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Keeping A King Snake As A Pet

Scarlett King Snake. This color version of the King Snake is quite often confused with the coral snake.

Scarlett King Snake. This color version of the King Snake is quite often confused with the coral snake.

California King Snake. There are several color variations of the California King Snake.

California King Snake. There are several color variations of the California King Snake.

So you want to purchase and keep a King Snake as a pet. Here is some helpful information and tips to follow about your new King Snake.

Some species of the King Snake like the Scarlett King Snake have color patterns that can quite easily be confused with the Coral Snake. Did you know that the common King Snake is quite often immune from venomous snakes and that a common meal of the King Snake is the Rattlesnake.

King Snakes are quite often kept as pets due to the fact that they are quite easy to care for. King Snakes are quite often fed on pre killed rodents as it is dangerous to give your snake a live rodent as snakes sometimes receive nasty bites when they catch and kill rodents.

When you purchase your King Snake be sure that it is eating pre killed mice or rats. And be sure to purchase your snake from a reputable dealer. You want your snake to be healthy and disease free. Watch for the below things when you are choosing your King Snake.

1. Clear eyes , they may be cloudy if your snake is getting ready to shed. But there should be no discharge from your snakes eyes.

2. Your snake should be mite free. Look for the mites around your snakes eyes , or on its head. Check your hands and arms well after you handle a snake you are thinking of purchasing.

3. You do not want a snake that is open mouth breathing or gasping for air.

4. Your snakes mouth and inside it should look natural and healthy. Its anus area should also look healthy. You don't want a snake with warts.

5. Your snake should not have any scabs or sores. If it has any you need to shop on.

6. Your snake should move smoothly with no tremors or shaking.

7. Over all you want the snake you are buying to be healthy in every way. Ask the seller any questions or concerns you may have.

When you purchase a King Snake keep in mind that your snake will probably live 15 to 20 years so think about the long term. Are you going to want your King Snake both now and in the future.Your snake is going to need its cage to be kept clean and its water will need to be changed daily. Ask the person you purchase your King Snake from what they have been feeding it and how often have they been feeding it.

You really need to insist that you want to see your snake eat before you make the purchase. You don't want to get home only to discover that your snake will not eat.

Most King Snakes will settle down after a while when you bring it home and wrap its self around your hands or arm. Avoid making loud noises around your snake when you bring it home.

You will want to keep one King Snake to an enclosure because they will not hesitate to make a meal out of another snake even another King Snake. An aquarium with a snake cage fitted top is the best home for your new King Snake. The best thing to go on the floor of the aquarium where you are going to keep your new King Snake is a piece of tightly fitting indoor outdoor carpet. Have two pieces so you can wash one and have the other in your snakes cage.

Keep in mind that cleanliness is very important to keep your snake healthy. Keep a small shallow dish of water in your snakes cage and be sure to keep fresh water in it on a daily basis. It is best to keep a under tank heater under half of your snakes enclosure. Don't use a heat rock as this can cause problems for your snake.

Give your new King Snake a couple of days to settle in before you start handling it. Always be gentle and persistent to get your snake used to being handled. It shouldn't be long before your snake is okay with you handling it. Once it knows your not going to hurt it then it will settle down. The only caution I would give here is to avoid handling your snake for about four hours after it eats to avoid it throwing up its meal.

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If you want a King Snake and are ready to assume the responsibility of feeding and caring for it I hope you find and purchase one soon. Be sure to ask questions of the person you purchase your snake from. You really should only purchase your King Snake from long term dealers with references.

Before you buy a King Snake or any pet be sure that you do your own research and know what your getting in to. You can always use Google to find out almost anything about a King Snake or any pet for that matter. Or you can take a trip to your local library and do your research there. Just be sure to know everything you can about the pet you are going to be buying.

And if you want to watch a great video of a California King Snake you will find a great video of a California King Snake there below.

Here is a video of a beautiful California King Snake that your sure to enjoy.

Here is a beautiful Speckled King Snake.

Is there a King Snake in your future. Post your comments below.

Is there a King Snake in your future. Post your comments below.

More Kingsnake Information

King Snakes are often kept by a lot of people because they are an easy snake to keep. You should always ask the person you are buying your king snake from what the snake is eating. You should feed your snake killed rodents if possible because live rodents can bite your snake and cause damage to the snake. You can buy already killed rodents frozen at most pet shops. But every once in a while you'll find a snake that will only feed on live prey.

King Snakes are generally real docile but they will escape rather easily if you don't keep a lid on your snake enclosure and keep it securely fastened down. King Snakes can get out through holes that you would think there is no way a snake could get through. So you are warned.

Beautiful Scarlett King Snake

Beautiful Scarlett King Snake

Is there a King Snake in your future? Tell us about it now. Feel free to post your comments , suggestions or questions now. Negaative comments or links will not

nancy fall on August 23, 2020:

what do you feed a hatchling

adrianna on September 08, 2011:

yes!!!! I just got one and its wonderful!!!

Thomas Byers (author) from East Coast , United States on December 07, 2009:

I have a 44 pound house cat also. Also 4 Ostrich , 15 Emus , 2 Camels . 50 Hogs , 65 Goats and around 35 Barn Cats that live at the Barn. And around 100 different snakes. I also have a large breeding colony of rats that probably numbers around 300 right now.

Russell-D from Southern Ca. on December 07, 2009:

You are an adventurous one. We have enough trouble with a 14-year old cat.

David FRussell

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