chew toys with fun and positive reactions.

Instead of Yelling

If your puppy bites you, then make a sharp 'yelp,' fold your arms, and ignore them for a while, but make sure to offer a safe toy as an alternative. With consistency (and a fair deal of patience), you should notice that you have to correct your puppy less.


A crate provides a safe area for your puppy. We all have times (such as preparing dinner) where it is difficult to monitor a young, hyperactive teething pup. Crating is a healthy and safe alternative to your puppy running around and chewing and picking up dangerous objects when you cannot give them 100% of your attention. Just remember to remove collars and tags when placing your puppy in the crate.

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Soothing Sore Gums

Whilst at times it may seem that your puppy is simply behaving badly, it is important to remember that teething can be really uncomfortable for dogs. Placing chew toys in the freezer can really help provide relief for your puppy's sore gums.

Ask Your Vet

Most vets will ask to have a look at your puppy's teeth at check ups. If you are concerned about your pup's teeth in any way, it is a good idea to ask the opinion of your vet and they should be able to alleviate any worries. Remember that dental care will be important for your dog in adulthood, also.


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