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Nepali Bhote Kukur (Himalayan Sheep Dog) Breed Information, Facts & Characteristics

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Bhote Kukur (Himalayan Sheepdog)

Bhote Kukur (Himalayan Sheepdog)

Bhote Kukur (Himalayan Sheepdog)

Bhote Kukur is an ancient dog breed of Nepalese origin, also known as Himalayan Sheepdog. It is large sized, strong and courageous dog that was developed to protect livestock from predators and suitable for living in the snowy regions of the Himalayas. Bhote Kukur is primarily a Nepali name, "Bhote" meaning Nepalese people of Tibetan heritage and "Kukur" meaning dog. It is a hairy dog that has double layer coats, long fur and suitable to live in the cold, snowy Himalayan mountains. It make a good shepherd dog and, and used to helps the shepherds to graze the cattle in mountains and protect them from snow leopards and wolves.

Bhote Kukur

Bhote Kukur

Bhote Kukur Dog Facts

  • The Nepalese Bhote is very similar to the Tibetan mastiff, but the Tibetan mastiff is a much more expensive dog, whether Bhote Kukur can be found in Nepal for much less or some time in free as a gift.
  • The Bhote Kukur are either another blood line of the Tibetan Mastiff or both are two different types of the same dog.
  • The people of Nepal believe that these dogs have been protecting their ancestors and livestock from Himalayan wolves and leopards for years, so Nepalese people respect it a lot.
  • Nepal is a Hindu nation, where most people eat vegetarian food and these dogs have also been fed vegetarian food, mainly bread and milk for many generations, and these dogs are known to be a vegetarian by choice, like Indian Bhakarwal dogs.

Are Bhote Kukur and Tibetan Mastiff dogs of the same breed

The physical traits and characteristics of the Bhote Kukur is very similar to the Tibetan Mastiff dogs, but they are slightly less hairy than the Tibetan Mastiff dogs. The geographic location of the origin of both breeds of dogs is also almost the same, one is found in the eastern region of the Himalayas and the other in the western region and most people believe that both are the same dogs.

But the people of Nepal believe that both are different dogs and both are descendants of the Extinct Himalayan Indigenous Dog. Such as the Indian Gaddi Dog, which looks similar to the Tibetan Mastiff but is less hairy and about 1.5 to 2.0 inches taller than the Tibetan Mastiff.

But the history of the origin of both these dog breeds is not available, so it is a confusion whether both are the two different types of same dog or a different breed of dog.

Bhote Kukur

Bhote Kukur

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Appearance And Physical Traits

The Bhote Kukur is a large and hairy dog ​with long fur covering its face, ears and neck, which help them to survive in the cold mountains of the Himalayas. They are strong dogs with broad chests, strong bones and muzzle. Whose paws are padded and covered with hairs that help them to hold on to slippery and snowy mountains.

Physical Traits

  • Origin : Nepal and Himalayan Region of India
  • Height : 23-38 Inches
  • Weight : 80 - 150 Pounds
  • Color : Red, Black, Brown, Black & Tan, Brown & Tan
  • Lifespan : 12 -15 years
  • Breed Recognition: Not recognized by any of the major Kennel Club
Bhote Kukur

Bhote Kukur

Personality and Temperament

Bhote Kukur is a brave, courageous and strong dog, according to the belief of the people of Nepal, these dogs are capable of taking down two Himalayan wolves alone. Bhote Kukur are hairy dogs, that are well suited to living in the cold mountains of Himalaya, and not suitable to live in warm temperatures. These dogs are used by the people of Nepal as shepherd dogs and they have lived like free roaming dogs for many generations, that need a lot of running and daily exercise and not suitable for apartment living.


  • Bhote Kukur is an alert, active and aloof dog that make an excellent watch dog.
  • It's a courageous, determined and protective of family.
  • The Bhote Kukur look like Tibetan mastiffs, but their behavior is quite different, where Tibetan mastiffs are aggressive and aloof dogs, Bhote Kukur are very friendly and gentle dogs.
  • It goes well along with children and other pets, but sometime can be aloof to strangers if not trained or socialized at early age.
Bhote Kukur (Nepali Sheep Dog)

Bhote Kukur (Nepali Sheep Dog)

The Origin and Breed History

Bhote Kukur is an ancient dog breed that is found in the cold mountains and valleys of the Himalayas in Nepal, the history of their origin is not available. But they are similar to Tibetan mastiff dogs and are considered to be their descendants.

According to another belief of the people of Nepal, they are descendants of an Extinct Indigenous Mastiff dog of the Himalayan region.

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