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Kittens - Help, I Found a Kitten, What Should I Do

Rescue Kitten

(photo by Dolores Monet)

(photo by Dolores Monet)

From Finding a Kitten Until One Year Later - Lessons I Learned From a Cat

Of all the wheel-wells in all the cars, all down the street, he had to climb into ours.

Ajax heard him first, ten o'clock at night, mewing and hollering outside on that dark, sloppy night. We poured out of the house to investigate, probably scared him, and brought him into the house - a tiny, dehydrated, starving kitten.

The little lost kitten seemed so delicate, but mewed so loudly. I guess he was mourning the loss of his mother and siblings. Maybe he'd been dumped. Maybe a car passed, the occupants on a sad voyage of kitten abandonment, saw a light on, a door open... Maybe they did the right thing.

He looked as if something bit him.

Somebody suggested the SPCA. Sorry. Maybe I'm not a cat person. Maybe I'm a teensy bit allergic. No way would I deliver the frightened baby kitten up for possible euthanasia; or shoved in a cage at best. Maybe he belongs to somebody. Maybe St. Francis will protect me from allergy.

Rescue Kitten

(photo by Dolores Monet)

(photo by Dolores Monet)

Kitten's First Night in Our Home

Dave and Ellwood ran out to buy some kitten food and cat litter.

I scurried to spring the mouse traps which we had placed under furniture. The kitten was so tiny, he could fit under the furniture and find the traps. We didn't want him to get hurt.

The kitten seemed content to be held, would nestle in, purring a bit, then take up his frightened, miserable cry.

He ate well. A little at a time. And drank some water. And some more. We took it easy knowing nothing about kittens or how long it had been since his last meal. I didn't want him to get sick.

He seemed to like Rosie, nestled in her arms with a little cat smile on his face, mewling every once in a while, kneading Rosie's arm. Not really afraid of people so we did not think he was feral. Rose set him down, and the kitten explored a little, then sprinted off.

We found a box, put an old shirt inside and a wood framed screen on top. And a couple of books on top of that because he could push up on the screen. He didn't spend a lot of time in the box, seeming more content to sleep in Dave's arms. It was a long night for Dave.

It stormed something fierce, rain hammering on the roof, thunder rumbling. Good thing Ajax heard the kitten and we brught him in and safe. and sound.

Rescue Kitten - He Looks Like He Had Been Bitten

(Dolores Monet)

(Dolores Monet)

Kitten - Rescue Kitty Drinks From an Antique Dish

(photo by Dolores Monet)

(photo by Dolores Monet)

Poly-dactyl kitten!

He didn't seem to know what to do with the litter box. We were worried that he didn't pee. But he ate more food and lapped up plenty of water and at last, went on his own to the litter box. He knew what to do and the plumbing seemed in order.

The kitten is poly-dactyl; he has extra toes like thumbs on his front and back paws like the six-fingered Anne Boleyn, a witch. Maybe he's magic.

I called up an animal rescue and they said if he seemed okay, it isn't an emergency to get her to a vet, just in the next few days. I told the woman we had some friends who were cat people who promised to stop by and take a look at the kitten. The woman said they had a cat clinic and provided shots at a reasonable price.

I went round the neighbors to see if anyone lost a kitten. We made up flyers but it's raining like it's the monsoon so the paper would melt. Tomorrow.

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The kitten played with a shoestring that Ajax and Dave found, romped right cheerfully, then crawled in a corner under an old sewing machine. If you reach for him, he hisses but once you pick him up, he seems very happy, rolled over on his back in my arms, stretched, then fell asleep.

He seems fuller than last night, a bit more substantial. Less delicate. But still delicate as a tender liittle kitten is. Just not in trouble delicate. His fur even seems softer and has flattened out. Previously, his fur stood straight out.

Kitten gets comfty

We'll put up the signs. We'll let the cat friends visit and put in their two cents. We'll run him to a vet for a check up. Maybe somebody'll take her. Maybe they won't. Maybe we'll have a cat. You can't shit around with something like that, can't keep him for a while then dump him. I would never do that.

God dumps a kitten in your wheel well. It's a gift. A responsibility. Ee's cute. I like the name Sophie. Actually, I am so dumb, I'm not sure if the rescue kitten is a he or she. Maybe Mishto, from one of my favorite songs. 

Cats are great animals. Sensible, intelligent, great companions. Not as intense as a dog.

He's getting used to the place. If somebody took him off our hands, he'd be frightened again. And cry. I wouldn't want to see the little thing frightened. We keep telling him that he is safe here. I may be an ass in many ways. I may do things I should not do. But one thing I don't do is lie. Even to cats.

Rescue Kitten 5 Days Later

Well, the kitten is a boy and has filled out nicely. He is no longer the little bag of bones we found. His face is rounding out. The plumbing works. He uses the litter box and plays, running around the house having a good old time.

I took him to the vet for a check up, shots, worming, and flea treatment and was shocked how expensive it was not. Carney Animal Hospital - they were kind, patient with both the kitten and new owner. The kitten now has an official name - Banjo.

He climbed up on the hutch - the one holding 100 year old plates - so I sprinked some hot peppers on the edge and put some peppermind oil in an old creamer. We will see!


(photo by Dolores Monet)

(photo by Dolores Monet)

Resue Kitten One Year Later

(photo by Dolores Monet)

(photo by Dolores Monet)

Cats Can Be Trained!

I have a cat. His name is Banjo. I am no longer allergic to cats! (Thank you, Saint Francis) Our rescued cat is the prettiest, smartest, best cat in the whole world.

Dave shook his head, laughing. He never thought that I would talk like that to a cat.

Cat's can be trained! Sort of. Many experts recommend that you keep a cat indoors - they live longer, healthier lives that way. But if you told me that I would have to spend the rest of my life indoors, I would kill myself.

So, we reached a compromise. Banjo comes out in the back yard with one of the family. Once in a blue moon, he sneaks off, but is back in 15 minutes. He has become used to this. (Is that what training is?) If I go inside a moment or two, he is at the door, wanting to come in. He does not like to be out there alone. If he starts to go out front, I call him and he comes back. Yes, that's right, he comes when he is called!

Once,our cat caught a bird, carried it gently in his mouth. My husband cried out "No, Banjo, drop it!" And he did!

Sorry, I couldn't resist

If You Find a Kitten

  • Food - The vet recommended dry food. It's good for a cat's teeth and encourages him to drink water. But the dry food is so high in carbohydrates! Not enough protein. Cats are predators, after all. so, a few times a week, I serve up some chicken breast, cooked and chopped. He loves it!
  • Vet- My advise is to find a vet as soon as possible. A feral kitten, or one that has been outdoors some some time may pick up fleas, ticks, and diseases. Who knows what could be wrong with him?
  • Give the kitten lots of love and affection. It's good for the kitten and good for you! The attention socializes the kitten and he quickly learns that he is safe and secure.
  • Speak in soft voices when you are around the new kitten. This is a new environment for the kitten, strange and not yet understood. Loud voices and shouts (even in fun) may frighten the kitten. If he or she has been through a tough time or has been frightened, soft voices are so reassuring.
  • Have your cat spayed or neutered. What the heck was that poor little kitten doing out there all alone in the dark. Bitten. At 5 weeks old! There are too many unwanted cats and kittens - you don't want to add more.
  • Cats understand you. They have a sense of dignity and pride. Tell your cat in a firm voice that he has done something wrong. Praise him if he has done well - such as catching bugs or mice.(Banjo learned that he was not to sit or climb on the kitchen table. But, if there was a scrap of fabric or a notebook or magazine, he would sit on it and gaze calmly up at me. As if to say, 'see, I'm not sitting on the actual table.' I used to merely stand with my hands on my hips and give him a dirty look and he would climb down.
  • Maintain a sense of humor. Kittens are babies. They act silly and do things we might not want them to do. Do not become angry with the kitten. Gently direct the kitten into proper behavior and don't allow yourself to become impatient or aggravated. Life is just better that way.

Sleeping Cat - He Looks Like He is Smiling

(photo by Dolores Monet)

(photo by Dolores Monet)

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