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Let me tell you a story ........


Let me tell you a story .....

In the forest when the fire burns. Then all the animals start running to Saravaira. There is just running everywhere. The most agile animals in it are tigers, lions, leopards, monkeys, etc. The agile animals run away with the speed of the wind. * But Vanava does not leave anyone * He burns the whole forest and leaves. All animals are burned to ashes. * But you know * In the same forest, there is an animal that does not care much about the forest. He is not hurt at all. * No head spin * Yes, there is an animal in the same forest. Who doesn't care about the forest.
And that animal is * rat * yes rat * because when the fire burns, it is in its house, that is, in the burrow *, so it does not get hurt at all.
* Lokho Corona Rupee Vanava is currently burning in your human forest, so be a rat instead of a tiger and stay in your (burrow) house. Protect yourself and your family, your community, your nation *
Thank you

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