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Juliusmeowser - Who Is This Ginger Kitty?

Debra McDermitt and her husband are the owners of #juliusmeowser a cat that had been abandoned and was declawed.

Julius on 3/25/2020

Julius on 3/25/2020

Before the adoption...

Julius adopted the McDermitt's on 3/25/2022 after being on the streets of the neighborhood for a few months.

From what could be pieced together it seems that Julius, whose previous name is unknown, was left behind when some people moved from the neighborhood. A few houses had people move in the 4-6 months prior to the McDermitt's but which one Julius may have lived at we do not know.

There was a woman down the street who had tried to find an owner but couldn't. She thought with the tipped ear that Julius was possibly just an outdoor cat. Julius and her cats didn't get along and Julius wasn't going to be able to be an indoor kitty. However, she kept food and water outside for him so he would have that.

Julius was getting into a few fights and getting injured. One night he wandered to the McDermitt's after a jam night of music, He kept going after getting a few petting's to the next house as he wasn't allowed in and there were a good number of people coming and going.

The next door neighbors found that Julius's eye was injured and he couldn't open it. They got medication and helped Julius to feel better, though again he wasn't going to be an indoor kitty. They would continue to feed and play with Julius. They bought a toy which he loved to attack and not let go of. They gave it to the McDermitt's when it was decided they could take Julius in.

Over the next month he wandered from the porch of the McDermitt's to neighbors on both sides. It would be a week before the McDermitt's would see him but they kept the look out. Then he started showing up regularly. Debra put the word out again seeing if there was an owner that could be found, there wasn't.

Julius kept trying to come inside. Initially the McDermitt's were not allowing it. They were in the middle of packing and looking at moving.

3/25 Petting

3/25 Petting

Declawed cats should not be outside cats!

Well, on March 25th, Mike and Debra were outside when Julius came around.

Fresh tuna was brought out and after eating Julius stuck around. The three of them sat on the porch for a bit.

Julius was being very friendly and letting Debra and Mike pet him. He started pushing up against Mike's leg more and jumped onto his lap. This was the first time he had done that.

With Julius in his lap Mike realized that Julius didn't have front claws, that his back leg was scraped a bit, and that his eye area was still healing. But it was that Julius was declawed that played the biggest part in what happened next.

A cat without front claws is not and should not be an outdoor cat. Declawing cats is incredibly painful and impacts the cats life for the rest of their life. People need to stop doing this.

When Julius jumped down he stood in front of the door and looked at us. He meowed and that was that.

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The McDermitt's let him into their home and further into their hearts.

Ring Toss - got the ear.

Ring Toss - got the ear.

The rest of the story...

With a few exceptions Julius became an indoor kitty that day. By the end of it he had a litter box, food, and was playing ring toss.

Since that time Julius Meowser has become family. He moved with them up to Tn where he lived a year in an apartment that was ok and now is a camper cat soaking up the sun through the large windows and watching the animals. He is looking forward to his pawrents getting property and creating an epic area for him to enjoy.

Oh, and as for the name Julius Meowser?
Well, that day of the adoption Mike and Deb were talking about what to call him. Morris seemed too common and his coloring reminded them of an Orange Julius. That got the Julius. Another famous Julius is Julius Caesar so the thought briefly went to Catsar but that didn't sound right. A colleague of Debra's said Meowser one day when she was over helping paint and it stuck. Julius Meowser the kitty that adopted the McDermitt's. .

Julius watching the goats.

Julius watching the goats.

The America's Favorite Pet Contest

#JuliusMeowser is currently in the running for America's Favorite Pet. He could use your support and votes!

The link to vote for him is

Julius on the Trail

Julius on the Trail

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