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Every Day Foods - Toxic to Your Dog.


It seems that more and more folks are feeding their beloved pets table food. I thought I would write an article that lets you know how some of our most delicious foods are toxic to our dogs (I don't know about other pets - I'm a dog person).

First, take the pickle, it can make your dog - doggone sick!

Onions can not only sicken your dog they can kill them. So forget giving them any casseroles or foods that you have socked onions into. Personally, I use onions any time I have the opportunity. For our canine friends any type of onion is poisonous (dried, powder or raw).

The same is true for garlic (dried, powdered or raw) - it can kill your dog.

Mayonnaise is also a killer to our beloved canine friends.

Macadamia nuts have a toxin in them that can kill dogs.

Mushrooms can contain toxins for the canine, that are not harmful to humans.

When choosing a dog food for your beloved dog be sure the main ingredient is not corn (most especially if your dog has any age at all on him/her. Corn swells up in the tummy and causes much pain and sometimes, digestive tract problems.

Many of man's diseases are also present in dogs, cats and other pets. (except birds - I don't know about them). Dogs can develop heart problems, sugar problems, cancer, even the flu.

For a more comprehensive list of toxic foods for pets and what they do, go to

For seven days my precious 14 year old Snuggles has refused to eat anything. Up until then she ate quite well. She only gets dog food in this house. She quit drinking yesterday. Her hips quit working and she would walk a few steps and fall onto the floor. I was sure she was dying.

However, I took her to the Veterinarian today and was told that she has severe arthritis and needs glucosamine, which she was getting until she quit eating. I had to crush it up in her dog food to get her to take it. The pill was way too large to put down her throat.

The vet gave her some fluids, x-rays and a complete CBC work up. We will know tomorrow what her diagnosis is. Likely she is not dying and I am so happy. She is my baby.

No matter what kind of pet you have. be sure to educate yourself and feed it only what is prescribed or suggested. And know that the occasional table food is not going to send your pet to that rainbow bridge. As with anything in life, be balanced. Your pet will live a lot longer and be ever so happy with you.

By the way, my precious Snuggles is a Sheltie and very much a part of my life. I cannot bear to think of losing her. However, I know I will someday. It is what it is..

The Vet just called and told me the blood work revealed pancreatic cancer. It breaks my heart, especially since the Vet told me it was my fault. A dear friend helped me to not take that guilt trip , because she researched pancreatic cancer in dogs (I usually do the research. I was simply too distraught). Now, I'm researching Vets.

It is unknown why dogs get pancreatic cancer, and it is very rare . I spent over a week with her in my arms and feeding her the pills the doctor gave her. Then I decided that she had to eat something. I could not see her starving to death in the event she would eat. First I gave her homemade chicken broth. Then I fed her fresh cooked chicken breast, and liver with rice made for dogs.

I am happy to report that her appetite has returned. Her kidneys and bowels are functioning again. I believe in miracles, and when I look at her I see a real miracle.

She still sits on my lap every day and evening when I sit down, but I am no longer paralyzed with fear of her death. She may last a long time. As long as she is not suffering, I am happy to spoil her and love on her. She is the Maker's when He wants her.; until then she is mine!

Dogs are like children, they depend on us for everything. I am happy to oblige. She has brought me so much joy and comfort. I am simply returning the favor.


Pixienot (author) from Clarksville, Indiana on July 01, 2011:

Enjoy your new puppy. He/She will be a part of your family just as a new baby is. It is wise to know how to take care of your puppy. I'm glad you found my article informative and provocative. Happy researching. Google is the best invention ever!!

Thanks for reading my hub.


Sarah Writes from California on July 01, 2011:

Wow I had no idea so many food can kill dogs! I’m going to take your advice and read up, I just got a new terrier puppy two weeks ago, and I need to be sure I won’t accidently kill him! Thanks for touching on this subject. Take care!

Pixienot (author) from Clarksville, Indiana on April 13, 2011:


Thank you for adding to the list. Things that most of us would not even think of. However, easily avoided if you do not feed your dog from the table and do not let them roam around an unattended garage or storage room. Antifreeze.... ewwwww.

I am happy to report that a miracle has occurred. Snuggles has flourished with all of the love and she is doing 90% better than before.

She still seems to have arthritis in her hips (but not nearly so bad as before). She is eating, drinking, pooping and peeing! She is even jumping up on my lap - I don't have to help her any more. A great miracle!!!

I'm sure all the prayers and good thoughts helped her, too! And the reiki she received. :)

dearabbysmom from Indiana on April 04, 2011:

I'm sorry your poor Snuggles is going through this (and you!). She is indeed lucky to have you be her advocate. I'll add a couple of things to the doggie no-no list. Raisins...even worse than grapes. Xylitol (aritficial sweetner found in some sugarless gums, mints and cookies). And some folks don't realize how deadly antifreeze is...even a tablespoonful can kill a pet. It tastes sweet so they are very drawn to it.

Pixienot on April 02, 2011:

You are more than welcome! Come again.

Miles of smiles coming your way.

Tony Mead from Yorkshire on April 02, 2011:

HI Pixienot

thanks for taking the trouble to answer, there are so many who do not bother.



Pixienot on April 01, 2011:

Tony, the only way to know for sure is to check with your vet. I understand from my research that food problems are directly related to the breed and size of the dog.

Thanks for stopping by!

Tony Mead from Yorkshire on April 01, 2011:

thanks for the info, at my last visit to the vet he mentioned about onions, but i did not know about fats as will star mentions.

we feed our two terriers on fresh hearts from the butchers, I wonder if that is okay, because there is some fat on them

cheers tony

Pixienot on March 31, 2011:

Will, I guess my Snuggles is lucky in that we don't eat bacon or fatty meats. She does not get beef of any kind, only chicken and liver. Liver in small amounts. Thank you so much for the information.

Sueroy333, thank you for your compassion and your good thoughts, and your support.

Rock, it is important that you know what works for your specific dog. Even dogs differ in what they can and cannot eat.

And whomever voted, a big whopping thanks to you!!!

Christine, thank you for stopping by and for your good comments.

Christine B. from Medina, Ohio on March 31, 2011:

Thanks for all this great information... I knew about grapes and chocolate being deadly for dogs, but had no idea about the other things you mentioned. Poor little guys are allergic to so many foods it's amazing they can survive the kids in the family feeding them what they don't like from the table. Another good reason to train your beloved pets not to beg at the table!

rockfordmaunes from Philippines on March 31, 2011:

Oh, thank you for sharing I havr four cute mixed bredd terrier but some dog can foods are allergic to toy dogs like dog foods that have poultry ingredients on it our vet discourageous to purchase such dog foods.

Susan Mills from Indiana on March 31, 2011:

PixieNot- I know how sad you are over Snuggle's illness. She is lucky to have her "mommy" right there with her!

Thank you for sharing this list... and thanks to Will for adding to it. I, too, have heard that about pancreatitis and fats... I didn't know that about the bacon, though!!

There are so many things out there that are unhealthy for our pets that we would never think of! I believe I read once that grapes were also unhealthy.

Their systems are not like ours, and there are some things that they just do not process properly!

Excellent, informative, and sad. So sorry it wasn't better news for you and your little one!

WillStarr from Phoenix, Arizona on March 31, 2011:

BTW, even a piece of bacon or the fat off a steak is enough to cause pancreatitis in a small dog.

WillStarr from Phoenix, Arizona on March 31, 2011:

One of our labs nearly died from pancreatitis. She was a beloved thief, and got into a bag of Mexican style pork skins (chicharones), which are extremely fatty, and that fat brought on the pancreatitis.

Fats in any quantity can make your dog very ill. Ours vomited repeatedly and her tummy was in great pain. She would not eat. It acts very much like pancreatic cancer.

Make sure that your baby has no access to fats, either fed to her or something she steals. They are sometimes their own worst enemy!

Good luck

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