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Mudhol Hound (Indian Military Dog) Breed Information, Facts & Characteristics

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Mudhol Hound

Mudhol Hound

Mudhol Hound

Mudhol hounds are Indian sight hound dogs, also known as Caravan, Mahratta, Pashmi hounds and Kathewar Dog. They are mostly available in Karnataka, and some parts of Andhra Pradesh and Maharashtra. Above all they are exceptionally loyal, devoted and hard workers, capable of working harder than most other dogs. Their physical strength coupled with their great speed and stamina allows them to catch and kill game, from hare to blackbuck, over rough country.

Mudhol hounds are well known for their speed and chasing skills. They are the first Indian dogs, introduced in the Indian Army's inventory in 2017. The six Mudhol hounds were trained in the Army's Remount and Veterinary Corps Centre (RVC) in Meerut and given to the Indian Army. The Mudhol hounds are very energetic and athletic dog that need regular exercise and are not suitable for apartment life.

Mudhol hound

Mudhol hound

Facts about Mudhol Hound Dog Breed

  • Mudhol Hound are dogs are considered as royal dogs of India, The Government of India had issued a postal ticket in his honor.
  • Mudhol Hound is the first ever Indian dog breed to join the Indian Army.
  • Mudhol hound is breed of sighthound from Indian, which were one of the fastest running dog breed of India.
  • They are considered one person dog, though a well trained dog makes a good family pet.
  • The Mudhol hounds were on the verge of extinction, they are revived by the efforts of one man in the early 20th century.
  • There is a misconception about Mudhol Hounds that they are all white in color, but this is not true. Mudhol hounds are available in multiple colors.
Mudhol Hound

Mudhol Hound

Are Caravan Hound and Mudhol Hound dogs of the same breed

Some people believe that Caravan Hound and Mudhol Hound are the same dogs, while some believe that these two are separate breeds, and the Mudhol Hound is the successor to the Caravan Hound. Both are sighthound dogs and have a lot in common, the caravan hound is mainly native to central India and the Mudhol hound is from south India. But their breed history is not available, and nobody knows exactly when they were emerged, be commonly people believe they are the descendants of the Arabian Saluki or Tazi of Central Asia.

Mudhol Hound

Mudhol Hound

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Appearance And Characteristics

Mudhol hounds are medium sized, lean, slender sight hound dog that has a long skull with a tapering muzzle. Their thin, long oval shaped skulls and outstretched, eyes allow them to position themselves at an angle of 270 degrees, allowing them to look back twice as much as humans.

  • Mudhol Hounds are very devoted towards their owner and family. But they are reserved with strangers and other dogs.
  • They are reserved with other pets, but a trained dog can get along with children.
  • Mudhol Hound dogs need moderate exercise, if they do not get proper exercise they can become lethargic and irritable.
  • The Mudhol Hound is a naturally healthy and independent dog breed that needs less vet care.

Origin and Physical Traits

  • Origin: India, Mudhol District of Karnataka
  • Height: Female: 22 to 28 inches, male: 24 to 30 inches
  • Weight: Female: 48 to 62 lbs, male: 48 to 62 lbs
  • Color: Black, White, Brindle, Fawn, Chocolate
  • Life Expectancy: 10 to 12 years

Personality and Temperament

Mudhol Hounds are an Intelligent, independent, aloof and devoted dogs that were developed for hunting, and have been used to guard property. Mudhol Hounds were developed as a hunting dog, they still pose their hunting stinct and less reliable with other pets. But a well trained dog gets well along with strangers and children. Its suitable for tropical Indian environment and hunting in adverse conditions, that make them one of the most preferred dog to serve in Indian Military.

Mudhol Hound

Mudhol Hound

The Origin and Breed History

The Mudhol Hound dog is native from the small town Mudhol, in the Bagalkot district of Karnataka state, from where it got its name Mudhol. It is believed that the former ruler of Mudhol presented two puppies to King George V.

There is no reliable information on the origin of the Mudhol Hound dog breed, but most people believe that they are the descendants of the Arabian Saluki, or freshly bred dogs from Central Asia. These dogs were brought to India during the Mughal period, and the Mudhol Hound is a mixture of the native dogs of India and these imported dogs. But some people believe that it is a completely Indian breed dog like Kanni and Chippiparai of South India.

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