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Mediumship: Animal Communication and its existence



Pets and their innate ability

Pets have always been more psychically aware then we knew or thought.

There is evidence of this in thousands of youtube videos and msn videos, that people have posted - and stories of animals picking up or sensing their human friend was ill, precognition that someone was going to die before it happened. Dogs and cats especially can learn their human friend's habits and let them know when they aren't well and maybe even cheer them up - or they learn to detect changes in their health and let the person know. For example cats can learn to detect blood sugar problems in diabetic patients, dogs can learn when their human friends have digestive troubles or food poisoning. I believe that all domesticated animals have the ability to connect psychically or on a higher level of consciousness with their caregiver. Dr Pol, a veterinarian in the USA seems to have a similar rapport with large animals as he deals with cows and horses on his tv show while saying very little to them. Animals are psychic and telepathic with each other, communicating on both verbal and non verbal levels with us and their wild counterparts.

Interspecies communication occurs all over the world. Examples of this are evident when a storm is coming and animals move to higher ground or move to where they can be safer from the elements. When hurricane Sandy arrived people found it weird that the birds were not being thrown about --- well they had already sensed that it was coming and flown away or found safer locations.

Animals communicate regularly through telepathy. It is the most basic form of communication, an ability we are all born with. As humans, we learn to rely on verbal communication and our telepathic skills are pushed aside and become rusty. Like a muscle, unless used regularly, these skills become weak and inefficient. Humans, given the proper mindset and training, have the ability to communicate telepathically with all species.

The first instance of telepathy that I witnessed was when I was petting my college instructors dog. She had brought her big fluffy bermese mountain dog to class as it was the last day of classes and we had been studying esp and remote viewing in a psychology class. I had been somewhat intuitive as a young lady but not used my abilities on purpose for several years. The dog looked around at me and smiled, and moved its ear, as if to say "u ready?". I started to receive a bunch of gratitude, and happy feelings, and a vision of a farm and a red building. I also received some personal news about the instructor that the dog knew about. He wanted me to share this information and feelings with the teacher as I had been one of the only ones that could " hear" the dog. I later conveyed most of the message ( skipping the personal info part, as it was not appropriate at the time). The woman confirmed that the dog had been a rescue and was excited about being a farm dog, and loved being with the family. She told me about the known history of the dog before she got him, and I had to stop in my tracks! I was somewhat accurate in my intuition and had to follow up on the whole thing later.

It seemed that I was right about the personal thing too! So I knew that there was more to animals intelligence and intuition than I had previously known.

This is my Yorkie, Mikey

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Example of Species ESP

  • Orangutan and the Hound
    many people who have seen this clip think and believe that the chimp and the hound has soul recognition... since they had not been introduced to each other before in their current forms....

Animal - Interspecies Communication

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