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Cats Vs. It a Myth?

Mother of 2 cats and a dog who has come to share the loving story of a lifelong friendship between two mortal enemies.

Can Cats and Dogs be Friends?

Cats vs. Dogs. Movies have been made about it, books have been written, stories have been told. However as many times this feud has been mentioned, people have failed to see one big concept: cats and dogs CAN be friends. Actually, they can be best friends. I have a first-hand experience with this unlikely friendship, and can prove that cats and dogs do get along.

Ollie and Blue

Ollie and Blue

My Experience With a Lifelong Friendship

The story begins when I adopted my two cats: Hissy and Ollie. Online, we had seen a post about a kitten, and we went to a foster home to check him out. He turned out to be the sweetest little thing, and my family fell in love with him!

The foster parent informed us that this kitten had a sister, and it was not necessary to adopt them both. However, they loved each other and spent all their time together, so we decided to bring both of them home.

We were nervous to bring the cats home- we also have a rescue dog named Blue. We adopted Blue a few years prior to getting the kittens, and Blue had never interacted with kittens before. We worried that something might go wrong, but we eventually decided to go for it, taking the approach of gradually introducing the kittens to the dog.

On the first day, Blue was hesitant around the kittens, seeming confused as to what was going on. Nevertheless, we kept allowing the dog and the cats to interact, which unknowingly led to a lifelong friendship.

Once the pets got accustomed to each other, they were free to roam the house as they pleased. Overtime, we began to notice some interesting interactions between Ollie and Blue. Ollie did not seem afraid of Blue at all! In fact, she would lay upside-down on her back around the dog, showing her stomach (as shown in the picture below!)

Among animals, showing their stomachs is a sign of trust, since that is a rather sensitive area.

Ollie upside-down with Blue

Ollie upside-down with Blue

Best Friends Forever

Overtime, Ollie's and Blue's friendship has grown. We began to notice more and more interactions between them. Blue would share her food, toys, and bed with Ollie.

When Ollie went to the vet to get fixed, Blue began acting strangely. She would pace around the house whining, as if she was looking for someone. She quit eating, and slept most of the day. As soon as Ollie returned, Blue lit right back up and began eating again!

Nowadays whenever Blue wakes up in the morning, Ollie will come running to her, purring and head-butting her legs.

Ollie especially loves:

-Attacking Blue's tail

-Cuddling with Blue

She even has her own purr for the dog!

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How Can You Help Your Furry Friends Become Buddies?

Although many people believe that their pets hate each other and can never be friends, that is not entirely true. Research has proven that when cats and dogs meet, it is usually the dog that causes the problem, not the cat (PetBacker, 2018). This is because dogs have a higher prey instinct, making them want to chase anything that moves. To help stop this, there are many steps you can take:

  • Train your dog. Basic commands like "sit" and "stay" will decrease the chances of your dog going after the cat.
  • Allow the dog or cat to smell the other's belongings before meeting each other.
  • Do not just throw your cat and dog into a room together. When first introducing them, gradually allow them to meet each other. For example, let them sniff through a gate or screen.

Additionally, age may be affecting your pets' ability to become friends.

  • It is way easier for cats and dogs to get along if they grew up together, as puppies and kittens.
  • If one animal is older than the other or have lived in the house longer, they may feel that the other cat or dog is intruding on their territory.

Don't give up they do not click on the first try. The relationship between a cat and a dog can take time to develop, and trying to speed up the process on your own time will likely lead to disaster.

Blue and Ollie

Blue and Ollie

Cats V.S Dogs...Busted?

So, have you changed your mind on the issue of cats vs. dogs? Seeing Ollie and Blue together definitely changed mine! With a bit of hard work, your dog and cat's relationship could be the next lifelong friendship story!

Do You Still Believe In Cats VS. Dogs?

For each question, choose the best answer for you.

  1. Do you still believe in cats vs. dogs?
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For each answer you selected, add up the indicated number of points for each of the possible results. Your final result is the possibility with the greatest number of points at the end.

  1. Do you still believe in cats vs. dogs?
    • Yes
      • Yes:
      • No:
    • No
      • Yes:
      • No:

This table shows the meaning of each possible result:




Look at the pictures of Ollie and Blue. Does that change your mind?


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