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Story of a Rescued, Cute, But Abused Pomeranian Dog Named Skippy

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Pomeranian dog Skippy

Pomeranian dog Skippy

My Mother, The Animal Lover

Here is the story of the role my mother played in a dog rescue story about a cute little Pomeranian named Skippy. My mother is an animal lover from way back! When she was a little child, she had burials for small critters like squirrels and birds that had met their demise. Her parents supported this effort, and you might surmise from this that they also loved animals.

She and my Dad adopted a dog before they got married! It was in the day and age when people married first and then lived together. They did not take possession of Happy until they married but had chosen her out of a litter of pups that their friends had.

So they had an instant family of three when the nuptials took place, consisting of two two-legged family members and one four-legged one. It was the beginning of a series of animals that graced their homes throughout their lifetimes.



My Family

My parents generally had two dogs at a time and several cats. These animal companions came in all shapes and sizes, and colors. Suffice it to say, they were each loved and were welcomed additions to their homes.

They added what all animals do by way of love, laughter, fun, and fur, as well as a feeling of extra protection, especially in the cases of their German Shephards.

Photo of my mother and very first German Shepherd named Sheba.

Photo of my mother and very first German Shepherd named Sheba.

Fast Forward to Elliott

My mother became widowed at age 55. She still had her furry friends to warm her bed and keep her company. One year both of her dogs died within a short time. That was heartbreaking for her. All animal lovers who have been there can understand the pain of losing not just one beloved dog but both within a few months of one another.

Elliott was a little mixed breed, part Lhasa Apso and part Poodle was the guess on the part of the animal shelter folks where she had gotten him. He was older and getting a little confused. Yes, we were to find out, dogs can also develop dementia, much like humans. Nonetheless, it was a shock when he died suddenly from having a stroke. That was the veterinarian's diagnosis.

My mother called her groomer to cancel Elliott's upcoming date, and here is where the story evolves.



The Dog Groomer's Part of the Story

My mother's dog groomer is known far and wide for being a great animal lover. She has offered shelter to many a waif and continually finds good homes for them. She cannot turn a blind eye to any animal that is hurt or needs food or shelter.

A woman decided to rescue this little pup from her daughter's home. Her daughter wanted the dog, but her husband did not. The story told by the rescuer of the puppy was this: the man kept kicking the little pup so hard that sometimes he flew across an entire room! Just imagine how that man must act towards the humans in his life!

The woman rescuer couldn't stand it and one day told them that somehow the dog had gotten out, and it just could not be found. She knew the groomer's reputation. After hearing the story, the groomer was happy to take the puppy and find another home for him.

The groomer named the little Pomeranian "Skippy" and had him for several months trying to find just the right home for him. She would take him to her shop during the day and took him home with her at night. Naturally, Skippy was afraid of men!

When my mother talked to the groomer regarding canceling her appointment, the groomer asked my mother if she would be willing to take a look at this little abused pup who desperately needed a loving home. My mother's heart was open. She agreed to take him for a weekend trial, and you can probably guess the rest! Skippy became an integral part of her life.

Skippy is now a part of our lives as well. My husband and I, along with my mother, now share a home with her dog and our two cats.