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Keeping Skunks Out of the Yard

The Problem

Sometimes the little critters an get to be a bit of a problem. I had a family of skunks that seemed to be frequenting my back yard near the patio door. what i noticed was that up close they can be quite intimidating. Generally in the early hours before dawn is when they were the most seen. First the younger skunk would appear and then the mother skunk who was always near would then show up. If an attempt to scare them away, the mother skunk would lunge forward and make a couple of hops on her front feet before starting to turn around. This was always a good time to evacuate to safety and try to find another way to keep the skunks out of the yard for good.


Skunk Solutions

There are many different ways that people get rid of a skunk problem. Some will even go as far as shooting them. I really don't see what this will accomplish because as soon as you shoot a skunk, it sprays anyway and it still has to be disposed of. Plus there are laws about that kind of action.

The most common way is to call animal control and have them come out and take a look. Generally they will set what is called a "live skunk trap." This trap is made especially for trapping skunks alive and releasing them elsewhere. The purpose of the skunk trap is when the skunk is captured in the trap, the tail cannot rise. Basically, if the skunks tail can't go up, it cannot spray. Even though skunks can be quite vicious, they can be carried out and not stink. Releasing them is simple just lift the cage door via a long enough string. (unless you can run fast). Most times they just walk out of the cage after a few seconds when they realise that they are no longer trapped. They just waddle away with no troubles.

Live skunk traps can be bought also and kept to use over again if someone would rather tackle the skunk problem themselves.

Keeping Skunks Out of the Yard (My Solution to my Skunk Problem)

Keeping skunks out of the yard and my Solution to my particular "Skunk Problem" was an easy fix. It seems to still be working and is still keeping the skunks out of my yard. I don't see them anymore where I used to see them every day.

I did some research on skunk habits and discovered the foods that skunks favour. This is how I come up with this solution. Skunks like grubs and small worms and things of that nature. They like to root around and dig in the loose soil because it's a great way for a skunk to search for food sources. This is probably why plant seedlings that are placed outdoors early in the spring get disturbed. In most cases a skunk will come around looking for food and root through the freshly loosened soil. It's an easy dig for them.

What I did after that was try to figure out how to solve that problem. I looked for a way to keep the grubs and worms and other food sources that a skunk may like, away. Ones that lives in my lawn and flower beds in an attempt to keep the skunks out of my yard. The thought process was to be natural and safe for the environment and it would have to be chemical free.

It was my Morning Coffee that Solved the Skunk Problem

It was my morning coffee that solved the skunk problem. What I found out was that if the grubs didn't come up to the top and surface, the skunks wouldn't smell a plentiful bounty. The skunks would rather seek out greener pastures where the food source is more abundant. I took the used coffee grounds from my morning coffee and spread it out around my lawn around the areas of my fence where I've seen the skunks coming from. The insects don't seem to like coffee and it is forcing them to pop up elsewhere or not come up so close to the surface. Now it seems like the skunks don't have an interest in my yard anymore. It worked like a charm. I also noticed that it drove the ants away. It was a two for one deal that looks like it works quite well.

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Phil Dapple (author) from Ontario,Canada on May 21, 2012:

Hi Laura in Denver. Yup, it's still working. I haven't seen any skunks around since I started. Come to think of it, I haven't seen any ants either. They were a problem in the same area. hmm... Thanks for your comment.

Laura Deibel from Aurora, CO on May 20, 2012:

Cool idea, coffee! I only had one skunk in my yard, but that was an adverture I am publishing today.

Phil Dapple (author) from Ontario,Canada on April 13, 2012:

Thanks cloverleaffarm. Yea, those skunks can be alot of fun. lol. It's not their fault I guess. I can't say I'm a fan of the smell especially when it gets on me. (dogs) Have a great day.

Healing Herbalist from The Hamlet of Effingham on April 12, 2012:

Great hub. I had to laugh when reading this, as last year, we had a skunk that was living in with our chickens.

I went into the barn to collect the eggs, and there amongst the squawking chickens was a skunk! I ran out quickly, without being seen, and wondered how I was going to get it out. Luckily, it left on it's own, but the barn did stink for a bit.

Voted up and useful.

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