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Nala and Dean's Excellent Adventure

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Dean and Nala with their new childrens' book

Dean Nicholson, from Scotland, and Nala, his beautiful kitty companion

Dean Nicholson, from Scotland, and Nala, his beautiful kitty companion

I cannot believe how this anon quote mirrors Dean's meeting Nala.

I cannot believe how this anon quote mirrors Dean's meeting Nala.

Heart warming story of a stray kitten and the man who rescued her


(Spoken as Dean, First person)

I planned to explore the world with my good friend

An exciting adventure with no planned end

We’d ride our bikes far and wide

We had hoped to explore many a country side

Little did I know what awaited me

An incredible twist of fate I did not foresee

As, soon, my buddy and I would part

And a new true friend would enter my heart.

Months into my travels I was venturing ‘free’

Following sole inclinations as it was only me

This would be altered in the most peculiar way

I could not have guessed what would happen one day…

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Cycling a lone road in the Bosnian mountains high

I thought, for a moment; I heard a cry

A plaintiff ‘meow’ it sounded to me

But how, oh how, could this even be?

Far from civilization and in a dangerous space

Such a sound seemed completely out of place

But when I searched to identify ‘what and where’

Out from the rock a tiny kitten did appear.

The little cat shadowed my slow advance

In an instant I thought; she has no chance

Out in the open, alone and in need

I pondered, “should I leave her and just proceed?”

I wondered if kitty was feral or tame

But as soon as I did; up to me she came

Alert and feisty yet frail and so…

The decision before me…do I take her or no?

I began to leave with a feeling of doubt

But I heard her, again, as she followed my route

Her tiny voice distressed, as she tried to keep pace

The decision was made…I couldn’t leave her in this place.

I safely secured her as best as I could

As I continued along that deserted road

Musing about what might lie ahead

Feeling a bit of relief peppered with a touch of dread.

How is the health of this wee one?

Will she be okay if I leave her alone

With the Veterinary Hospital that may be near

The answer had not, yet, become clear

I continued to peddle toward the nearest town

Worrying that kitty would tumble down

To my surprise, she proved me wrong

The small hitchhiker held tight as we traveled on….

She crawled from the safe spot I made for her

She climbed upon my shoulders as I heard a ‘purr’

What kind of life had she known before?

What is her fate? She touched me to my core.

Well, time has passed and she remains by my side

A perfect companion accompanying my travels worldwide

She’s taught me love, and trust and more

Visiting highland passes and primitive seashore.

What should I name this wee little cat?

It must be special…I was committed to that!

My favorite childhood movie came to mind…

“NALA” is it! For my little lion.

We traveled by day until we came upon night

We slept protected, warm and dry to morning light

Safe within our collapsible tent

This is how most our evenings were spent.

Through lovely, ancient, historic ruins

To sparkling, pristine sandy dunes

Far and wide, we continued to roam

But, wherever we ventured; we were at home.

Sadness met us along the road

Pitiful stories of suffering untold

We did our best to stop the pain

A “happily ever after” tale we hoped to gain…

We came upon a heartbreaking sight

A small white puppy in a terrible plight

It did not look good; no, not good at all

But I knew that this was to be my call

To the nearest Pet Hospital, we would hurry

Hoping there would be no worry

Leaving “Ghost” in kind, gentle, loving hands

Until we planned to meet, again.

As we continued to explore from day to day

We met wonderful people along the way

Heartfelt greetings and helpful hands

Kindness and sweet folks from many lands

Newfound friends as we continued on

Sharing libation, sustenance and song

Happy times on land and sea…

Memories will last a lifetime for Nala and me.

These four years later we’ve seen so much

And I am thankful for this twist of luck

That brought us together; a “mystery”

The unconditional love that the whole world can see

My life has changed in a “life changing” way

I doubt would have happened if not for that day

That a tiny kitten would trust in me

And that I had, actually, been able to see

Her anxious efforts to catch my attention

And that I did, thankfully, stop and listen.

The writer of this poem thinks it’s not a mystery

This poem’s author is sure our meeting was meant to be

That a special, unique ‘once in a lifetime’ event

Would usher in new life meaning; “Heaven sent.”

A long story…short

Shared around the world

Touching hearts

As our story unfurls.

Please find us on many internet platforms

As we venture through freezing winter and summer storms….

There is more discovery, as life opens to us

We’ll share with you; in this you can trust.

From me:

Dear Nala and Dean, you’ve given us such a special gift

One which assures us; and allows our hearts to lift

Beauty, wonder, sweetness and joy

That turned a wild lad to a man from a boy. (That’s YOU, Dean!)

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