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Lovebird Leg Pain: A Personal Experience

Sakina loves birds and has had pet parrots and budgies. Now she has two lovebirds, one of which is a peach-faced male she hand-raised.

A Tired Lovebird

My lovebird Mumu was tired as he had leg pain.

My lovebird Mumu was tired as he had leg pain.

A Sad Pet = A Sad Owner

Our pets bring joy to our lives. We get happy by seeing their antics and playful behavior. On the other hand, their discomfort and pain bring sadness in our lives.

I'm sure that like me, many of you must have experienced this. We understand that it's a part of being a pet owner. Once we find out that our pet is sick, we are assured that a vet will treat him/her. But, how to rest assured when you know that you cannot visit a vet? How to help your pet when you know you're stuck at home in lockdown due to COVID-19?

Mumu Had Discomfort in His Leg

Mumu has always been an energetic lovebird, right from when we got him on 12 March 2016. It's been wonderful having him with us since almost 5 years. I'm grateful that Mumu has never fallen sick during all this time. So, it was easy to get worried when I noticed him having discomfort in his leg.

This incident happened in the beginning of September 2020. Mumu has this habit of remaining squeaky clean. He is mostly found preening his feathers on someone's knee and scratching his face. This was when I noticed that he wasn't keeping his weight on his left foot. It seemed as if it was hanging loosely and barely gripping the knee as the right foot was. I assumed that it was a one-time thing. Sadly, I was mistaken.

Mumu's Leg Pain

I noticed the following things about Mumu's discomfort:

  • Weak foot.
  • Perching with extra weight on right foot.
  • Discomfort which slowly turned into pain as Mumu kept his foot half way in the air (as shown in the video below).
  • Trouble scratching himself as he couldn't lift his foot above his wing (as shown in the video below).
  • Fatigue.
  • Loss of appetite.
  • Sleeping for most of the time.

Was it a Case of Overgrown Nails?

I also noticed that Mumu's nails seemed overgrown. We hadn't had his nails clipped as it wasn't necessary. So, the next thought which came to my mind was that Mumu might be facing this discomfort due to his overgrown nails.

So, I took him to the bird shop from where I'd brought my female lovebird, Juju home. The man clipped Mumu's nails slightly and I thought his discomfort would go away.

Unfortunately, I was mistaken again.

My lovebird Mumu continued to sleep for long periods of time since he was tired. He used his right foot for scratching and balancing.

My lovebird Mumu continued to sleep for long periods of time since he was tired. He used his right foot for scratching and balancing.

His Nails Weren't the Problem

Mumu's pain seemed to start from his leg, his nails seemed perfectly fine. It was worrying to see him tired and sleepy all day long. He is such a lively little bird that seeing him so quiet left a hole in my heart. I decided to do something about it. I couldn't sit idle any longer knowing that he was in stress.

I Decided to Give Him Paracetamol

I was stuck at home in lockdown and vets weren't available near me. I decided to treat Mumu myself. I took tiny bits (the size of approximately 3-4 grains of sand) of paracetamol and mixed it in 200 ml of water. I put this water in Mumu's bowl and waited for him to drink it.

I recommend you to always consult a vet first if something seems wrong with your bird. I had no choice, but to treat my bird on my own.

The Result

Mumu drank the water 2 to 3 times in a day and I gave him normal water since he had figured that something was wrong with the water he drank. Yes, he's very picky and observing when it comes to his cage, bowls or blankets.

These were the things I noticed after Mumu drank the diluted medicine for 2 days:

  • He seemed active than before.
  • He started sleeping for lesser amounts.
  • He rested, but didn't seem extremely tired.
  • He could lift his leg better than before (as shown in the video below).
  • He wasn't keeping all his weight on the right foot.
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After 3 days of drinking diluted medicine, Mumu seemed back to normal. He didn't start playing immediately or flying around as he usually did. He took extra rest and watched my female lovebird Juju play.

A Supportive Mate

Animals and birds are truly wonderful creatures. They get to know that something is wrong quickly. They understand feelings, at least that's what I strongly believe in... They also trust vibes and discern emotions.

When Mumu was stressed due to his pain, his mate Juju perched beside him all the time. She's a type of bird who's happy to play on her own, even if Mumu doesn't. Even if she played, she'd do so keeping in mind that she remained close to him.

She always loves getting her feathers preened by Mumu and preened him minimal times in return. When he didn't preen her feathers, she started being extra affectionate towards him. It was heartwarming to watch them.

Mumu's Second Mate, Juju

This is Mumu's second mate, Juju. She's chirpy, playful and similar to Mumu in some ways.

This is Mumu's second mate, Juju. She's chirpy, playful and similar to Mumu in some ways.

A Happy Pet = An Even Happier Owner

Mumu had returned to his usual firecracker self and my joy knew no bounds. I knew I wasn't a vet by profession, but I had to do something to help my bird.

Mumu has been fine since then and hasn't had any leg pain. I'm really grateful to see my pets healthy and I wish the same for you all as well. If you have a pet who is not well, I hope he/she recovers soon.

Just be loving, say soothing words, remain calm and patient and make sure your pet isn't having any unnecessary stress. Be extra loving towards the sick bird's mate (if any) as they might be feeling stressed too.

I hope that our lovely, feathered pets always live healthily. I want to end this article on an old video of me trying to let Mumu do a foot shake (or you can say a handshake). Thank you for reading.

Footshake or Handshake?

© 2021 Sakina Nasir


Sakina Nasir (author) from Kuwait on February 24, 2021:

Walekum assalam. Thank you so much for your kind words and for sharing your experience with me. I really appreciate your positive thoughts.

Misbah Sheikh on February 24, 2021:


Very nice article on MUMU AND JUJU

I love the name of your parrots and the parrots too

both are so cute

I am happy that now mumu feels better and you are happy too.

I once treated my baby chicken unfortunately I wasn't able to treat him well as I myself was a small kid at that time. Its been years now but still, I feel sad for him. I am happy for your pets. Love to Mumu and Juju


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