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Pandikona Dog : Breed Information, Facts and Characteristics

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Pandikona Hunting Dogs

Pandikona Hunting Dogs

Pandikona dogs are medium sized, strong, athletic and hardy sighthound dogs, native to India. They have their origin from Pandikona, a small rural area in Kurnool district of Andhra Pradesh, after which they got the name Pandikona.Pandikona dogs were developed by the local tribal there for hunting wild boar and to protect from wild animals such as wolves and leopards.

This is an ancient breed, which was developed from the Indian primitive type (Indian Desi) kind of dogs, you can call them a modified version of the Indian Pariah dogs. They are sturdy, athletic medium-sized dogs with a square body shape, whose most striking feature is their adaptability to the Indian tropical climate. They can live in all kinds of climates, both cold or hot, and they are an ancient landrace that is naturally healthy and self disciplined dogs, which require less vet care than most of other dogs. But the dogs of this breed are limited to their native only and are not available in other parts of India as well, and they are not registered with IX (Indian Kennel Club) or any other major Kennel Club.


Facts about Pandikona Dog Breed

  • The Pandikona is one of very few ancient dog breeds that still exist.
  • The Pandikona is a dog of Southern Indian origin, which it's biologically suited for living in the tropical climate and adopted the harsh conditions of Kurnool district in Andhra Pradesh, India, which is dry and arid.
  • Pandikona is a naturally healthy and self-dependent dog breed that needs less grooming and vet care than most dogs.
  • The Pandikona is basically a working dog from hunting dog group, which is an alert, active and courageous dog that make an excellent personal protection and guard dog.
  • Two dogs of Indian origin, Pandikona and Jonangi, do more howl than other dogs.
  • They have been living the life of free roaming dogs for years and survive by eating leftovers of prey or by eating leftovers of humans, their diet is much less than that of other dogs.
Pandikona Dog

Pandikona Dog

Appearance and Characteristics

Pandikona dogs are medium-sized, hardy and strong-bodied dogs, developed to be a working dog of hunting group. Because of the way these dogs were bred, their behavior is also in line with that requirement.

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  • Pandikona is an active and athletic dog.
  • Pandikona dogs are reserved and aloof dogs that do not welcome strangers, but they get along well with kids.
  • Pandikona dogs are highly territorial and do not like other dogs in their territory, and less reliable with other pets.
  • Pandikona is an intelligent, energetic and alert dog that makes a good watch dog.
Pandikona, Hunting dog of India

Pandikona, Hunting dog of India

Breed Information and Physical Traits

The Pandikona is a medium-sized, hardy and sturdy dog that is naturally healthy and a self learner. It has a deep chest, strong muzzle and squared shape athletic body.

Physical Traits

  • Origin : Andhra Pradesh, India
  • Category : Hunting Dog
  • Weight : Male 22 – 30 kg; Female 18 – 25 kg
  • Height : Male 20 to 22 Inches; Female 18 to 21 Inches
  • Coat : Single, short coat
  • Color : Available in multiple colors
  • Life Span : 9 – 11 years

Personality and Temperament

The Pandikona is a primitive type, ancient sight hound dog from India, that was developed for hunting and have excellent hunting instinct, it's less reliable with other pets. These dogs have been free roaming dogs for years that live in herds and are very territorial dogs that reflects aggression towards others dogs. Pandikona are suitable to live in the tropical Andhra and South Indian weather, which is dry and arid.

Pandikona (The Hunting Dogs of India)

Pandikona (The Hunting Dogs of India)

The Origin and Breed History

Pandikona are one of the ancient dogs of India, developed from the Pandikona Village of Kurnool District in Andhra Pradesh, India. Many Indians also believe this is an ancient primitive dog that was bred by locals for hunting and to protect the livestock. But their exact breed history is not available. Pandikona dogs are yet not recognized by IKC (Indian Kennel Club) or by any major Kennel Club and their presence is limited to their native only, they are not available or rarly available in other parts of India.

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