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Novox for Dogs - What is Novox for Dogs

What is Novox for Dogs?

What is Novox? How and when it can be applied to the dogs, is a question of many dog owners. Generally, it is assumed as the replacement of Carprofen or Rimadyl, which is used to alleviate pain and inflammation of joints. Such diseases are the consequences of hip dysplasia and arthritis. Novex is also helpful for fever treatment, which is referred to as NSAID or Non-steroid anti-inflammatory drug treatment. Because of this, the dog owners are curious to know about the usage of Novex for dogs. Such as;

  • Is it entirely safe for dogs
  • What risks are involved
  • What quantity of Novex should be given to the dogs

Novex can not be used for humans. Its usage is specific only for dogs because it is a Non-steroid anti-inflammatory drug. Before applying Novex or any NSAID therapy, it is mandatory for a dog owner to get his dog through a physical examination.

Novex drug is used to alleviate arthritis pain, after surgery pain and discomfort with the prescription of a veterinary doctor.


Novox for Dogs Dosage

Primarily, Novex drugs can not be given without a prescription. You need to possess the medication prescription of a licensed veterinary doctor before using these drugs. Novex is available in many dosages with the approbation of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). It includes anti-inflammatory drugs such as naproxen, ibuprofen, and ketoprofen that decreases the hormones of pain, discomfort, and inflammation from the body of the affected dog.

Novex can be used after the operation of soft tissues to alleviate pain, and it can also be used to fight arthritis pain and inflammation that a dog may suffer from. Although, Novex is not helpful to repair damaged joints. It can only ease pain, and as a result, you can see a significant recovery in the dog's health. The duration of recovery varies from dog to dog.


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The dosage of Novex drug is usually available in unchewable capsule form in 25mg, 75mg, and 100mg. The preferred dosage of this drug is 2mg per pound weights of the dog in one day. It can be given once in a day simultaneously or by splitting in 2-3 times in a day. In both cases, it works in equal effectiveness. The caplet is advised to be given along with food followed by maximum water. It is recommended to follow the instructions of a veterinary doctor because, in some cases, the age of the dog and the length of particular treatment matters a lot. For example, there are some instances like before the surgical operation, the veterinarian usually gives dosage through injection. It happens so rarely, but expert recommendations should always be taken into consideration.


Points to consider Before Applying Novox for Dogs

There are certain points to be considered before applying Novex drugs to your dog.

  1. First, Novox drug should not be applied to a dog who is expecting or in a lactating condition.
  2. Second, it is also not advisable to apply Novox drugs to newborn dogs. Although there is not sufficient proof that Novox drug is harmful to under six weeks of dogs, it is advised just to be safe.
  3. Third, Novox drug should not be applied to a dog having a medical history of hypersensitivity from Carprofen or other NSAIDs. Some cases of bad reaction reported swelling, red itchy skin, and hives. Changing of eating routine and skin condition also shows a negative impact is Novox drugs.
  4. Before taking your dog to the possible usage of Novox, it is pertinent to brief your veterinarian thoroughly, if your dog has a history of drug allergies, ulcer in the stomach, any organ or blood disorder or any other problem that is suspected to be worsened by the use of Novox drugs. Problems of old ulcers so severe and even new ulcers can be reported, as these drugs weaken the protective mucosal lining in the stomach. The chances of such diseases can be minimized by taking Novox drugs along with food and water.
  5. There are certain chances of harm to the gastrointestinal system that includes kidney and liver with active ingredients. In this regard, keep a watch on the stools of the dog. If it is black, bloody, or tarry then there are certain chances of stomach related issues.
  6. It is necessary for the older dogs to ensure that their kidneys and liver functioning properly. Because kidneys and liver metabolize the drugs and spread it in every part is the dog's body as required. The extra amount remains left secreted by the excretion system.
  7. Regular check-up of renal and hepatic capabilities is required for the long-term aid to arthritis therapy. You will witness a significant rise in thirst and urination if kidneys are being affected. If the urination is so diluted or transparent, it means kidneys have no effect and working properly. But if it is dark and smelly, it is the sign of something unwanted going on.
  8. If you witness yellowish or pale color in the eyes, gums, and or skin, it is most likely the sign of jaundice which caused if the liver is affected. In this scenario, consult your veterinarian in quick succession.

Arthritis is so debilitating and aching disease that can make your dog unable to move without having a noticeable discomfort. But unfortunately, no authentic cure of arthritis yet discovered.


It is advisable not to use human medication for the treatment of Novox in dogs, rather consult your veterinarian for particular and effective treatment. At your end, what you can do is try to alleviate pain until a proper solution is found. In this regard, Novex can help you in reducing pain and discomfort which is necessary for the dog to be active. If you do not find Novox fully curable and stop taking it, then old aliments will appear again by causing obvious troubles for your dog.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

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