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Loyalty Isn’t Always A Given…

Dee Jones is CEO of Dee Jones PR Consulting •Journalist• Correspondent* PR/Publicist•SAG/AFTRA-E Actress•Project Manager •TV&Radio


I once had a Chihuahua named DJ, got him as a puppy and had him for 9 yrs. He was so adorable- I mean I couldn’t put him down. We literally spoiled him, dressed him up and gave him lots of attention. As he got older, he got really fiesty! He was the littlest thing but kept up the most noise. Although we loved on him, gave him everything he needed, he wasn’t loyal.
He gave a temporary sense of loyalty to people who met his needs at that time.
I mean, he would snap on you, bark like crazy if you tried to touch him while someone else was petting him. Was the most disrespectful thing I experienced as the owner but I had to realize that that was his character.
I kept him because he held sentimental value, my Aunt bought him for me. He ran away after 9 yrs when I went out of town, never saw him again. My heart was hurting for a while because I missed him and wanted to know if he was ok.

But, isn‘t it the same with some people? It doesn’t matter how much you love and support them, they will still turn on you. It’s not anything you did wrong, it’s just their character. Sometimes because you can’t let them go, GOD causes them to leave your life. Oh yeah, and some people will ALWAYS be all bark and no bite.

Be encouraged people! The time is coming when people can no longer fake the funk or hide who they really are. Just pay attention.

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