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The Pet Animal

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I Love My Pet Animal


People all over the world are fond of raising cattle. The love of animals with humans has been going on since ancient times. Peoples raise and care for animals at their home. Many people love pet animals more than wild animals. People around the world raise many types of animals such as dogs, cats, monkeys, turtles and horses etc. Most people have a greater attachment and affinity with dogs and cats. Some people decorate colorful fish in their aquarium. People keep pets at their homes to protect themselves and their families. Gradually they become an important member of our household.

I have a cute little dog at home that is of Labrador breed who has a lot of height. When it was five months old, we brought it to our house. By raising it, there was a pleasant atmosphere in the house, because when it was very small, it was arranged to give them plenty of sleep and rest. I named it Brownie because it is almost brown in colour. My grandfather loves him very much. The whole family is always looking after him. I regularly give pedigree and biscuits to Brownie. We also take care of his hygiene and get vaccinations from time to time.

Brownie likes to eat meat, fish, cheese and yogurt. I do not give him apple seeds, coffee and tea so that it do not fall ill. I take him for a walk in the morning and evening and get him exercise as well. It likes very much playing with rubber balls and high stride.

Since any pet is very emotional and is emotionally attached to every human being living with them. One of them is my Brownie.


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