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Is your dog afraid of people?

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Cause of dog's fear of people

There are several reasons why dogs are afraid of people.

This is often the result of a traumatic experience.

This does not always have to do with people who have mistreated the animal on purpose.

The dog may also be startled if someone accidentally steps on its paw. Or if someone falls over him.

Especially when this is painful for the animal. Especially young children sometimes scare a dog.

Another cause of the fear can be that the dog has little contact with other people.

After all, the unknown makes unloved, as the saying goes.

This is especially true if there has been little contact with foreign persons in the first years of life.

Of course, this does not happen to all dogs. Finally, genetic factors also play a role.

What is the fear of?

How do you know that your dog is afraid of strangers?

Your pet can express this in different ways. You must know the language, how your pet is behaving.

He may run away and hide. So this is, as it were, flight behavior.

However, fear can also trigger aggressive behavior. The dog then barks loudly and walks towards the person he is afraid of.

We see this as a kind of fighting behavior. Finally, it is also possible that the animal is completely stiff.

He literally stands still with fear. If people come to a scared dog very unexpectedly, this can increase the fear.

What can you do?

A scared dog is of course very annoying. Both on your own and your animal.

Try never to get angry yourself if your pet exhibits this fearful behavior. Be patient.

Patience and understanding are always important in the education and treatment of animals.

Especially when you are afraid of people, you need a lot of understanding and patience.

The fear will not disappear overnight. it takes time.

It is important that the animal builds self-confidence and has positive experiences with strange people.

This ensures relaxation. Never try to force it, as this will only amplify the fear.

Training for the dog that is afraid of people. it would be helpful to understand your dog's mental situation. once you realize the situation problem will be solved soon. You can also hire a trainer.

Are you unable to reduce the anxiety in your dog? Have you been patient and understanding?

Then it can be useful to opt for special training. Some people are trained to properly handle fearful dogs. You can go to special training for this, but there are also online courses. You can also learn from an online instructor. it would be great to solve your problem at home without leaving your pet because he is already suffering from a bad situation.

You can easily apply it yourself. These courses usually consist of several steps. It is very important not to go to the next step too quickly. Only when one is mastered do you move on to the next.

If there is a relapse, you simply go back one step. You will understand soon mental health from learning these types of courses. these are very beneficial and ready to understand.

There is a good chance that you will really help your dog get rid of the fear of people this way. your dog will be again in good health. Health is very important that related to a mental condition.

Scary Vs Unsure Dogs Behavior

Scary Behavior

Scary Behavior

unsure Behavior

unsure Behavior

Do you know the difference between Unsure or scared Dog's.

Insecure and scared dogs are sometimes confused.

The behavior is also similar, but they are two different things. Must think first about what is happening with your dog.

Fear is an emotion and insecurity is a personality trait. Must read the difference first. Very close to each other but we should differentiate in both behaviors.

It is important to distinguish this well because otherwise, you might choose the wrong approach and wrong training courses. Professional can easily distinguish this trait. Take help from a professional before starting your treatment or training.

Insecure dogs are expectant and reserved, but need not be afraid. If the dog is scared, take action!

Understanding the dog language is very important

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