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What Morph is My Leopard Gecko

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Normal Leopard Gecko

Standard Leopard Gecko

Standard Leopard Gecko

Leopard Geckos

Leopard geckos make great pets. Why? Because they're small, docile, and come in a TON of colors and patterns- I.E. morphs. You can pick and choose your favorites, whether it be a bright Super Hypo Tangerine Carrot Tail Baldy leopard gecko or a pale Blazing Blizzard.

I mean think about it, in yesterday's pet store you only saw "normal" leopard geckos, which are also known as "wild caught" and "standard" leopard geckos.

But, in today's pet store, you'll find albino (usually Tremper albino), patternless (often marketed as leucistic), and tangerine (to include hypo tangerine and sometimes Super Hypo Tangerine Carrot Tail Baldy- SHTCTB) leopard geckos. And, sometimes, if you're lucky, you'll find a blizzard leopard gecko.

Basically, what I'm trying to say is- with the trend of leopard gecko breeding there has been a rise in great breeders of the past decade or so. These breeders have line- bred and selectively bred various morphs that we see today. And, as you read, more are being thought up and developed.

Tangerine Leopard Gecko

Super Hypo Tangerine Baldy

Super Hypo Tangerine Baldy

Tangerine het Bell Enigma

Tangerine het Bell Enigma

  • Lavender
  • Linebred Mack Snow
  • Mack Snow Blizzard
  • Mack Snow Patternless
  • Melanistic
  • Midnight Blizzard
  • Muphy Patternless
  • Normal
  • Raining Red Stripe
  • Rainwater Albino
  • Rainwater Blazing Blizzard
  • Rainwater Hybino
  • Rainwater Mack Snow
  • Reverse Stripe
  • Super Giant
  • Super Hypo Tangerine (SHT)
  • Super Hypo Tangeine Carrot Tail (SHTCT)
  • Super Snow Albino
  • Super Snow Patternless
  • Snow Enigma
  • Snowglow
  • Stripe
  • Tangerine
  • Tremper Albino
  • Tremper Blazing Blizzard
  • Tremper Enigma
  • Tremper Hybino
  • Tremper Jungle Albino
  • Tremper Mack Snow
  • Xanthic

Leopard Gecko Morphs

This is not a complete listing of leopard gecko morphs, but a near complete listing to date.

  • Baldy
  • Banana Blizzard
  • Bell Albino
  • Bell Blazing Blizzard
  • Bell Enigma
  • Bell Hybino
  • Bell Jungle Albino
  • Bell Mack Snow
  • Bell Enigma
  • Bell Mack Snow
  • Blanco
  • Blazing Blizzard
  • Blizzard
  • Bold Stripe
  • Carrot Head
  • Carrot Tail
  • Creamsicle
  • Diable Blanco
  • Eclipse
  • Emerald
  • Emerine
  • Enigma
  • Gem Snow
  • Giant
  • High Yellow
  • Hypomelanistic
  • Jungle
  • Las Vegas Albino
  • Las Vegas Jungle Albino
  • Las Vegas Patternless Albino (LVPA)

Albino Leopard Gecko

Tremper Sunglow Leopard Gecko

Tremper Sunglow Leopard Gecko

Jungle Tremper Albino

Jungle Tremper Albino

Bell Leopard Gecko

Bell Leopard Gecko

Bell Leopard Gecko

Bell Leopard Gecko

Leopard Gecko Books

Leopard Gecko Breeders

  • Geckos Etc Herpetoculture
    Find wonderful examples of the morphs you're interested in.
  • HISS
    Kelly and her husband have some top of the line morphs.
  • Ron Trempor
    Ron Trempor is one of the top breeders making new leopard gecko morphs.
  • A&M Gecko
    Alberto is making his mark in the leopard gecko community with his wonder carrot tails and enigma crosses.
  • goReptiles
    My own personal site.

Snow & Blizzard Leopard Geckos

Tremper Blazing Blizzard

Tremper Blazing Blizzard

Hypo Mack Snow

Hypo Mack Snow

Bold Mack Snow

Bold Mack Snow

Snow Bell Albino

Snow Bell Albino

Leopard Gecko Information

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With each year more leopard gecko morphs are seen in the reptile trade, so that means a higher variety for you to choose from. Remember that although pet stores will have a handful of different leopard gecko varieties, you have to make sure that they are healthy and free of any health concerns. So, for a healthy leopard gecko, a breeder is always the way to go; plus, breeders have more morphs that you'll ever see at your pet store for a cheaper price.

Plus, think about it... It will be a long while from now that you'll walk into Petsmart or Petco and find a RAPTOR leopard gecko or an Enigma leopard gecko.

RAPTOR Leopard Gecko


What's Your Favorite Leopard Gecko Morph?

Person on April 26, 2020:

My leopard gecko looks like a snow bell albino, but her tail is more vibrant and her spots/pattern is a deeper, honey-ish brown. Her spots are more neat than the picture provided. Could it be possible that she is a mix of different morphs?

Carrie on February 27, 2019:

What morphs make up a Fasio Leopard gecko?

Whitney (author) from Georgia on May 18, 2012:

normals het for rainwater albino. you will get varying degrees of yellow and various numbers of spots.

Cassie on May 13, 2012:

I breed a high yellow and a rainwater hybino what will I get first year breeding together?

Whitney (author) from Georgia on March 07, 2012:

The geckos will look like normal leopard geckos. There will be no outer appearance difference, they will only carry the gene to pass down the patternless morph. It won't really affect the price. The price of hatchlings will be about $10-25 each.

Jb on March 06, 2012:

Does that effect the price and what will the hatchlings look like?

Jb on March 05, 2012:

And I am a newbi so what does het and patternless gene mean and look like? Sorry

Jb on March 05, 2012:

So around how much would one cost?

Whitney (author) from Georgia on March 04, 2012:

You will have normal hatchlings with the possibility of being het for the patternless gene.

Jb on March 03, 2012:

If I have a male lucistic and a female normal what can I get

Whitney (author) from Georgia on February 16, 2012:

Price will vary depending on who you purchase the gecko from. It may range from $10 to $35

leopardgecko** on February 13, 2012:

I just want a normal leo but I'm not sure about the price. Any ideas?

Whitney (author) from Georgia on December 17, 2011:

You will get a variety of normals.

D's Leos on December 14, 2011:

Hi im starting on leopard geckos and I have a female carrot=tail and a high yellow normal male, what will I get if I breed them two together?

Travo on September 22, 2011:

I have 3 gekcos And want to make my own morph am I able to

Whitney (author) from Georgia on August 26, 2011:

It depends on what color you're thinking of and what female you have, as to what you'll get.

barry on August 23, 2011:

my tangerin enigma het raptor male how can i produce a high color from him?..............

sunni9867 on August 05, 2011:

Hello I'm new to this website. I have a standard male Leo. I've had him for six years and he has been an only lizard is there still a chance I can breed him?

Autumn on April 27, 2011:

my favorite lizard was the Raptor lepord gecko but the

Hypo mack Snow looks almost the same as my female lepord gecko and the color af the jungle tremperal albino l.geckos tail looks just like my male

jame on February 28, 2011:

im looking for a really bright solid yellow gecko. haven't found a nice bright yellow one yet. and everyone i know prefers the yellows and normals over other morphs. thinks its just a classic look. cheers

Trekkie_girl on February 21, 2011:

I like High Yellow and Normal best.

I'm looking for information, as we are going to bring 2 leopard geckos into our lives!

Jose on February 12, 2011:

thanks i have housing for the gecko's and i have some buyers already and i think my local pet store is intrested in buying some babies. and agin thank you for your help

Whitney (author) from Georgia on February 11, 2011:

I can't tell you without seeing the actual geckos you produce. Plus, each gecko is only worth what someone will pay for them. The morphs you're working with are lower priced morphs, even enigmas. You'll find just because you bought the gecko from a breeder, doesn't mean that it is considered high end.

The hobby is swamped, so for an unknown breeder you won't get much. High yellow isn't a highly sought after morph, and to tell you the truth, leopard geckos aren't selling to great right now. Everyone with a leopard gecko wants to breed, which causes high supply and low demand.

You won't make much money, so be prepared to have lots of housing for the hatchlings.

Jose on February 10, 2011:

Thanks they are high quality they come from a high end breeder. so what do you think i will get for each morph please be specific. i am breeding these until i can get some more money for a dif. male.

Whitney (author) from Georgia on February 10, 2011:

Prices will range from $15 and up. It all depends on the quality of the animals. High yellows aren't highly sought after. The macks and enigmas are semi-popular but sell best at low prices especially if you don't have a godo reputation in the field yet.

Jose on February 09, 2011:

I am planning on breeding my gecko's i have 1 male high yellow and 3 females high yellow, enigma or tand enigma, and a Mack snow what wuold i get and prices for babies. please help

Whitney (author) from Georgia on February 02, 2011:

It depends on the genetics of the enigma. you'll get anything from normal ($10) to normal enigmas ($50).

Robby on February 01, 2011:

i have four females and am planning on breeding them i have one blazing blizzard, enigma, bell albino and a enigma albino...... what would i get if i breed my male enigma with my blazing blizzard female?

Whitney (author) from Georgia on January 17, 2011:

You will get a mix of macks, mack enigmas, normals, and normal enigmas.

buckeye310 on January 17, 2011:

i have a non het enigma with some carrot tail in her and a mack snow if i breed them what could i get?

Whitney (author) from Georgia on November 09, 2010:

You will get a mix of snows, tangerines, F1 cremesicles, normals, and a possibility of 50% being enigma versions of those morphs.

scott on November 09, 2010:

i have just brought a super hypo carrot tail female, will this make good breeding with a snow enigma?

Whitney (author) from Georgia on October 21, 2010:

Breeding a normal to the tangerine will give you offspring with varying degree of spots and orange coloring.

Breeding a normal to a blazing blizzard will give you normal offspring with the potential to have albino and/or blizzard offspring depending on what they're bred back to

spider on October 21, 2010:

what should i breed my normal leopard gecko with to make it a tangerine


2. a blazzing blizard

Whitney (author) from Georgia on September 02, 2010:

Yes. If you go to my profile, there is a link to my website.

LiRzArDMaN154 on September 01, 2010:

do you sell?

Whitney (author) from Georgia on August 19, 2010:

It really depends on the quality of the shtct. You'll probably get geckos with varying degree of spots and some without spots. You may get some yellows and some tangerines and some in-between. It really will come down to the the geckos that you have and their genetics. You won't get any albinos though unless the shtct is het for albino.

Aris on August 19, 2010:

Does it mean i will get Normal yellows? or shtct, htct. Thanks again, sorry for being a newbie lots of questions hehe.

Whitney (author) from Georgia on August 18, 2010:

You'll get various quality tangerines that are possible het for albino. None will be albino unless the tangerine is het albino. Albino is a recessive gene, and must be paired with another albino gene in order for it to be the dominant gene, for simple terms.

Aris on August 18, 2010:

Thanks whitney how about trember albino crossed with shtct?

what will be the color of the babies? I have 1 male albino tremper here planning to buy a female shctc.

Whitney (author) from Georgia on August 17, 2010:

You'll get normals with varying degree of tangerine. You may get a few hypo tangerines, but nothing out of the ordinary or spectacular.

Aris on August 17, 2010:

what if i breed a shtct to normal, what will be the color of the babies?

Whitney (author) from Georgia on August 11, 2010:

I'm not sure what you mean by a mix... But, if you could upload a picture to photobucket or another hosting site and post the direct link in a comment, I can tell you what morph you have.

Mike on August 11, 2010:

i got a leopard gecko yesterday and im not sure if its a mix or not. it has two stipes on his sides and is the body is dark yellow. he looks completely healthy so i dont think that has anything to do with it. his tail is nice and fat too. the only part of his body that has spots is his head. if you have any guesses please tell me and i will research more. thanks

Whitney (author) from Georgia on January 07, 2010:

Definitely. I have a hub about my adventure of breeding. It's ongoing and non-profitable. My bf thought I was making money, till I told him how much in the red I really am. If I had help it wouldn't be as bad, but it's to the point it's a hassle. The market is saturated with certain reptiles, and those are the ones beginners still insist on breeding. IE the leopard gecko for one.

Ace Hollywood from Texas,USA on January 07, 2010:

I agree Whitney, people should consider breeding their reptiles before jumping in the deep end. I have bred for 10 years, and its about the passion, and desire to produce whatever interests you at its highest quality. I can assure you with over 100+ diff. reptile species that it costs more than you make, so if this is a hobby for you like me, enjoy! Otherwise you will find yourself sinking alot more money into your reptiles than you are getting back.

Whitney (author) from Georgia on November 14, 2009:

Yes, I can ID them if you are able to supply pictures.

Thomas on November 13, 2009:

I have four leopards, and as far as I can tell they are all different...but two of them I can't identify from any pictures I have found. Think you could help if I sent you some pictures? One I have is a Tremper Albino and the other is a Super Hypo Carrot Tail. All very beautiful reptiles.

Whitney (author) from Georgia on November 06, 2009:

Just because it's a different morph, it's still a leopard gecko. If you have a normal male and breed it to a blizzard female, you're going to get normals of varying degrees of spots that are potentially het for blizzard. Remember breeding is a responsibility, and can be very expensive. Breeding the female one time can give up up to 10 hatchlings, that will need to be housed separately, and you'll need to find homes for them all.

ashli on November 06, 2009:

i have a leopard gecko now boy is there any chance i can breed him with a blizzard gecko .

Whitney (author) from Georgia on August 05, 2009:

Rainwaters can go as cheap as $20. I've seen some less, but if quality is better, the price will be more. It'll be hard to sell, depending on where you plan on selling, and if the quality doesn't match the price, people won't buy.

VeryElite on August 05, 2009:

i recently found out that my largest leo is a rainwater albino. how much would they usually sell for? awesome, i might look in to getting a blizzard

Whitney (author) from Georgia on July 07, 2009:

They are generally pretty pricey, as they are still new and being improved upon. I don't particularly care for them, so I'm haven't paid attention to the average though. I just remember a few months ago when the first few started to be released they were expensive- several hundred for C grade and that's in the least. I want to say one breeder is selling them for $3000.

mos on July 07, 2009:

how much do the black leopard geckos cost?

Whitney (author) from Georgia on February 08, 2009:

It will depend on the breeder and the overall genetics of the gecko. The overall price on leopard geckos have been dropping drastically lately. I wouldn't expect a plain blizzard to go for more an $50-$75.

Gerardo on February 07, 2009:

How much do blizzards usually go for?

Whitney (author) from Georgia on January 02, 2009:

Remember you can only get albinos with albinos or with het albinos. You also have to make sure that they are the same strain of albino or else you'll get a normal.

Check out my breeding hub.

saranorburn on January 02, 2009:

Hey whitney, im new around here but i love you hubs, they're so interesting to read and easy to understand, i have a gecko who's 9months i hope to breed her next year to make albino geckos, so your hub was really useful!

Aqua_babe38 on November 25, 2008:

awsome thanx

Whitney (author) from Georgia on November 25, 2008:

Under. These pictures are very dingy pictures, I need to get updates, but the morph names are under the picture.

Aqua_babe38 on November 24, 2008:

thanx i just found out I have a Hypo Mack Snow about 3 inches long hes just beautiful I love to hold him he the bst thing ever.. are the names listed under or above the picture


Whitney (author) from Georgia on November 03, 2008:

If the tail is skinny, then that's not normal. I'd say bullying if she's being housed with other geckos. Could be overall stress since she's changing colors. I'd separate them asap. she's still a leopard gecko just a different coloring.

charity on November 02, 2008:

I have a blizzaed gecko from pet supplies. She is now 1 year, and living with other geckos that she gets along with great. They all get the calcium they need, she drinks a good amount of water, and sheds. Well recently she os turning kinda brownish and her tail is not near as fat as the lepards. Its pretty skinny. Is this a normal thing?

Whitney (author) from Georgia on June 07, 2008:

jean it does look like that, but it's the glare from my camera and the rocks. I should update the pictures on a better background.

jean carlos on June 06, 2008:

Is it me or are the snow's glowing?

jessie on March 28, 2008:

i have 1 lepard gecko its female i think. I cant really tell but i think my pet store could tell me i think that i have a female.

Nathalie & Jonathan on March 25, 2008:

Nice stuff that you put on the website. It is cool!

Whitney (author) from Georgia on February 16, 2008:

Yes I agree. My big problem is that now in the leopard gecko world, breeders are getting high egos and crazy marketing techniques of naming "new" combo morphs crazy names. I think it's ridiculous, and would rather hear what morphs made the "new" morph instead of nova or black hole. Whatever.

Jungle Talk on February 16, 2008:

Hey Whitney, it's great to see these color morphs. It is so exciting to see where the captive breeding of leopard geckos is going. There's been so much done with snakes, and the bearded dragons have also been greatly expanded on. But leapard geckos are such a great pet that I'm glad to see them getting this kind of development. Great photos!

Earth Angel on February 06, 2008:

Aren't those lovely reptiles just gorgeous!! Thank you Whitney for sharing!! No, I don't have any cold blooded loved ones, at least not inside at the moment, but I just adore the variety!! My porches are covered with your run-of-the-mill Gecko's and we converse all the time!! Their antics make me laugh and their presence makes me feel blessed!! Thank you for sharing!! Earth Angel!!

Tony Sky from London UK on February 05, 2008:

Great hub Whitney, I have decided i won't be getting any reptiles now, Your hubs are the nearest i will ever get to having them, thanks.

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