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My Review of Several Hide & Seek Toys That You Can Find On

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E.B. Black is the proud owner of a golden retriever and a King Charles Cavalier spaniel.


There’s one thing that everyone who follows me on Facebook knows about me and that is—I am obsessed with my dogs. I spend a lot of time with them every day. I take pictures of them and talk about them regularly. I also spend way too much money on them, buying them new toys, all the time.

Because of that, I realized that I should probably start writing reviews for those toys. I know which toys are good and bad for both big dogs and small because I own a golden retriever and a King Charles Cavalier spaniel.

Sunshine is the name of my golden retriever and Aurora is the name of my spaniel. You’ll hear me referring to them by name repeatedly in the reviews.

Also, each review includes a link to the product I am talking about, so you can purchase it yourself if you would like.

Frisco Hide and Seek Plush Chicken And Waffle Puzzle Dog Toy

Sunshine was able to rip apart the waffle container after only about a week. She loved playing with it though. She thought it was a funny shape and liked dragging it around and sticking her nose in it, but it didn’t last long.

Meanwhile, Aurora absolutely loved chewing on the chicken drumsticks. They were one of her favorite toys for months. Most of them, we were forced to throw away after their squeakers broke, but they do sell replacements and I thought they were worth purchasing for her.

Frisco Summer Fun Hide and Seek Plush Cooler Puzzle Dog Toy

Unfortunately, the dogs were able to get at the corners of the cooler and rip it apart within a few days, but the actual toys themselves are high quality. They play with them occasionally to this day and we’ve had them for months. The squeakers are still working and they haven’t been able to tear them apart.

The only thing I will post a caution about, is the toys are fairly large and therefore tiny dogs may not want to play with it. They might find the pieces too big. This toy is best for a medium to large dog.

Frisco Retro Waffle Box Hide and Seek Plush Puzzle Squeaky Dog Toy

Both of my dogs loved this toy. As usual, Sunshine was able to rip the outside waffle box apart in only a few days, but we still have some of the strawberry and waffle toys left after six months. All their squeakers are broken though unfortunately, but they do seem worth the purchase as they lasted for a few months.

Disney Aladdin’s Magic Lamp Hide and Seek Puzzle Plush Squeaky Dog Toy

I bought this toy for my dog, Aurora, on her birthday. Both of my dogs love chewing on it. The lamp has a unique shape so Sunshine really loved trying to dig through it and get each toy out. The toys also had unique shapes. The toys inside looked really cute, but they had so many furry corners that my dogs would chomp down on and yank really hard until they were pulling it apart. The material wasn’t very sturdy and my dogs were able to rip it apart in less than a day.

Frisco’s Zoomies & Chill Couch Hide & Seek Plush Squeaky Puzzle Dog Toy

This dog toy should only be purchased for small puppies and really small doggies. My cavalier is a pretty small dog. She only weighs about twelve pounds and she’s definitely a lap dog, but she was still too big to play with this toy.

Her and sunshine were able to play with the couch part and the remote. Unfortunately, they ripped up those two pieces very fast.

They also really liked the coins because they were so shiny, but I took them away quickly. They were very tiny and I got scared they would swallow them. So most dogs, except the tiniest ones, are too big to play with this toy.

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Frisco Baseball Mitt and Ball Plush Squeaky Dog Toy, 2 count

The baseball itself was high quality. It was virtually the same as the toy in the stadium hide & seek (which is the toy I reviewed next.) But Sunshine ripped the glove apart in less than a day, which is why I think the stadium toy is better worth the purchase. It comes with three of the baseballs instead of one and that is the best part of this toy.

Frisco Baseball Stadium Hide and Seek Puzzle Plush Squeaky Dog Toy

The Stadium part of this toy was low quality. My dogs kept yanking on the grass and trying to swallow it and they were able to rip the whole thing apart in less than a day.

The best part of this toy are the baseballs, which I think make it worth purchasing. They did lose their squeak after a few months, unfortunately, but they were one of Aurora’s favorite toys that entire time and Sunshine would also chew on them occasionally. They lasted much longer than I expected.

Frisco Baseball Corndog Basket Plush Squeaky Dog Toy, 3 count

Both of my dogs were obsessed with this toy as soon as we got it, especially Sunshine. They thought it was a lot of fun to rip the corn dogs off of their tray and yank on the sticks at the end of the corn dogs. But they used those sticks to rip the corn dogs apart and the tray had pointy edges that weren’t reinforced, so they ripped it apart at the seams there. In the end, the toy didn’t last a full day.

Outward Hound Hide A Squirrel Squeaky Plush Dog Toy

This was my least favorite of all the hide-and-seek toys.

My dogs liked playing with it a lot, but there were so many weak parts to the toy that they found easy to rip up. They had destroyed it completely within a few days.

They were able to rip through the tree trunk first, so we had to throw that away. Then, they thought it was funny to gnaw off the tails and the ears of each squirrel, which became a choking hazard for them.

My husband eventually had to cut off every tail and ear because we got afraid they would swallow them, but even so, they were able to rip apart everything within a few days.

We threw it away and decided we never wanted to buy that toy again.

Frisco Retro Microwave Dinner Hide and Seek Plush Puzzle Squeaky Dog Toy

Both of my dogs loved ripping the little food items off the tray, although they were able to do so very quickly. I think this toy is good for a dog that finds most hide and seek toys too difficult or doesn’t have the motivation to search inside a toy for squeaky things for very long. Because all the squeaky toys are attached and visible, it makes it easier for the dog to find them.

My dogs are able to rip apart the tray for the toy fairly quickly, but the toys themselves actually lasted a long time. They only stopped playing with them after they lost their squeak.

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