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Possible Meanings Behind Hummingbirds and Rabbit Visitations

This article is about hummingbirds and rabbit visitations and what the meaning may be all about.

My Mother and the Hummingbird


Visit From a Hummingbird

People, in general, enjoy someone coming to their home for a visit from a loved one or friend. This article will discuss visitors from some of nature's beautiful creatures and what they may give as possible messages.

At the bottom of this article, I have posted several links that may amaze your senses so you will possibly not feel so alone in this world. If you believe or not in messages from the creatures of this earth, this information may interest you.

This happened to me this morning:

I just got home from work and was talking to my sister on the phone when I felt a miracle had happened. I was about to leave my car when I saw a hummingbird. He came up to my side car window and fluttered only inches from the window. It hovered for over a minute and then flew away.

The information below talks about how sometimes it means challenging times are coming to an end or a time of financial blessings. It can also mean a loved one's spirit telling you they are alright. The information about this had me tearing up and looking for more information.

This morning my husband woke me up like he usually does, but I must have fallen back to sleep because I woke up much later and had to hurry to get to work on time.

Later I was standing in the kitchen when I felt like I did not get up when I usually got up. I felt like it was a divine plan that kept me in bed a little longer so my visitor would be waiting for me at the perfect time.

I had another visitor the morning before, and I will tell you about it.

I was going to work and was about to step off my side porch when I spotted a rabbit standing so still. I tried to walk slowly so I could take a picture of it. Every step I took, the rabbit stayed so still that I thought it was ill. Finally, I got so close I could have touched it, but I chose not to try to pet it. I started walking to the car, thinking would the rabbit move when I started my car. After I was almost by my car, the rabbit was leaving slowly. I never had that happen to me in my whole life because rabbits usually will not let you get that close to them.

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My thoughts:

My mother loved hummingbirds. After reading more about hummingbirds, in my opinion, I feel my mom was telling me she was alright; she passed away in January of this year.

The link above tells how different cultures think about what possible meanings could be behind the visit from hummingbirds.


I posted a link about the possible meaning behind rabbit visitations.


I know my visits must have a special meaning, but two visits in a row really has me thinking. Will I have another visit from another creature of this beautiful world tomorrow?

If you encountered a wonderful creature from this earth, think about writing about it. So many people have encountered creatures like hummingbirds and rabbits and would enjoy reading about them.

Remember, good news can also come from visits from earthly creatures from this glorious world. Enjoy them, maybe write them in a journal, or even meditate over the encounter. Hidden blessings may be as close as when you walk out your door, like what happened to me.

This content reflects the personal opinions of the author. It is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and should not be substituted for impartial fact or advice in legal, political, or personal matters.

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