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Loss of My Beloved Cat


Loss of a pet

For anyone who has a cat, dog or any type of animal, we know we identify them as our 'fur babies'. They are more than pets, they are part of our family. They bring us at much joy, laughter and love.No one else misses us so much when we leave Our homes, and no one else is so glad to see us when we get home.

Our fur babies don't ask for anything in return. Just food and a soft place to sleep. We buy them birthday gifts , Christmas presents. We talk to them, share our secrets with them. When we are sad they seem to always know and are there to turn our sadness into sunshine

I lost my beloved Sassy this January 2020. She was 19. The hurt is still there, it does not go away. You just learn how to carry on and live. To me she was my child, my baby. I could not have children,so she was one of my gut children. She was good one day and died the next. In our society we don't get a chance to grieve our 'fur babies' , why I don't know. They are such an important part of our lives. Studies show people with animals are happier. I believe this to be true. My pets make me smile everyday.

She was always there for me. She loved to cuddle when I would sleep. She'd eat one can of moist food daily. When she was ready for it she would more and meow. I thought I'd have her into her twenties, but I was wrong . Boy, was I wrong.

It's been 9 months now, I still miss my baby so. I have learned a few things to help with the hurting. Maybe This will help other pet lovers with their grief.

1) Have a family member - husband, sister, mom or dad that will let you talk about the memories you have of your baby. This helps a lot. I remember when my sassy was little she loved sitting on the stairs waiting for me to throw a ball up to her. I'd throw it up and she'd bat it back down to me. She loved this game a lot.

2). Display a picture. I had my Sassy cremated, Her urn had a place for a picture. I have a beautiful picture of her in the frame. I will not desecrate her urn by looking inside. It also helps that her body is home with me, even if it in a duffer form.

3) if you talked to your baby when alive, talk to your baby still. Yes, I will look at her picture in her urn and talk to her. I tell her how the kitten we had a few years before she died, she learned from Sassy. She learned how to stay with me and sleep curled up by me. Animal are very intelligent.

4) Make an ornament with a picture on for the Christmas tree. This idea always helped me. When I put the ornament on my tree I feel like my beloved pet is still with me at Christmas time. I have porcelain balls made up. Presently I have ornaments of 2 dogs, 1 canary, 3 rabbits, and with Sassy 's ornament it will be 3 cats.

5) My comfort food is chocolate. Yes, I got myself a big ole chocolate bar. To me there is nothing better when you are sad and crying than a big chocolate bar. It seems to help the sorrow. Sorrow that we are suppose to not have in our society for an animal.

  • 6) Finally let your baby know you will see her one day at the Rainbow Bridge. Go to the Rainbow bridge site and write tribute to your fur baby. Here is the web site https://www.rainbowsbridge.com This site is awesome, they even have a Monday night candle service for it babies who have pasted. Please visit this site. I sure pray and hope my ideas help someone. Remember our fur babies who have past are with us always. They will never leave us.

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