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National Aardvark Day

Peter is an independent international zoo consultant, critic and writer with over 50 years of work within zoos.

The Aardvark


National Aardvark Day

The 19th March is National Aardvark Day. This is the day we celebrate the Aardvark or 'Earth Pig' Orycteropus afer. A nocturnal African species quite unlike any other. It remains fairly widespread over much of the Southern Africa where it feeds in the main on ants and termites.

There is a single species but a number of subspecies within its range.

Dobby - Aardvark birth at Chester Zoo

Some Aardvark Facts

1/ Aardvarks are nocturnal.

2/ Aardvarks are excellent swimmers.

3/ Aardvarks have a sort of symbiotic relationship with the 'Aardvark Cucumber' which is the only vegetable they eat.

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4/ The Aardvark eats ants and termites...the only exception being the cucumber.

5/ The Aardvark is a exceptional digger and can make a burrow in the just a matter of minutes.

6/ The Egyptian God 'Seth' was believed to have the head of an Aardvark.

7/ Aardvarks have their place in Children's books and cartoons.

Classic Sesame Street - I'm An Aardvark

The Egyptian God 'Set'


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