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Itty Bitty Lily Kitty Comes In

Itty Bitty Lily Kitty and her dog Quanah

Itty Bitty Lily Kitty and her dog Quanah

This is Itty Bitty Lily Kitty with her dog, Quanah. She is a Lynx Point Siamese mix born to a LPSM feral mama who lets us feed her but otherwise we may not touch her. IBLK was that way when we brought her in. Her long name is because I wanted to call her Lily Kitty, because it sounded like little kitty which was what I said when I put down food for her outside. Hubby, however wanted to call her Itty Bitty.

I had put a trap out to catch her but caught a possum baby the first night and the next was sprung, nothing in it. So I left it out, open but not set. Then one evening I looked from the porch where I was out watching Quanah in the yard. I suddenly realized something was in the trap, so I ran down to see. She had managed to catch herself in the trap.

I brought her inside, trap and all, and put her in a large wire dog crate we used for Quanah when needed. She hissed and puffed up and had a general fit but she couldn’t get out.

The next day, we noticed that every time Quanah walked by the crate she would run over to that side of the crate & turn over on her back and invite him to play.

After two days we decided to leave the crate door open. She hot-footed it out of there to take up semi-permanent residence behind the entertainment center. I would leave the door open a crack and put her food in the crate and at some time she would sneak out, eat her food and use her kitty box. She was good about using the kitty box from day one in the house.

Gradually, she started coming out to see Quanah, rub on him, try to bathe him and just generally let it be known that he was her dog. They played together and he was very gentle with her.

Playing with Quanah, she gradually got closer to us when Quanah would come over to one of our chairs. She inched closer till she would come up to my chair. I managed to pet her a time or two when her back was turned to me. I was slowly able to pet and touch her more. After about 6 weeks she jumped up on the arm of my chair and right back off.

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She has gradually warmed up to us. Now I can hold her, pet her, pick her up and play with her. The hubby is allowed (by her) to give her treats which she will take from his fingers. Originally we were just going to get her used to people and then find her a home, but it seems she has found her home. After all, we can’t ask her to give up her dog to live somewhere else. She is now on the back of my chair, waiting to get down in my lap or whatever she wants to do.

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Sp Greaney from Ireland on November 29, 2020:

That's such a lovely thing to do. It's great that the two of them became such great buddies.

Peggy Woods from Houston, Texas on November 29, 2020:

What a cute story! Hopefully, she and "her" dog (and you) will have many years of happy days spent together.

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