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You Won't Believe These Birds Exist? Jaw Dropping Unique Birds!

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Birds are some of the most interesting species in the world. Did you know that birds actually evolved from a group of dinosaurs?


Face Changing Owl

This owl is a shape shifter. Just kidding! Through evolution, he learned to intimate or mimic depending on the potential threat. When there is a slightly bigger predator that threatens him, this owl will puff up to make himself look bigger. In nature, if you are bigger, you are perceived as more intimidating. What if this owl meets an even bigger predator, he will show the "evil face" instead. He basically turns himself into Dracula. But in actuality, he is probably trying to mimic a tree branch to confuse the predator. By the way, this owl is called Southern White Faced Scops owl.

Greater Sage-grouse

If you love birds, you can't miss this funny guy. The Greater Sage-grouse or also known as Sagehen is native to North America. Traditionally a game bird in the US, the Greater Sage-grouse is known for its elaborate mating ritual. Like many animals, the male Greater Sage-grouse needs to put on a show to attract the ladies (lek). It inflates its yellow air sacs to create this unique popping sound. Female Greater Sage-grouse picks her mate depending on some unspecified preference, possibly the male that performs the best ritual dance. This mating behavior is a sight to see for many bird lovers.

Shoebill Stork

No list of unique birds is complete without the odd Shoebill. This large wading bird is native to Africa and is considered one of the most desirable birds to see in its habitat. Despite its large intimidating size, the Shoebill is very docile when humans approach it. Many avid birdwatchers are able to get close to this exotic looking bird without getting hurt. Another unique characteristic of the Shoebill is it tends to stand still for a long time, making it look like a statue.

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Southern Cassowary

This bird is large and unique looking. The Southern Cassowary is one bird that you don't want to encounter in the wild. Fiercely territorial, it will combine its devastating speedy with sharp talons to inflict several injuries. However, human death from the Southern Cassowary is very rare. Only two incidents are recorded. The best advice is to see this bird in the zoo in a safe distance. In general, it is always wise to not approach any wild animals.

Palm Cockatoo

This is one of the most beautiful and unique parrot at the same time. It is incredibly rare and expensive, many people have not seen it at all. With dark grey plumage and red cheeks, the Palm Cockatoo is surely a gorgeous color combination. One of the most unique behavior of the Palm Cockatoo is its drumming behavior. The male uses a large stick to drum a dead tree. While experts do not really understand the reason for this behavior, some believe that the female access the durability of the nest by the resonance of the drumming sound.

Rhinoceros Hornbill

This bird is very recognizable with its signature look. With a crown on top of its beak, this unique looking bird is known as the national bird of Malaysia. However, these magnificent creatures are now dwindling because of rainforest loss and poachers. The Rhinoceros Hornbill is being hunted for its meat, feathers, and skull. It is unfortunate that such a gorgeous and unique creature is again under the attack of humans.

Long Waddled Umbrella Bird

This unique bird is definitely one of the strangest looking birds of all time. Endemic to the South America in the mountains of the Andes range, this unique bird is now classified as vulnerable because of habitat loss. Having a plumage on the head that resembles an umbrella, this bird loves to eat large fruits. With a huge chest waddle that is longer than their bodies, the Long Waddled Umbrella bird also engages in lek in which it shows off its waddle and contracts it at will. This mating ritual is known to attract the ladies.

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