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How to Train a Labrador Retriever - Housebreaking and Potty Training

Labrador Retriever’s are one of the most active breed’s in the world, and being such you have a lot of work ahead in training. They are very smart dog’s also and this has to be a big relief. When it comes to the training issue you must be very persistent on your dog. Especially when you decide to live with such a large breed. You see, the early you begin training them the better it will be.

The Lab’s tendency to absorb quickly and remember almost any lesson you give to them is going to be on your advantage. They are ranked 7 th on the American kennel club for their intelligence and interaction with humans. They have all the family dog quality’s and are very eager to please their owner’s . Almost like they have been breed to live and socialize with mankind. But when it comes to potty, Lab’s make no exception from other breed’s.

"Although they are very intelligent, it is your duty to teach them where and when to do it." First of all Labrador Retriever’s are animals and this mean’s that they don’t have any clue of the human world and rules. Housebreaking and potty training as any other training must begin when your Lab is still a puppy so that you can permanently eliminate the potty issue from the route’s. It is going to be a real problem in the future if you don’t consider training your puppy at this age.

There are many good trainer’s that can really help you on potty training and they give very helpful advice .I have cleared some of the step’s that you don’t really need considering that your Labrador doesn’t have any medical problem. If it has, you must immediately consult with your vet. This article can be very helpful even if you have other breed’s rather than Labrador Retriever.

Potty training a Labrador Retriever

1)Potty training as a necessity.

Potty training your pet has to be a top priority and a very serious issue. Even if you do not have the right knowledge about dog’s you can train them in no time. Why? This is because it is a necessity. You don’t want that unpleasant smell all around your home all the time. And people that visit you telling to get rid of the nasty smell because it’s inappropriate. If you live in a flat Labrador’s will absolutely have to learn how to potty outside. In order to keep your life in perfect balance with the new arrival potty training must begin since the first days you bring your Lab home.

2)What comes in must go out.


puppieshave a very fast digestion of food especially Labrador’s. So 5 to 30 minutes after they eat they must go potty . When a dog is from 2 – 6 month’s old it must eat almost 4 meals a day . This means that you must be ready basically 2 to 4 times a day to clean up. This is a very strong reason to potty train your dog. Labrador Retriever puppies have to go potty after and before they sleep, after play time and of course after every meal . When your Labrador goes to sleep don’t forget to take it’s water bowl from the bed around half an hour before sleeping.

3)Pay attention to the signs before poop or pee.

There are certain sign’s that you must pay attention to. For example : Before they poop or pee dog’s tend to make circle’s around , like they are chasing their tail. Or they begin sniffing around the corner’s so that it can find a proper place to pee. At the moment you see your dog doing so grab it immediately and take it outside to do it. I know that it is a real challenge and very frustrating at first, but this is the only way you can make your Lab memorize where to do it. Even if you catch it while in the process of doing it, pick him/her up and make it finish outside the house.

4)Make it repetitive.

This mean’s that, despite the fact that you have a puppy which can be easily distracted remember that Labrador’s are very smart. The only way you can potty train your dog is through persistent repetition. First find a very quiet place which you can use it as a spot for your dog (usually outdoors). Then wait for it, after your Lab does it make sure it empties all it’s bladder. When he/she finishes reward your dog with a small treat, but only after it has finished. By doing so the dog will memorize that if it potty’s at that particular place it will get a reward.

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Your dog's age :

5)Don’t yell when it does it in inappropriate places.

It is very common for a young puppy to potty in inappropriate places such as on the floor or on the carpet. They are not human’s and can’t really understand what you want them to do. When such an accident happens you should never yell or even hit your Lab. If you do that your dog will be very afraid from you and it will be afraid in the future to do it in front of you. Labrador Retriever’s are very sensitive dog’s and yelling at them will cause very serious psychological problems in the future. Then you will have an untrained dog and even worse a depressive Labrador.

6)Clean out.

So the best you can do is to properly clean everything out. Don’t use normal floor cleaners. Labrador Retrievers have a high sense of smell almost 200 times higher than human’s. Your dog will eventually do it again at the same spot where it did it the last time. I recommend you to buy a proper potty cleaner, so after you clean everything up just spray a little bit of it on the floor.

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Repetition is the only way.

"These daily training techniques can be memorized only through repetition."

"Remember that your dog is an animal and has a different way of thinking from us."

"So you must work very hard and be very persistent in order to have a well behaved dog."


Although it may sound difficult to housebreak your puppy in fact it is going to be fairly simple. You will see that Labrador's have a good relationship with human's and other pet's as well. So, they will adapt and follow you as soon as they can. Just be patient and your dog is going to become like a part of your family.

1)Manage your Labrador’s territory.

You can’t always watch your puppy, sometimes you have to go out without it. In this case it would be perfect for you to manage it’s territory. In the first few month’s choose a small room or a safe zone for your Lab so that it can stay there without you being around. This so-called safe zone has a lot of benefit’s so that your Lab will learn it’s boundaries and limitation’s. Setting up this particular place in your house is going to give to your puppy a full perception of your personal way of living. So that it won’t be a problem in the future. What you should do is to clear everything out from the floor, and also pick a very particular spot so that your dog goes potty only there. Provide some kind of sand places like those of the cat’s, this has to be temporary and won’t last too long. Only when your dog is very young like 2 – 4 month’s old.

2)Go for walk’s with your Labrador.

Going for short periodical walk’s is a very healthy way for your puppy to socialize with you. Since your Labrador doesn’t know almost any one in your neighborhood a walk is probably the best choice. But, going for a walk has other benefit’s too. Considering that you have a large breed walking is a good way of exercise, so that it can properly drain all it’s energy. Also your puppy will learn to work hard for the food, as it would be if he/she would live in the wild nature.

3)Food time gives you control.

There is also a well known exercise which you can do daily. And this involves your Labradors food time. Practically what you have to do is, teaching your dog the meaning of waiting. First pour the food into the food bowl, let the puppy sniff it watch it, but it shouldn't touch or lick it. If it is needed pick up the food bowl from the ground and after a few second's put it back on the ground. You can do this exercise several times until your dog will memorize that you are in control of the food. The food time exercise is not rude, instead is a very good way of teaching your dog discipline and most important teaching him/her to wait for the prize. This is part of the housebreaking training session's for your puppy, and it has to be part of a daily routine.

An efficient daily schedule

Dog's AgeHours of training (Housebreaking)Hours of training (Potty training)Amount of food

2 to 4 months

20 min / day

30 to 40 min / day

300 gr/ 4 meals a day

4 to 6 months

20 to 50 min / day

10 to 20 min / day

550 gr / 3 meals a day

6 to 9 months

60 min / day

not necessary

500 gr / 2 meals a day

9 to 12 months

60 to 80 / day

not necessary

460 gr / 2 meals a day

12 months to adult age

80 to 90 min / day

not necessary

430 gr / 2 meals a day

How to Potty Train Your Dog in 7 Days | Super Awesome Dogs

Work on a psychological level

Although it may seem not necessary, working on a specific level such as the mental one has great benefits.

Despite the size of a Labrador retriever it won't take you to long to learn that you can discipline it properly without even physical touch. That happens because of a dog's wide perception of your emotional state of being. So if you start to control and keep your mind calm your dog will absolutely follow your calmness.

But if you don't have such a stable way of life and thinking you will be in great trouble controlling your pet and being the leader. Have you ever wondered why people with not such strength are able to control and get along large breed's. Their emotion's and state of being is completely in harmony with their animals.

What will you need :

There might be several issues that you might encounter during your Lab training. So I have made a very short list of some of the basic item's you will need.

  • Clippers are very important on memorizing
  • Buy some high quality food for your puppy
  • Flea and parasite control for a healthy coat
  • A special stain remover to get rid of the smell
  • And a safe zone for your puppy or a kennel

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