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Organic Hamster Food Recipe

What You Feed To Your Hamster Is Very Important

What You Feed To Your Hamster Is Very Important

Organic Hamster Food Recipe

Doing your own research and hunting down all the information you'll need to know about Organic Hamster Food could take you days and take you away from your cute little fur ball so I thought I would hunt the information down for you so you can spend more time with your hamster friend.

Hamsters are omnivores. This means simply that they will eat plant matter and animal protein. You have to do your own research and know what to feed and what not to feed your hamster. Feeding your hamster crickets, meal worms, and hard boiled eggs on an occasional basis is very good for your hamster. Just don't do it over once or twice a week. You should also be sure to feed your hamster seeds, grains, vegetables and fruits but be sure to read all of this Hub Page and know what you should feed and should not feed to your hamster.

Keep In Mind That Fruits And Vegetables Should Be Fed In Moderation And Not Every Day

Are you looking for the best foods that you can feed to your hamster or are you looking for a organic hamster food recipe. Well guess what. No matter which of these your looking for I have all the information here for you about everything you can feed to your hamster and everything you should never feed to your hamster.

You want your hamster to be friendly and happy and their diet is an important part of achieving that. You need to keep doing research so you will know exactly what you should be feeding your hamster.

Natural Health Food Tips And Other Information For Your Hamster

I have always tried to feed my hamsters on as natural a diet as I can. I do use commercial hamster food but I read labels carefully to make sure I know for a fact what I am feeding to my hamsters. When I first started keeping hamsters over forty years ago not a lot was known about hamsters. So over the years I've kept careful notes and journals so I can refer back to them and see what I've done for what problems with my hamsters and I've always paid careful attention to what I feed my hamsters.

Water For Your Hamster

I can not stress enough that you should never give anything to your hamster but bottled water or spring water. You are risking the life of your hamster if you give it tap water. Tap water contains chlorine and other chemicals that you should never give to your hamster. I would never drink tap water so why would I ever give it to my hamsters. Tap water can kill your hamster or make it seriously ill so always be sure to give your hamster either bottled water or tap water.

A Water Bottle For Your Hamster

Always use gravity water bottles for your hamsters. By doing this your hamsters will always have water and the water will stay clean in a bottle where things can't fall into the water bottle. Just be sure to keep your water bottles clean. About every other week soak the water bottles and the drinking devices in a strong water and bleach solution to disinfect them and clean them well. be sure that you wash the bottles and drinking devices clean with warm soap and water before you refill them and put the drinking bottles back. A cup of bleach in a gallon of water will make a great bleach solution for disinfection of your hamsters water bottle and food dish. Its very important to keep your hamsters cage and everything used with it very clean. If not your hamster can get very sick.

Appropriate Food Dish For Your Hamster

You want to be sure to choose an appropriate food dish for your hamster or hamsters. You want a heavy dish that is shallow so it can't be easily turned over. I use cement dog food dishes for my hamsters. They work perfect and won't turn over easily. And once again about every other week I soak the food dish in a bleach solution and then wash it well with warm soap and water to make sure that it is clean and sanitary for my hamster to eat out of.

A Little About The Diet Of A Hamster

In the wild a hamster eats seeds, insects, grasses, and leaves. They don't eat food or pellets out of a box. If you want to feed your hamster an organic diet then your going to need to read on so you'll know exactly what to feed the hamster and what not to feed the hamster.

Let me ask you an important question. Do you know what organic food is. Organic food is food that is grown with out the use of pesticides, artificial fertilizers, or other preservatives. If you'll make sure to feed your hamster an all organic diet you'll insure that it will be healthy and have a long life.

Here is a list of organic foods that you can feed to your hamster. Just be sure that you know what organic food is and make sure that the food you feed to your hamster is truly organic.

1. Hard Boiled Egg.

2. Yogurt.

3. Cottage Cheese.

4. Zucchini.

5. Yams.

6. Sunflower Seeds.

7. Spinach.

8. Raspberries.

9. Strawberries.

10. Pears.

11. Peanuts.

12. Peaches.

13. Meal Worms.

14. Mango.

15. Dandelion Greens.

16. Crickets.

17. Celery.

18. Corn.

19. Cashews.

20. Cantaloupe.

21. Broccoli.

22. Bananas.

23. Celery,

24. Apples. , Be sure to never give a hamster apple seeds.

Any fruit or vegetable that can be needs to be peeled. Wash anything else very well under cold running water. Offer only a small portion of each item to the hamster. You can make up an organic mix of food items from the above list and offer it to your hamster in its food bowl.

The piece of any fruit or vegetable should be a very small piece. You are feeding a small animal with a small stomach. You want a healthy hamster not an overweight hamster that is likely to develop diabetes or heart disease. Yes hamsters just like you can develop both problems. So use care when feeding your hamster.

And remove anything not eaten with in 24 hours. This includes what your hamster has hidden. Yes your hamster will quite often pack its jaws and hide the food in its cage. You need to hunt that hidden food down and remove it from the cage.

If your hamster is packing its jaws it is taking that food and hiding it in its nest or other places in the cage. You must remove this food in at least the next 24 hours because it can mold or become stale or spoil before the hamster ever has a chance to eat it.

Remember that your hamster must have wood chew sticks and a mineral block in it's cage to help keep its incisor teeth worn down so they will not over grow its mouth. If you think your hamsters teeth are getting to long it needs a visit to the vet.

Until your hamster learns that it doesn't need to it will pack all the items you place in the food dish into its jaw pouches and hide the food items in the cage. It will be necessary after about 24 hours to remove and discard any food that the hamster has hidden in its cage so that the food doesn't spoil or mold and make your hamster sick. Don't give over 3-5 crickets at a time of 3-4 meal worms at a time. Some hamsters love crickets and meal worms while other hamsters will refuse to touch them. You'll have to watch your hamster to see if it will take meal worms or crickets. This is why a journal is important.

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The Foods You Should Never Feed Your Hamster

Here is a complete list of foods that you should never feed your hamster if you want it to always be healthy and happy. I know some of the items on this list are being fed to hamsters but they can at times cause a hamster to become ill or even kill it. I've been keeping hamsters now for over forty years and I consider myself to be one of the best authorities on keeping hamsters in the world today. But I'm still learning. That's the reason I keep a journal so I can refer back to the journal and see things about my hamsters I may have missed.

The List Of Foods To Never Feed Your Hamster

1. Apple Seed

2. Lettuce.

3. Cabbage.

4. No Citrus Fruit Of Any Type.

5. No Beans Either Cooked Or Dry.

6. Onions.

7. Pickles.

8. Rhubarb.

9. Junk Food Of Any Type.

10. Do not ever feed any sharp or sticky food as hamsters have jaw pouches where they carry their food and this can and often does damage or seriously injure your hamster. Sharp objects can tear the linings of your hamsters cheeks and seriously injure your hamster. So be sure to never give your hamster sharp objects than can injure your hamsters.

Organic Hamster Food Recipe

If your looking for a recipe for organic hamster food then here it is. Just be sure that you use seeds that are untreated and for consumption by humans or pets. Everything should be organic. All seeds are uncooked and natural.

1. One Cup Whole Kernel Corn.

2. One Cup Millet.

3. One Cup Split Green Peas.

4. One Cup Lentils.

5. One Cup Pumpkin Seeds.

6. One Cup Flax Seeds.

7. One Cup Sunflower Seeds

Mix all your ingredients up together and store in a tightly covered container in a cool dark place. Give your hamster a tablespoon of this food once a day and supplement it with fresh fruits and veggies about every two to three days.

Peeling Fruits And Vegetables

Be sure that you peel any fruits or vegetables that can be that you feed to your hamster. I always peel apples and cut the apple off the core carefully to make sure my hamsters never get apple seeds as the apple seeds can harm or kill your hamster.

I also always peel cucumbers especially those I buy from a grocery store or market.

Special Treats For Your Hamsters Health

Always have wooden chew sticks and a mineral block in your hamsters cage or enclosure. You can also give your hamster small dog biscuits and small sections of branches from fruit bearing trees. Rats and mice also like these treats. Be sure to always supply your hamster with plenty of things to chew on and you will have a healthy hamster and it will also have healthy teeth. Your hamsters teeth including its incisor teeth never stop growing so you must provide plenty of things for the hamster to chew on.

Hamsters Are Nocturnal Feeders

Your hamsters are nocturnal feeders and you should feed your hamsters in the evening. This is the best time to feed your hamsters. Don't just fill your hamsters food bowl again when its empty. Always check around your hamsters cage and make sure that your hamster doesn't have any food stored and hidden away. All hamsters will hide their food around their cage. Don't let this food stay in the hamsters cage until it becomes stale or molds.

Wash Your Hamsters Bowl And Water Bottle Regularly

I always wash my hamsters water bottle and food bowl in warm soapy water at least once a week. I usually add a small amount of bleach to the water to make sure any bacteria or germs are taken care of. Be sure to rinses very well under cold running water to get rid of the bleach smell.

Healthy And Happy Hamsters

If you'll follow the hamster food and water tips on this Hub Page you'll have a healthy and happy hamster. Be very sure you never give your hamster any food or chew item that has been treated with chemicals or pesticides. Always make sure your hamster has fresh food and water daily.

Thanks For Reading My Hub Page On, Organic Hamster Food Recipe

I appreciate you being here and reading my Hub Page. I hope you find the information helpful and I hope it helps you to have a healthy and happy hamster.

Please Feel Free To Post Your Comments, Tips, Suggestions, Or Questions Now. Thanks For Reading.

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very helpful btw im getting a hamster this weekend

Indian Chef from New Delhi India on May 01, 2013:

Very detailed hub. I do not have any pet right now and if I ever pet a Hamster then surely I would keep things in mind what you said. voting up

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