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My Mother Rescued Angie the Cat and Her Five Kittens

I live in Houston and have worked as a nurse. I have a lifelong passion for traveling, nature, and photography (preferably all together!).

Angie and her five kittens

Angie and her five kittens

True Story

My mother rescued the cat Angie, and this waif of a cat was unnamed and unwanted at first. Here is how this true story began in Houston, Texas. My niece was taking horseback riding lessons, and while my mother was sitting at the stables one day waiting for the class to end, this big-eyed little cat approached her and walked right up to my mother with pleading eyes.

Other young adults were there visiting and awaiting the time for the horseback riding lessons to end so that they could take their children and return home. This cat did not approach them. It seemingly knew which person might be willing to help. Its belly seemed bloated, and yet the young cat seemed thin in other areas. It was pregnant and in need of help.

Those pleading eyes of the cat were haunting. My mother decided to take action if she would see the cat there the next day. Upon returning to the stables, she found out that cats and kittens often were dumped there. This little cat was just one of the latest arrivals. The pregnant cat presented herself to my mother again that day, and the furry creature's life was about to take a dramatic change for the better within the next few hours.

Angie and her kittens

Angie and her kittens

Vet's Office and Instant Motherhood

My mother was prepared and had brought an animal carrying case with her. After my niece's lesson ended, they put the pregnant cat in the case and stopped at the veterinarian's office on the way home. Upon examination, they found out that the cat was only about seven months old and that birth was probably imminent. Oh yes! That latter diagnosis was indeed correct! In the car on the way home, the first births began taking place!

They called me to come and help (after all, I was a Registered Nurse), and although my field of expertise never included deliveries, I did know enough to help with the births of that young and inexperienced cat's five new little kittens.

While no one was quite prepared for this instant motherhood and all that it entailed, everyone did their best. My mother's household consisted of another cat Taffy, a dog Missy, the new mother cat, and my niece.

We quickly assembled a box and padded it with an old rug and some newspapers. I took a large dog crate that we were no longer using in our home and set it up in my mother's home. We put the padded box inside to help contain the new young lives that had unexpectedly come upon the scene.

Angie's Name

My mother had to come up with a name for this little half-grown kitten. She was doing her job so well that she deserved a good one. Angel came to mind, and the compromise chosen by my mother was the name of Angie.

Taffy, the older cat that was already a part of the household, seemed unimpressed by all of this action. She pretty much ignored all of the hubbub and commotion and went about her usual activities of eating, sleeping, and expecting to be petted and brushed.

Missy, the dog, was more interested! She was sweet, and once she sniffed the new furry critters, she assumed a watchful and protective mode.

Angie might look big in these pictures compared to her five kittens. She was very young and was a diminutively sized cat remaining so throughout her life.

My mother was hoping to find good homes for not only the kittens but Angie as well. This wish was not to be. All of the kittens eventually had good homes (our vet adopting two of them), but no one wanted the half-grown cat. By the time all of this had transpired, my mother could not think of abandoning Angie to a shelter in hopes that she would be adopted. So Angie became a permanent part of the family!

Kittens and Curiosity

A kitten ideally needs the nourishment from its mother's milk for a minimum of six weeks or longer to get all the health benefits associated before being given away to other homes.

Imprinting of cat-like behavior happens in these first few weeks to months of kitten's lives that will carry on through the rest of their lives and possibly into other generations. Thus my mother knew that she had accepted being the host for more commotion to the usual routines of operating her home. It was also fun!

Kittens and all of their playful antics provide much entertainment and many smiles throughout the day. Babies of all kinds, for that matter, are cute. It is fun to watch kittens as their natural curiosity leads them to explore further afield from their mother's warm and comforting embrace.

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Moccasins and everything else on the floor became something to explore and became a possible toy or obstacle course. Keep in mind, Angie, while not nursing, or otherwise attending to her kittens, was also looking around the house. Everything in it, including the people, was all new to her as well.

To keep the growing kittens amused, my mother provided all kinds of toys. Of course, almost anything becomes a toy to a curious kitten. Knowing that they like to climb and exercise their claws, a friendly neighbor built a kitten-sized cat tower. The kittens made good use of it. The cat tower was finally donated to an animal shelter thrift shop as Angie and my mother's other cat Taffy had no interest in playing with it after the kittens were gone.

Preparing the Kittens for New Homes

As the weeks progressed, my mother introduced some milk and solid food to them at the kitchen table. In the beginning, it may have been a bit messy, but it did not take long for the kittens to welcome that new and tasty source of nourishment.

An acquaintance of mine adopted the first tortoise-shelled kitten. The blond and calico kittens, adopted by our veterinarian, were the next ones to find a good home. A vet's office, in which the owners were reputed to be very fond of cats, and pledged to place them into excellent environments, were given the last two kittens.

Spaying and Neutering

After all of the kittens had new homes, my mother had her vet spay little Angie. Far too many animals are brought into this world than there are good homes to provide for them. What this ultimately means is that they endure starvation and suffering on the streets with most often untimely deaths.

Those that make it into the many animal shelters are at least cared for while there. Vets examine them. They are tended to as necessary and are provided food and water along with a safe environment. While some find good homes, because of overpopulation, way too many others have to be euthanized.

Every one of us can do our part to prevent this outcome. Become informed! Help to spread the word that spaying and neutering one's pets not only makes for a healthier pet but can help to prevent the needless suffering and killing of so many other animals.

What would have happened to Angie and her kittens had my mother not come along to rescue her? She could have been trampled underfoot by one of the many horses at the stables. She was starving and could hardly have provided enough good nourishment for her kittens that were about to be born. Fleas and other insects, not to mention other predators, would have made their lives miserable if not ending them in a probably painful manner.

If you are a pet owner, do the responsible thing and have your pets spayed or neutered. There are charitable organizations that offer such services at little or no expense.

Bob Barker and Others Support Spaying and Neutering

My Mother

This post is not only about how Angie came to live with my mother, but it is also a tribute to my sweet and kind mother, who cared for many animals throughout her life.
Some of them were her pets, and others were simply animals that she found injured or lost. In many instances, she paid for veterinary bills for those other animals. Some were so injured or ill that they had to be euthanized.

I accompanied her on several of those visits and shed tears for those hapless creatures whose names were unknown to us and had no forms of identification on them. If there was indeed an owner out there, their dog or cat had some people who truly cared for them as best they could at the end of that animal's life. And if abandoned, at least they got some loving if ever so briefly before they died.

In other cases, my mother would shelter the animals she found until locating the owners. Pet owners, please put identification on your animals! If they get lost, there are some means to return them into your loving arms.

Hopefully, you found this post to your liking. All animals that made their way into my parent's homes were fortunate indeed!

Photo of my sweet and caring mother

Photo of my sweet and caring mother

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2010 Peggy Woods

Comments are welcomed!

Peggy Woods (author) from Houston, Texas on April 12, 2021:

Hi Amy,

Little Angie did end up having a good life, thanks to my loving mother.

Amy on April 11, 2021:

Very touching story about Angie. So glad she had a good life with your mother and her other pets.

Peggy Woods (author) from Houston, Texas on April 11, 2021:

Hi Brenda,

I am glad to hear that you have also helped many cats over the years. All animals deserve love and compassion. Enjoy your Sunday also, and thanks for your comment.

BRENDA ARLEDGE from Washington Court House on April 11, 2021:


This one touched my heart.

I have a special place in my heart when it comes to kitties.

Over the years I have had & helped many cats along their journey.

It is sad when we lose them.

I'm glad your mother had compassion for Angie & helped her with her kitties birth.

Those next weeks were alot of hard work, but fun giving everyone a smile.

I think you have your Mother's compassion.

Have a great Sunday.

Peggy Woods (author) from Houston, Texas on April 11, 2021:

My mother was tender-hearted towards people and animals. This is a true story about her rescuing a half-grown abandoned cat who immediately gave birth to five kittens.

Peggy Woods (author) from Houston, Texas on February 16, 2020:

Hello AnnaCia,

So happy to know that you enjoyed this. Kittens, and full-grown cats, for that matter, are a lot of fun.

AnnaCia on February 16, 2020:

Thank you so much for sharing. There was a time when I took care of newborn kittens, and the experience was wonderful. I love your photos and videos.

Peggy Woods (author) from Houston, Texas on May 09, 2013:

Hello nArchuleta,

My mother loved all creatures and was a saint to many of them in the years that she lived. Angie ended up with a good home with her and she found good homes for her kittens who all promised to spay and neuter them. Thanks for your comment.

Nadia Archuleta from Denver, Colorado on May 09, 2013:

The kittens are adorable, and Angie looks like a sweet, good mother. It was so kind of your mother to take them in!

Peggy Woods (author) from Houston, Texas on April 16, 2013:

Hello FlourishAnyway,

So nice to know that you do your part and then some with regard to spaying and neutering cats, and especially feral ones. My mother was an angel to Angie and to many other animals who crossed her path. We also are big believers in spaying and neutering. So many animals suffer needlessly because people let their pets breed over and over again. Not all of them can possibly find good and long lasting homes. Thanks for your comment.

FlourishAnyway from USA on April 16, 2013:

Such a lovely story. I am a huge advocate of spay/neuter as well. Any stray cat who visits my porch for a morsel gets fixed, and I trap/neuter/return ferals at a grocery store colony as well. Your mom sounds like she was Angie's hero.

Peggy Woods (author) from Houston, Texas on April 14, 2013:

Hi Au fait,

Animals do depend upon us for many of their needs. My mother was an angel on earth to not only animals that crossed her path but she also helped many a person along the way. Your point is well taken. We should reach out and take care of people as well as animals and those animals we take in as pets. Thanks for your comment.

C E Clark from North Texas on April 13, 2013:

A great hub with fabulous photos, videos, and an important message. Animals depend on us and we need to be responsible and take care of them. We should absolutely prevent their misery whenever we can.

A shame we aren't as kind hearted and generous towards 'stray' people who find themselves deserted or homeless for whatever reason.

Peggy Woods (author) from Houston, Texas on November 22, 2012:

Hi moonlake,

My mother was a true animal lover among her many other wonderful attributes. She ended up keeping Angie since everyone wanted kittens but not the mother cat. She saved many an animal in her day! Thanks for your comment. I am missing my mother today thinking back to all of the Thanksgivings we shared together.

moonlake from America on November 21, 2012:

Your mother was a very nice person to worry about that cat and bring her home. All animals deserve to have warmth, food/water and love. Enjoyed your hub. Kittens are so cute.

Peggy Woods (author) from Houston, Texas on April 08, 2012:

Hi again Perry the Cat,

As you can tell, if you have read any of my other pet hubs, we are BIG believers in spaying and neutering! Like your poster saying. :)

Perry the Cat from Mouskin, Texas on April 08, 2012:

We have a motto here in the house: Spay And Neuter Makes You Cuter with a poster and everything!

Peggy Woods (author) from Houston, Texas on April 08, 2012:

Hello Perry the Cat,

My mother was an angel and is now up in heaven with the rest of them. Angie is also a part of the next life. Her kittens (now cats) are probably still alive. Glad that you liked this story. My parents (and after my dad died, my mother...) rescued many animals, both dogs and cats. Thanks for your comment.

Perry the Cat from Mouskin, Texas on April 07, 2012:

Thank you so much for sharing your mother's story. True animal lovers are angels themselves. Angie is a lucky soul.

Peggy Woods (author) from Houston, Texas on July 19, 2011:

Hello Lucky Cats,

You are so right! Spaying and neutering animals would be the answer to the problem of so many unwanted pets and the unlucky ones who never find good homes and either lead a short life on the streets with all of those hazards or those tens of thousands that have to be euthanized annually. Thanks for your comment. Heading over to your hubs now.

Kathy from The beautiful Napa Valley, California on July 19, 2011:

Peggy W...oh I just love this story. What an angel your mother is .. and you, too! Saving the dear little cat/kitten from certain tragedy...that she had her kittens on the way to a new, safe home, says so much. She could "relax," in the arms of love and security, and allow the birth to begin. What an amazing tale of respect, care, empathy, love and nurturing...I am so happy that I noted your story on the side of the previous hub I was reading. You and your incredible mother have done EVERYTHING right...right up to the end of this hub...SPAY/NEUTER! it is the best answer to so many problems. If you have a moment to check out my profile; you'll see that I do totally understand..and support your amazing mother and yourself! What information and suggestions. Thank you so muchy!!!!!

All the positive buttons pushed!!!!

Peggy Woods (author) from Houston, Texas on June 18, 2011:

Hi Charlu,

My mother was an angel who was always helping both people and pets. Glad that you liked this hub. Angie graced her home for many years.

Charlu from Florida on June 18, 2011:

Awesome hub and I love the pictures. Voted all the ups and inspiring.

Peggy Woods (author) from Houston, Texas on April 18, 2011:

Hello Eiddwen,

You are really bringing back some great memories of my sweet mother and all that she did to help people and pets during her lifetime. Rescuing Angie and her kittens was just a small sample of how she treated the people and pets who crossed paths with her. Thanks for your sweet comment. Wishing you many blessings in your life going forward!

Eiddwen from Wales on April 18, 2011:

Well Peggy this hub really hit the spot , I love all animals and share your mum's wanting to rescue all and how you must miss her.

However you have been blessed with so many happy memories to cherish.

This is a wonderful hub Peggy all about a true angel's genuine rescue stories. You have so many beautiful memories to cherish.

Thank you for sharing this one that has really left me with a lump in my throat.

Take care



Peggy Woods (author) from Houston, Texas on January 12, 2011:

Hello craftybegonia,

Nice to meet another soft hearted person that rescued a cat! How is she doing now?

My mother was so kind hearted and Angie the cat was just one of many animals...dogs and cats...that she rescued in her lifetime. Most of them ended up having good homes with her (also my dad when he was alive).

They both loved animals. Thank you for what you did and thanks for the comment.

craftybegonia from Southwestern, United States on January 12, 2011:

We rescued a gray tabby too. She was found in the street in a box, scared to death and half-starved. She was less than 3 months old. How wonderful of your mom to rescue a helpless stray! That shows a warm and kind heart.

Peggy Woods (author) from Houston, Texas on January 11, 2011:

Hi Tony,

My mother loved all living things and rescuing Angie the Cat was just one of many strays that she helped out through the years. Nice to hear that Esme was the same type of person. Thanks for the comment.

Tony McGregor from South Africa on January 11, 2011:

Your mother sounds so like my late mother-in-law Esme who also took in strays and helped them with seemingly endless patience! Thanks for sharing such a heart-warming story.

Love and peace


Peggy Woods (author) from Houston, Texas on November 27, 2010:

Hello Monika Rumin,

Happy to hear that you liked this hub about my mother and Angie the Cat. My mother had a soft heart and rescued many animals in her day. Thanks for the comment.

Monika Rumin from Croatia on November 27, 2010:

Beautiful hub, lovely pictures, I always loved kittens :)

Peggy Woods (author) from Houston, Texas on June 26, 2010:

Hello Baileybear,

So very nice that you got your cat and dog from an animal shelter. No better place to look for animals! Angie's kittens were darling and my mother was wonderful for how she helped this little family which probably would not have survived without her intervention and help. She was such a kind hearted soul for both animals and people! Thanks for reading and leaving your comment.

Baileybear on June 26, 2010:

what beautiful kittens - cats are my favourite animals. We adopted our cat and dog from an animal shelter.

Peggy Woods (author) from Houston, Texas on June 23, 2010:

Hello explorer9360,

Thanks for being so kind hearted to that dog who is now blessing you with her love and affection. We need more good souls in the world who take in strays or do their part to help them like my mother did with Angie the cat. My husband and I recently took a black lab puppy to a good animal shelter and then put up many signs in the neighborhood. he was probably purposely dumped. So sad to think that people do that! At least that puppy will now be fed and kept in a cool environment and have a good chance at being adopted.

explorer9360 on June 23, 2010:

Love this article. I also picked up an unwanted dog, poor thing was starving and no one seemed to like her cause she's not a pure breed, so she was being passed from owner to owner. Took her months to get over her fear of being sent away (she would pee with fear every time the friend I got her from would come over, obviously thinking she's going to be taken away - she was only with him a few hours and he didn't hit her, so there is no other reason I can think of). Now she's normal and loving. Plus, she's turned out to be a very intelligent dog (almost a year old now).

Peggy Woods (author) from Houston, Texas on June 17, 2010:

Greetings Angelllite,

Very happy to hear that you are helping feral cats in the way that you are doing it. We had a feral cat deliver kittens in our shrubbery and we had her spayed after finding homes for all of the kittens. She then lived in our garage and yard the rest of her life. May write a hub about her someday. She remained wild but counted on us for food and shelter, heat in the winter, etc. Glad you enjoyed this hub about my mother rescuing Angie and her kittens. Thanks for the comment.

Angelllite from United States on June 17, 2010:

Love the pictures, especially the one where the kittens are all looking at the camera at the same time, in shoes, drinking milk and mom is holding. Oh! all of them. (member of Plumsted township's Trap-Neuter-Return for feral cats)

Peggy Woods (author) from Houston, Texas on June 16, 2010:

Hi Sally,

And now you have provided me with smiles with this nice comment. So glad that you liked this true story about how my dear mother rescued Angie the Cat. Thanks!

Sherri from Southeastern Pennsylvania on June 16, 2010:

Peggy, I had such a smile on my face as I read this Hub, and this smile is not leaving me now. This is one of the most wonderful Hubs I have ever read on HP for so many reasons. Three are that it's beautifully written, tells a compelling story, and engages the reader in a powerful emotional way.

Beyond those words of mine to you, I'm kind of speechless. Thank you for putting all of this into words and pictures that make for an experience I will never forget.

Peggy Woods (author) from Houston, Texas on June 16, 2010:

Hi Marijana,

Yes, my mother loved animals all her life and saved many of them. Angie continued to live out her natural life in my mother's home.

My husband and I just took a stray puppy in to our local animal shelter today...discovered it on our walk. Have plastered the neighborhood with signs. Hopefully an owner will contact us soon and the little guy was not just dumped. Even if the latter, being a black lab mix puppy, he would have an excellent chance at being adopted.

If ONLY people would put ID on their animals! As you say, responsible pet ownership is vital. Thanks for doing your part.

Marijana Reynders on June 16, 2010:

What a lovely tribute Peggy to your darling mom and Angie. Your mom left you a wonderful legacy of love and care, her love of animals a gift to mankind. What happened to Angie? I could identify so well with this hub as I am a devote almost obsessive cat lover and we not only had kittens born in our house (mom 'fixed' afterwards, she was a stray), and we adopted her and all her children. Watching them in training and the strict discipline enforced by the mom taught us more about parenting than any self-help book on the subject. And the photographs are beautiful, the most adorable little faced ever. We do not have problem pets, we have problem owners - responsible pet ownership is vital, in all respects. Thanks Peggy ...

Peggy Woods (author) from Houston, Texas on June 12, 2010:

Hi katyzzz,

What a sweet comment about my mother, Angie, her kittens and my mother's other cat and dog. My mother is now in heaven along with your mum.

So happy to hear that you are also one of those kind hearted souls that rescues animals. We do also. In fact most all of our animals have always (in most cases) been rescued ones.

katyzzz from Sydney, Australia on June 11, 2010:

Peggy show me a cat and I'm undone, but two cats and five kittens, I'm completely undone, but show me your mum and my heart goes to Heaven to say hello to my mum.

I, too, take on the lost and lonely, and all too often hungry.

I don't drink but how about a nice hot cup of tea to you and your mum, and those delghtful animals, dog included.

Well done

Peggy Woods (author) from Houston, Texas on June 09, 2010:

Hello MaryRenee,

I agree with you and I KNOW just how special my Mother was. I miss her! Thanks for the thoughtful comment.

MaryRenee on June 09, 2010:

Peggy, this is such a beautiful hub! God Bless your mother, if only everyone would do things like this :)

Peggy Woods (author) from Houston, Texas on June 08, 2010:

Hello Garlic Angel,

Happy to hear that you liked this true story about my Mother rescuing Angie...and ultimately her kittens. At the same time I am so sorry to hear about the loss of your Lady. Many times cats (if they are able) go off to die. If that is what happened, think of her in animal heaven and cling to those happy memories you had with her. Bless you!

Christine from Dublin on June 08, 2010:

Oh Peggy I am so sad after reading that yet so happy also. Credit to your Mother for taking all those aniamals in. She is a very kind soul..

The reason I say I am sad is that my cat, Lady, only 8 days ago went missing. Now to make a long story short, Lady, WAS, my cat for the first 3 years of her life. Due to circumstances behond my control, my older sister was very kind and gave Lady a Great home for the next 14years.. Up untill 8 days ago when she just disappeared. She was very old and never left the house but 8 days ago for some reason she did !! Now we have read up on this a lot since she went missing and we now believe that she went off herself to 'go in peace' We donn't know. We have lots of people looking out for her but it is not looking hopeful.. I just hope that wherever she may be she is happy...

Thank you for a beautiful article and God Bless Garlic Angel :-)

Peggy Woods (author) from Houston, Texas on June 08, 2010:

Hi sarovai,

Thanks for the visit and comment about My Mother rescuing Angie the Cat. Appreciated your comment about "true love."

sarovai on June 08, 2010:

Even animals understand mother's and recognise motherwood in women. Really you have given new picture about true love. Thank u for sharing lovely kittens and the cat.

Peggy Woods (author) from Houston, Texas on June 08, 2010:

Hi Mike,

Nice to hear that your sister and her husband are kind hearted as was my mother towards rescuing animals. I agree with you that Angie had cute colored kittens. Glad that you enjoyed this hub. Thanks for the comment.

Mike Lickteig from Lawrence KS USA on June 07, 2010:

What a beautiful story. My sister and her husband often take in stray cats and provide a loving home for them. They currently have six cats who are very happy to be safe and loved.

Your photos were terrific. Those kittens sitting in the moccasins were adorable, and the colors on all of them were beautiful.

Thanks for sharing such a wonderful story.


Peggy Woods (author) from Houston, Texas on June 07, 2010:

Hi Cheryl,

Thanks for reading and commenting on this hub. Most of the people reading this will never have known my Mother as you did. She did give a lot of love to everyone that crossed her path.

Peggy Woods (author) from Houston, Texas on June 07, 2010:

Hi oscillationatend,

Poor off of potato peelings! Some kittens and cats have a rough start in life. Once they land in our home...or the past homes of my parents...they have the life of luxury! Give k@ri's "okay" cat a pat for me! :-) Nice that she took in a stray.

Cheryl on June 07, 2010:

So beautiful and truly a lot of love given to Angie and her babies. A lovely photo of Ms Carol. She will always be loved and remembered by me.

oscillationatend from a recovering narcissist. on June 07, 2010:


zOMG! I love kitties. So cute and spunky!

We had a cat named Fancy who was just a kitten herself, feeding other kittens her milk. She resided at the fair grounds and lived off of potato peelings.

She was awesome..the most beautiful calico ever, loved to lick, and she was one motorboatin' SOB when it came to purring. =D

K@ri's current cat is also a stray. She's...she's okay.

Peggy Woods (author) from Houston, Texas on June 07, 2010:

Hi Enelle,

Thanks for the link and will see if I can do the same. Happy to hear that you liked this hub about how my mother was able to save Angie and her kittens.

Here is the link to Enelle's blog:

Peggy Woods (author) from Houston, Texas on June 07, 2010:

Hi billyaustindillon,

Glad you appreciated the pictures as well as hearing the story of just how my mother was instrumental in helping to save Angie and her kittens. Thanks for the comment.

Peggy Woods (author) from Houston, Texas on June 07, 2010:

Hello reddog1027,

My mother was really a special person and I agree with you that if we had more people like her in this world, it would DEFINITELY become a better place. Thanks for the sweet comment.

Peggy Woods (author) from Houston, Texas on June 07, 2010:

Hi dahoglund,

Hopefully you will find just the right companion for you and your wife in one of those animal shelters. If not this week...keep checking. The right one will appear one of these days! Those "hoarders" obviously have a mental condition. Even the children were underfed as well as the animals. Very, very sad!

Peggy Woods (author) from Houston, Texas on June 07, 2010:

Hello epigramman,

Give Little Miss Tiffy and Mister Gabriel a pat for me. Glad to hear that you liked the story of my mother rescuing Angie and that you also enjoyed the pictures. Thanks!

Peggy Woods (author) from Houston, Texas on June 07, 2010:

Hi Micky D,

Glad to hear that you liked this story about my Mother rescuing Angie the Cat and her almost immediately delivered kittens as well. It was a busy episode in her life for several months...and then, since she kept Angie, she had another beloved pet for many years. Angie was always shy around people unlike my Mother's other cat who begged to be brushed and petted.

Peggy Woods (author) from Houston, Texas on June 07, 2010:

Hello agusfanani,

Yes, I would agree that Angie's kittens were really cute. We saw pictures of the two that the vet took when they were older...the blonde and calico kittens...and they turned out to be beautiful full grown cats as well. Thanks for the visit.

Peggy Woods (author) from Houston, Texas on June 07, 2010:

Hi Hello, hello,

Like you, we also like cats and we also like dogs. My parents usually had both as I was growing up and we presently have my mother's dog, Skippy, and our two cats to keep us company. Enjoy your furry creatures!

Peggy Woods (author) from Houston, Texas on June 07, 2010:

Hello valeriebelew,

Like your mother, we also took care of a ferel cat for all the years of her life after she delivered kittens in the shrubbery in front of our house. Ah...but that could be another hub! Thank you for doing your part in spaying and neutering your beloved pets. Sounds as though you really enjoy them. Thanks for the comment.

Enelle Lamb from Canada's 'California' on June 07, 2010:

What a great hub Peggy! I will be including a link to this hub on my Cat Tails blog :D

billyaustindillon on June 07, 2010:

Peggy another great hub - what a great tale of your mother and cat- the pictures tell a thousand words also.

reddog1027 from Atlanta, GA on June 07, 2010:

God bless your mother, Peggy. If everyone was this kind, the world would surely be a better place.

Don A. Hoglund from Wisconsin Rapids on June 07, 2010:

Hi Peggy W

It's good that you were able to help the cats.

These are hard times even for pets. Many people are unable to afford their pets anymore, or have to move and cannot take the pets with them. I've experienced that myself in the past. Since we are looking for a dog now (sorry, I'm not a cat person)we have been visiting animal shelters. Many animals have simple been abandoned somewhere. In Adams, Wisconsin (about 25 miles south of Rapids)we were told that they had to rescue many animals from what they call "hoarders". The people, with kids, were living in a trailer with several kids and had dogs, cats, horses and what all in and out of the trailer. All were underfed, including the children.My wife was interested in a Husky which was very shy of people, because it looks so much like the Husky crossbred we had to put down. As we are getting oldeer and less active I want to get a smaller dog that doesn't shed so much, but it is a beautiful dog.

epigramman on June 07, 2010:

greatest story ever told (and pictures too) so says my two furried children: Little Miss Tiffy and Mister Gabriel.

Micky Dee on June 07, 2010:

I love kittens! Thanks Peggy! Great pictures and a happy tale!

agusfanani from Indonesia on June 07, 2010:

Very beautiful cat and kittens, especially the kittens are so adorable.

Hello, hello, from London, UK on June 07, 2010:

Thank youPeggy, for sharing your and your mother's home life with us. I love cats.

valeriebelew from Metro Atlanta, GA, USA on June 06, 2010:

Hello Peggy W. I very much enjoyed this hub. My mother fed a ferral cat in our neighborhood until Mama passed away a few years back, and I fed the cat after she was gone. I live with four dogs and three cats, the subject matter of many of my hubs. When you responded to the Fluffy, the cat, hub, I knew your posts would be worth reading. The kittens were gorgeous. At one time I bred Himalyan Persian cats, but Ms. Frances is now spayed along with her son, Michael. Fluffy was an adopted mixed breed, who has been my cat for almost seven years now. (: v

Peggy Woods (author) from Houston, Texas on June 06, 2010:

Hello suny51,

Nice to hear that you appreciated the pictures of Angie, the cat, and her 5 kittens. My Mother had such a soft spot in her heart for this little waif of a pregnant kitten who made it into her home as a permanent resident. Thanks for the swift response to this newly minted hub.

suny51 on June 06, 2010:

So many beautiful cats at one place.thats sure great camera work,I like it.beautiful

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