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Tips On Raising Fancy Mice As Pets

Fancy Mice Love To Run

Fancy Mice Love To Run


Having Fun With Your Fancy Mouse

The fancy mouse is an inquisitive little critter that makes a very cute and convenient house pet. The fancy mouse comes in a variety of different colors, which include, coffee, chocolate, cinnamon, champagne, white, cream, tan, and dove. The fancy mouse is not your basic gray little mouse. Nope, you get to choose the color of your fancy mouse.

How you house your fancy mouse is extremely important. There are many varieties but using a glass or plastic cage with mesh lids are the easiest to clean and care for. Wire cages tend to be harder to clean and are sometimes a hazard if the mouse chews through it or is small enough they may squeeze out of the cage. Even worse they may get stuck between the wire and you don't want that.

It is recommended that your fancy mouse cage should be thoroughly cleaned at least once a week to keep them smelling clean and fresh. A clean cage will keep your mouse healthy and fresh smelling. Using liquid detergent and warm water works very well. You will want to rinse the cage well after cleaning. Dry it thoroughly before putting your mice and toys back in.

Handling your fancy mouse is often times a challenge. Some mice are shy, and will scatter when handled. Some fancy mice will be friendly right off the bat letting you pick them up and play with them. It is perfectly okay to pick the mouse up by the BASE of the tail, not the tip.

It is best to avoid sudden and abrupt movements along with loud noises, it will startle the fancy mouse. The more you handle the mice, the tamer they will become in time. You won't have to chase them around the cage, they will be glad to come to you when you set your hand out for them.

Fancy mice like to eat small amounts of vegetables, fruits, and assorted grains. Fresh water is essential for your mouse. Treats such as peas, carrots, and pasta to name a few are quite okay to feed your mouse. Seeds such as yellow millet, budgie seed, mixed corn and sunflower seeds are mouse favorites. Stay away from the yogurt drops, they are full of sugar and could cause harm to your mouse.

How many mice is too many?

The fancy mouse is a social creature. Having 2 or more is highly recommended. If kept alone, mice usually become nervous and do not thrive.Single mice are not good pets-they tend to hide away for most of the day and are far less active than mice kept in groups, possibly because they are depressed and lonely. So think two or more when keeping fancy mice.

It is not a good idea to keep to male mice together, they tend to fight 99% of the time. Females tend to get along much better. Of course if you plan on breeding you can keep a male and a female together. Mice like to have enough space to roam around freely and play. They enjoy toys they can climb on, mice wheels are excellent choices. The wheels keep them from being bored, and helps them remain active. If properly cared for a fancy mouse can last 1-3 years.

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Boo McCourt (author) from Washington MI on January 10, 2017:

Yep I agree handling them everyday is very important to keeping them happy and healthy. Thank you angel for your input.

angel on January 06, 2017:

I simply adore my mice, they r so smart!!!!! I trained them by tapping on their lil house they go in and then i take them out to play. They love peanut butter for a treat, thats the reward i give them. They love to cuddle, them more you handle them the better. They will look for that affection. Key is consistency. Enjoy them a lil every day.

Boo McCourt (author) from Washington MI on October 19, 2015:

Hope you are enjoying your new mice. They are fun.

Lucie on August 08, 2015:

I am getting mice soon and this helped a lot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Boo McCourt (author) from Washington MI on February 23, 2014:

Thank you Alyssa for your insight. Yes it is suggested females have a companion, but not necessary. If you have a lone female as I did, you give it a lot of extra attention. I also had a lone male, each in separate cages. Each lived 5 years. I thank you for opening my eyes to yogurt balls, I did some further research and am horrified to see they are nothing but glorified sugar balls(will reflect that in my hub).Thank you for the information.

Alyssa on December 16, 2013:

And Crittery you do know that you can have attachments for the hammocks and fleecy cubes on the tank right? With a mesh lid. And you can build Popsicle creations to create levels and such. Cages are bad because they climb on them an fall and damage their teeth chewing the bars. On occasion its good for makes since they have stink issues.

Alyssa on December 16, 2013:

Since fancy mice are social creatures, BE SOCIAL WITH THEM. Don't just leave them alone. Update this article that FEMALES NEED TO BE WITH OTHERS FEMALES, BEST IN THREES BUT A PAIR IS GOOD TOO. MALES NEED TO LIVE ALONE BECAUSE OF THEIR FIGHTING ISSUES BUT YOU NEED TO GIVE THEM A LOT OF ATTENTION. Failure to do so, failure to provide female friend or males attention, they become depress and die. And yogurt drops are NOT safe for them.

moriah on March 08, 2012:

mice are cute so cute i cant stop looking at them

Boo McCourt (author) from Washington MI on September 26, 2011:

Thank you crittery for your advice on raising fancy mice. I will look into some of your suggestions. So far my mice have been happy and well taken care of with no problems to report. But there is always room for improvement.

Christine from Oxford, UK on September 26, 2011:

Would be worth changing the photo on this article - wire wheels like that can be very dangerous for rodents if they get a tail or limb caught in them. A solid based wheel such as a silent spinner or wodent wheels are best.

Also wire cages are much better for mice than glass or plastic. As long as the bar spacing is 1cm or less your mouse won't be able to escape.

The lack of ventilation in glass or plastic can cause serious respiratory illnesses with a buildup of ammonia - especially if people are also using a damaging substrate such as sawdust, pine or cedar.

Tanks also don't have the opportunity for climbing and enrichment such as hammocks and rope toys.

Daisy on August 26, 2010:

My mouse daisy is an unknown breed because i looked everywhere for her similar colors and markings but nothing came up. She is a yellow and white patched mouse and she is my oldest and smallest mouse she is smaller than my 5 month-old mouse hazelnut. my mouse peanut is an almost all black mouse with a tan tan belly a chocalate could she be a winner

Boo McCourt (author) from Washington MI on August 04, 2010:

Hey maddy, Thank you. You will love them. They are so fun to have.

maddy on August 03, 2010:

This was really helpful,

as I am getting pet mice soon!!!!