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Meet Cathy: The Prettiest Dog in the World

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Tanya is a writer who lives with the prettiest dog in the world.

Baby Cathy!

Baby Cathy!

Heartbroken, crushed, devastated, dejected, miserable… you get the gist.

Put simply, I’m sad beyond words.

My dog, Cathy, passed away. She was an adorable and loving companion who brought incomparable joy to my life.

She got so weak and frail. And having witnessed all her suffering is the epitome of cruelty.

I've always known she'll pass away before me. But, I guess I never really pictured that day to come so soon.


I don't like to dwell on sad memories, though. So, as a way for me to purge those unwanted recollections from my system, I'll use my superpower (I'm a writer) and write about the good memories.

I carry your heart with me.

— E. E. Cummings

Day 1

My brother’s friend gave Cathy to us – and I’m forever grateful to him for doing so. To be honest, when she first arrived, I remember not wanting her. It also doesn’t help her case that the first day she entered my room, she peed beside an electrical socket.

I even named her Cat. (Cat who's a dog, get it?)


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Life as I Know It

Soon, though, I grew fond of her.

I had a shirt custom-made. It says:

“I live with the prettiest girl in the world”... and I do!

  • When we eat outside, I always think of buying her something.
  • I also ensure that when we go out, I return before 4:30 so she wouldn’t have to wait for her dinner (at 5:00 pm).
  • I learned to value the sound of silence because loud sounds make her anxious.
  • I remember the main reason I bought Bluetooth headphones was to watch my shows at night and not disturb her.
  • Oh! And New Year’s Eve. I used to rejoice at the sound of fireworks. Now, I don’t because she gets terrified.

Ah! Pure Bliss!

One of the little things that bring me joy is that I always see her name on my author bios - a practice I’ll continue doing.

Cathy - the prettiest girl in the world!

Cathy - the prettiest girl in the world!

The End of an Era

I look around my room and I see almost every item wasn’t present before I had Cathy.

  • Everything on my table
  • Table
  • Chair
  • Floor
  • Bed frame
  • Foam
  • Door
  • The signs that says “Beware of dog”
  • Elliptical
  • Treadmill
  • Pull-up bar
  • Wall clock
  • Phone
  • Curtains

I'm Grateful

I thank her for the emotional support that she gave me.

I always felt at ease with her. I also made sure that I don’t get uneasy because she panics when I do.

Were it not for Cathy, I’d probably be less organized and ambitious as a writer – a story that I don’t want to tell right now.

Final Thoughts

I’m watching New Amsterdam these days and I finished an episode where it featured a prayer group in the hospital. It said something like:

Sometimes, good things and miracles happen. Try as you may, but there are things you can’t explain.

I held on to that.

© 2022 Tanya

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