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Pitbull Dog Videos

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American Pit Bull Terrier

The American Pit Bull Terrier is a dog of controversy. Some find it a great family pet, where others see the breed as pure baby killers.

Which is it?

Before you make up your mind, you may want to watch at least one of the following videos. These documentaries going into the goods and the bads of the breed. You'll see what makes the Pit Bull the great dog that it is today; yes, I admit I find the dogs wonderful.

So you know my vote. What's your's?

Find out of the Pit Bull came to be the most controversial dog breed today. Watch the movies with an open eye and an open heart. Find out what went wrong in history. Why this once beloved family pet, military dog, and movie star is now hated and feared.


American Pit Bull DVD

This movie, released in 2007, is all about the one All- American family dog. This is a tragic story of the American Pit Bull Terrier and its fall to the Feared One.

Watch America's favorite, well- rounded dog fall from stardom. Fall from Petey on the Little Rascals to Rocky in the glum ghetto.

Watch as Helen Keller's beloved Sir Thomas turns into the hated, vicious gang accessory.

The 'American Pit Bull' DVD goes through the unfortunate evolution for the American Pit Bull Terrier- beloved family pet to fighter.

You'll see the stereotypical "pit bull" and the unlikely childhood pet.

The documentary produced by Marilyn and Chuck Braverman, explores the world of dog fighting, protection, and weight pool. See dog shows, bully expos, and dog breeders.

  • The Good Dog
    Pit Bulls have a varied history. They have proved themselves as good members of society.

Off the Chain

This Pit Bull documentary takes a look into underground dog fighting. You may not think that this is a video for an American Pit Bull lover, but it will definitely open your eyes to the true American Pit Bull Terrier.

This is the type of movie that will help you better understand why your dog does the things that he does.

Start at the beginning and explore the depths of the breed. You'll see the once trustworthy pet, as well as the vicious dog fighter.

The documentary examines how the Pit Bull went from the All- American dog to enemy number one by traveling through the dark corners of the ghetto and exposing the truths behind the pop culture and urban symbol of violence, aggression, and hate.

This documentary, directed by Bobby J. Brown, infiltrates the underground culture of dog fighting.

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Another Pit Bull documentary that takes you deep into the underground world of dog fighting. This video is 100% uncensored to make sure that there is absolutely ZERO misunderstandings about the breed.

Find out why the Pit Bull and it's close bully counterparts are the dogs of choice for dog fighters.

Learn about the dogs' loyalty and gameness.

Find out the truths behind the dog that has been bred for generations and generations to be the best fighting dog, but still remains human friendly and non- aggressive.

This documentary will hopefully change your mind about the breed. It may not make you run out and find a loving APBT to bring home, but hopefully, it will stop you from running the opposite direction next time you encounter a bully breed dog.


Hood Dogs

The last on my list of Pit Bull Videos, is not the least. 'Hood Dogs' is a shocking documentary that takes you deep inside the American Pit Bull Terrier.

The dog is the topic of a lot of controversy- good dog, human aggressive, baby killer, wonderful family pet. Which is it?

Make your own opinions after watching this movie. Just make sure to go into it with an open mind, otherwise, what's the point in watching it?

This documentary, unlike the others contains absolutely no dog fighting footage, but it is still uncensored, so it may not be the video you let your youngest family member watch.


Jacksteer on April 17, 2014:

My brother lives with me, him and his son , got a Pitt bull, I wasn't happy at first, she gets along great with my little dogs, very good watch dog we live in a pretty bad neighborhood, I'm very glad she's here , she's not mean, but will let you know, if someone's there , thank god for these dogs ,I'm kinda glad, people know we have her, not as easy to break in,thanks to all these dog owners. And all others, who care for there animals .

Brandon l on April 15, 2014:

I think it's a shame want a be Pitt bull owners have to fight there dogs don't you have anything better to do ? I have one, any even suggest my dog fight well have a fight. You can count on it thanks to all responsible owners that care for these dogs.

Stan, Lorain, ohio on April 15, 2014:

I feel the same have blue Pitt best dog ever had very good around every one people who fight them should be shot.

sanctuaryforall on November 30, 2011:

i heard of another great Pitbull documentary VICKTORY to the underdog i found out about this documantary on Pit Boss

Sept on May 05, 2011:

It's a shame that the pit bull has such a bad rep! And its because of these foolish people is why the breed is band over here in the uk. I have friends that have pits and are a bit reluctant to take them to the vets in fear of them being reported and there dogs being put to sleep. I have a UK staffi a AM staff & a colli cross samoyed. They all get along with pits and other dogs. I found out that any bull and terrier breed I.E Staffordshire bull terrier, English bull terrier & Am Staffs. If not registered are still classed as pit bulls and are liable to be put dawn! Ok I understand that the UK staffi was the original pit bull dog apart

for the old English bull dog (now extinct) from which it came. But just because some may not be registered is no reason to KILL them or any bull & terrier breed. What if the dog is in a loving home & does no wrong? It's the dammmmm owners not the dog! What's the difference between pedophiles & pit bulls? Pedophiles have no master!!!

DP on December 07, 2010:

I'm not a supporter of dog fighting and think it's cruel and abusive...especially when dogs that don't WANT to fight are MADE to by the idiots feeding them gunpowder and rubbing cocaine on their nose....then letting the losing dog (which are both in such a case) bleed out and die or worse, set on fire, electrocuted, etc.

The other side of the coin here is that all those qualities that make American Pit Bull Terriers so loving, loyal, dedicated, and non human-aggressive are the result of the breed being designed and bred for countless generations for the purpose of fighting.(I leave out Am Staffs/staffs as I do not consider them worthy of the true pit bull name) First as bull/bear baiters then on to each other. And if it wasn't for the RESPONSIBLE, TRUE, DEDICATED DOG MEN that originated the breeds foundation and development, culling out any sign of aggression to people for hundreds of years then we would not have the breed we love today. Fighting is in their nature, their bloodlines, you cannot hold a gun to a dogs head and say fight....however this aggression to other dogs/animals can 99% of the time be eliminated with proper socialization as puppies or you'll just have a sweet dog that will lick a kitten that was born from a game bred line of fighting dogs, which was the case for me.

The blame should go to the degenerates that lock their dogs up away from normal social contact, use drugs to make their dogs wild/crazy (not true fighters), and think its funny and "god training" to let their pits rip up kittens and strays. This goes further to the "breeders" that encourage aggression in there pups even towards people....having the stereotypical view that if i have a mean growling pit bull it makes you tuff. Well I hope at least a few of those guys get to feel what happens when you raise and encourage people aggressive pit bulls after they are missing a few limbs from their own creations.

Anyone interested in the true history of the pit bull and its evolution as the greatest breed of dog check out the several books put out by Richard Stratton that go into detail about what is "game" in pit bull terms and why these dogs bred to fight without ever quiting turned into Man's best friend.

Lisa Marie on September 12, 2010:

People that abuse pits disgust me, If I catch a dog fighting ring I will burn their spot down with them in it. I am sorry for talking violent, but I adore my pit and find it difficult to imagine harming such a loving animal. Besides those type of sick people will burn in hell anyway, why not send them there early?

jeckass.... on August 10, 2010:

Pitbull is like human... Love them and please be responsible...

amy on August 05, 2010:

I love pits and whoever fight them need the crap beat out of them.

jose on April 20, 2010:

does anybody know where i can watch bloodline n hood dawgs online plz i really want to watch them

Ashley on February 10, 2010:

Pits.....There the greatest animal ever bred,BAN THE OWNERS NOT THE BREAD!!!!!

Delmar on May 28, 2009:

really enjoyed Off the chain & hood dawgs they are off the hook man right know i want to order unleashed, raw dogs, American pit bull and bloodline..

all the way from Botswana Africa

Eternal Evolution from kentucky on April 17, 2009:

Once again great hub. I would really like to see these documentaries, I'll have to check them out.

micheal on April 10, 2009:

i have a pit . but would never have a fighting pit . its not the breed that needs to be extinct its the owners of the dog . Most of the young hoodies and drug dealers have them to make the look hard . Then there is the dog fighting men who make money out of this So called Sport . I say jail them all and then un ban the breed as in this country the pit bull terriers are banned . These dogs are as loving as a child

mary on May 26, 2008:

i think tht all the assholes out there tht have a pit and shows them how to fight is bullshit. cause there are people out there tht actually care about pits and know tht they are loving animals and they have feelings to. also who ever reads this and thinks the same way u can contact me at

cause it is bull and i hate everyone tht make ANY dogs or animals fight cause it is terrible to c wht them dogs, pits, have to go through and face every day................... and if i EVER meet someone tht does tht to animals i will take the dog and report the abuser...........



Wendy08 on March 04, 2008:

Love this hub Whitney! Hope everyone else thinks so to. Saw "Blodline" to. =D

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