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A Cocker Spaniel adoption: My Cockinese | Pekinese Cocker mix

Jake's addicted to balls

I reach for the balls, Jake looks up startled...a low growl emanates from his throat. With an urgent lunge, he covers his balls and pushes down hard. I try to slip my hand under his grip to grab the balls, its the only way to get him off my bed.

I finally grab one of his balls, he nips at my hand playfully...another growl, a little more fierce erupts from deep within him. Success, the ball firmly grasped I throw it with all my might out the bedroom door.

With a harumph, he leaps off the bed and chases the ball into the hallway. His nails scratching and a frantic tail whip me in the process. Finally, I can get to my pillow and get to sleep. I push the other ball out of the nest he has made from my pillow and slip quickly into unconsciousness.

Boy, that dog really loves his balls

Meet Jake

Jake is a Pekingnese and Cocker Spaniel mix his temperament matches the breed exactly. He is a one person dog, he absolutely adores my girlfriend and only tolerates my presence in her absence.

What the little bastard doesnt know is that I picked his filthy little ass out! Jake is a rescue dog. While driving up to the Ithaca, SPCA I noticed a little dragon loping through a field tugging  a little old woman along. I was taken by his fun little gait.

You see, I didnt want a dog, I have a very friendly, very independent house rabbit, that is about the level of care I am into. Weekly litter change, auto feeder and waterer...let the little girl run amok. But that wasnt good enough for my girlfriend, no she had to have a dog, every day..."I want a dog" ...or "lets have a baby" ....Yikes!


Baxter saves us

Luckily a girl from my work who knows about my massive rabbit collection (at the time had an outside community of 20) figured I was an animal lover (code for sucker?)...she had a problem, her landlord had found out she was keeping a chihuahua in her "no pets" apartment. "Josh, would you watch my dog for a couple of months?"....perfect, I get to satiate the girlfriend's nurturing need without a permanent committment!

Enter Baxter, the chihuahua from hell, non stop energy, I dare you to try and take food away from him...absolutely dare you, Try typing at a computer when he wants attention...first he eats your toes, ok so pick those off the ground and huddle in the office chair, then the pogo stick starts...boing...bites elbow, boing bites elbow...barks... bites elbow...boing.

For 3 months that was my life, between the chihuahua jacket and the fact that he liked to sneak into the laundry and wear my girlfriends underwear around, it was a worthwhile tradeoff. I mean it, this dog used to actually get its legs into a pair of panties and run around tripping and falling.

What an animated little baxard..ehem..Baxter, I loved him. But end of semester..Baxter gets collected and I now I have a heartbroken girlfriend actually crying over her loss.



So Im not going to release a puppy on my house full of eBay goods and artworks..just not happening, and we are not supporting some crappy puppy mill anyways. The rabbit gets the run of the house, thats not changing either, so I need a dog that will get along with the rabbit, but wont be bullied by her either...yes the rabbit is territorial and is known to bully dogs around..not a joke.

The girlfriend really wants a Pitbull Boxer mix, as her childhood dog was of this mix. But although at the time we lived in the farmlands of Freeville, outside of Ithaca, we were still apartment dwellers and really shouldnt be locking up an energetic breed. But I didnt want a small dog..I guess its an ego thing like a Corvette.

So we are off to the SPCA to find a dog that meets these qualifications.

cockinese by sunforged

cockinese by sunforged


We travel though the Doggie Jail, I pause to find another rabbit to add to my flock, But my girlfriend isnt having it. 98% of the dogs are Pit Bulls or Pit Bull mixes..there are few poodles and a couple of small terriers, unfortunately both the terriers are marked as "not good with small children," which means they probably arent a good match with the rabbit..hell, i think terriers were bred to go into rabbit holes!

Just as we are about to leave, In comes Jake, the little dragon...he looks just like Falcore from The NeverEnding Story, and he has a tennis ball firmly in his mouth.

We join him in his prison cell and play with him for a bit...this is the one, your getting sprung buddy, no worries.

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So $120.00 later we have a new dog, tags and all. Well not new he's 5. As we leave the volunteer who walks him says "We really are going to miss him, this is his third time here"..Wha.what.. what did she say?

Jake has been adopted and returned 3 times. I wonder why.

cockinese by sunforged

cockinese by sunforged

Christmas Stocking Time - Should have seen him staring at the mantle for the month

cockinese by sunforged

cockinese by sunforged

cockinese by sunforged

cockinese by sunforged

cockinese by sunforged

cockinese by sunforged

cockinese by sunforged

cockinese by sunforged

The ball

Well Jake leaves with us, The SPCA was kind enough to let us bring a tennis ball. He loves it they say. Little did I know just how true this is. On closer inspection, Jakes teeth are actually little nubs, just like a child who sucks his thumb to much. Jake is always sucking on a ball. Noisily, I may add. He chews so aggressively that he chokes himself, he answers the door when we come home, ball in mouth...grunting away. Ive been awoken at night to whimpers...what is it Jake? ...his ball has rolled underneath a dresser.

Under every pillow, under the car seat, at her parents house, under the back porch...there is a ball hidden for later. Since I work from home, every day around 3PM..Jake pads into my office, begins to grunt and dance and sing. "hey punk"...time to throw my ball....this is actually entertaining as he is very fuzzy and i have polished hardwood floors.

Jake has claimed my spot in bed..when I stumble in between 3am and 5 am - ferocious growls he protecting my girlfriend from intruders? No, he leaps  right for ball, he thinks someone has come to steal it.

This is life with an addict..I deal with it everyday.

On the plus side, I fixed a missing wheel on my old office chair with one his balls, we were both entertained for weeks!

Easiest way to babysit an addict

cockinese by sunforged

cockinese by sunforged

Sometimes a bone is just a bone

cockinese by sunforged

cockinese by sunforged

cockinese by sunforged

cockinese by sunforged

All Pictures of Jake the Cockinese

All Pictures of Jake the Cockinese are MINE!!!!!! but, you are welcome to use them..just give me a link back to this URL for the photo credit ( Art by Sunforged ) hyperlinked to:

If I find my pictures on your site without a photo credit, I will make sure you no longer have any advertising partners or hosts, I will also take all your traffic..Im not kidding :)


Deborah on June 29, 2010:

Great story - well written and fun to read!

wordscribe41 on March 18, 2010:

Oh, no. What a cute dog. We had a crazy cocker spaniel mix who passed away a year and a half ago. This face is so familiar. I miss my Maddie. What a funny hub, I like the tennis ball under the wheel trick. Our new dog is so good it's almost unsettling. He's an Australian Shepherd/Lab mix. He's an anomaly, just good from the start, even as a puppy. I love my dogs. Thanks for sharing about Jake and his, ummm... addiction. Take care.

artfuldodger from Earth on March 04, 2009:

You've got it easy. My chow/collie mix likes to dig through litter boxes whenever he gets the chance. It's pretty nasty.

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