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Is a Rottweiler the Best Dog for Me?


When choosing a dog, one must carefully examine the advantages and disadvantages of the breed.  This article looks at the Rottweiler’s characteristics and explains the type of person that is best suited to own a Rottweiler.  We also examine the needs of this breed to help you determine if a Rottweiler is the right dog for you.  Dog ownership should never be entered into without giving it some serious consideration.  Too many dogs end up being put down because their owners no longer want them.

Rottweiler Characteristics

A Rottweiler needs exercise, both mental and physical exercise. If you live in an apartment, you must take your Rottweiler for a walk every day. Not just a walk to the curb, the walk should be at least 10 blocks or more. If you live in a house with a fenced in back yard your Rottweiler still needs to go for a walk every day. Letting the dog out into the back yard is good, but does not provide the necessary exercise and does not present the dog with sufficient mental engagement. If Rottweiler’s do not have the proper mental exercise they can be very destructive when they are bored. I once knew someone who had a Rottweiler in their home while they were at work all day. One day he came home to find his couch completely destroyed. The dog had eaten about half of the couch cushions and then got sick. Make sure you can provide a Rottweiler with the exercise they require.

Rottweilers require training. They are large, powerful dogs that can be very aggressive if they are not properly trained and socialized. With the proper training they will be loyal companions that will protect you and your family from intruders and provide excellent companionship. Rottweilers are generally good with children in the home. Every dog is different though. Their tolerance level may vary from dog to dog. Proper training and socialization will help in this area.


The Type of Owner a Rottweiler Needs

Rottweilers require an owner that will be involved in their daily lives.  The owner must be willing to spend time training and socializing their dog, especially if they have a male since they tend to be more aggressive if not trained properly.  A Rottweiler wants to be part of your family.  They are known for following their owners from room to room in their house.  Most Rottweilers love children in the home, especially if they are raised with children.  A Rottweiler owner must be confident and show their dog that they are the alpha.


Is a Male or Female Better Suited for Me?

Males tend to be more affectionate and they are more outgoing. They also larger than females and usually are less picky about the food they eat. Males are more likely to test your authority, so they require a firm hand. They also should be neutered to prevent behaviors like marking their territory, which means spraying your house with urine.

Females tend to be less affectionate and more moody. They are less likely to test your authority and are more easily trained. They are best for people who have never owned a large dog before. They are also more finicky about food. You should also get them spayed. When the females go into heat they will leave blood stains around the house.

I have owned several Rottweilers and would never consider any other breed. They are wonderful companions that are a part of the family. They are loyal, loving and protective. Most Rotties think they are lap dogs and can have quite a sense of humor. Be sure you can give the Rottweiler the proper training and socialization they require and you will have a lifelong companion that will never leave your side.


Shawn Scarborough (author) from The Lone Star State on April 02, 2013:

@onegoodwoman--thanks for your input, you make some great points.

@Ms Info--thanks for your comment, hope you find a good dog for your son.

@Insightful Tiger--I'm glad this hub was helpful to you.

Insightful Tiger on March 30, 2013:

I had a hard time picking which hub to read because of all the oreo and other delicious recipes!

I chose this one as the first, but I'll be back to read more!

This hub is very useful to me, because we will be considering getting a dog as soon as we move into a house. We are planning to adopt from a local shelter. I have always wanted a rottweiler and was hoping to find a rottweiler or mix in one of the shelters. You have given me more information for when we make that decision and I thank you for sharing!

Ms._Info from New Jersey on February 04, 2012:

I am not a dog owner, but I found your article to be very helpful as my son has been begging us to get a dog. Not sure we would get a Rotwiler, but your article offers great insight.

onegoodwoman from A small southern town on October 30, 2011:

Computer error above!

I had a LOT to say.........but it comes down to this......

Want a good pet?.........BE a good and RESONPSIBLE pet owner!

Teach, groom, guide, protect........your dog.........assimilate your dog to your family.

Murphy, is the BEST dog that I have had in 20 years......I have said it numerous times before.

I rescued him as a starving pup, trained him, and invested in his health.

He is treated return, he adores me, my children and their children......guarding their infant beds............Still, you will NOT enter my yard, get within 75 feet of my vehicle, without me telling him it is " ok", stand down, Murphy.

ALL dogs have this instinct..............we simply do not bring it out in the "yapper" do nothing dogs, they pose no physcial threat beyond the ankle.

My dog, could take you at the ankle, the leg, the arm or even the throat.............but I AM a responsible pet owner,who cares and takes care of the dog.

This this THE dog of my lifetime..........I am a farm girl, from a family of dogs running freely.

Murphy happens to be a Rotweiler crossed with a German Shepard........He is big, he is offplaying because of his shear size.......

He is well behaved, because, I have invested my time and energy.

Investing your time and energy is KEY to getting the dog/ pet that you not dismiss this involvement.

onegoodwoman from A small southern town on October 30, 2011:


Shawn Scarborough (author) from The Lone Star State on October 19, 2011:

Thanks everyone for your comments and taking the time to read this hub.

wilrhoades on September 08, 2011:

Rottweiler are awesome dogs. Thanks for sharing this article.

funtimes041 from Florida on April 15, 2011:

Wonderful article.

IntegriousProject from Chicago, IL on February 26, 2011:

Great Hub! My dogs half Rotti, and I love her to death. You're so right about being moody and following, she follows my every move around the house!

L.L. Woodard from Oklahoma City on January 27, 2011:

I now have my second rottweiler, daughter to the first one I owned. My girl follows me from room to room and sometimes stops right in front of me as I walk because she wants her tummy scratched. As docile as she is, I would not leave her and a child alone in a room together. No matter the size of the dog, children are unpredictable in their behaviors and actions.

big mama 74740 on January 27, 2011:

I havea rottie he is the most loyal dog ever and he dosent even need much brushing! Plus he is like a brother to my 3 daughters, Lexi, Maria, and Shannon. if your looking for a pal that has oodles of personality get a rottie . oh and by the way great hub I found it very very very interesting!!!!!!!! :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)

Sami Swan Thompson on October 01, 2010:

Nice Hub! We're spoiled for Rotties now and only have females; they're the best dogs for our family. Both our girls have loved & protected our family and our cats (including rescue kitties) and neighborhood children. However, for reasons unknown, they both DETESTED the poor UPS delivery people!

I hope you'll address the problem of backyard breeders who are playing havoc with the breed - they're a real problem here in Dallas. It's more expensive to get a Rottie puppy through a responsible breeder, but it's worth the investment.



equealla from Pretoria, South Africa on August 19, 2010:

I just love the photographs. Congrats on the hubnugget prize.

Audrey Kirchner from Washington on August 19, 2010:

Nicely done - and a good question. Having malamutes, I know the drill on 'special dogs'. Congrats on the hubnugget pool!

BenjaminB on August 17, 2010:

Rott's are great dog's to have, one thing you failed to mention though is they tend to put off a strong body odor and must be bathed frequently if you are going to let them be in house dogs. Good Hub!

Shawn Scarborough (author) from The Lone Star State on August 17, 2010:

KFlippin--thank you for taking the time to read my hub and share your viewpoint.

Denise--thanks for your comments and the follow.

emievil--if you don't have experience with Rottweilers then I would suggest getting a female because they are easier to train. Thank you for comments.

couponalbum--thank you for stopping by and for the follow. I'm following you now as well.

couponalbum from Sunnyvale, CA on August 17, 2010:

Wow! That was very interesting information. Liked your other hubs too. Joining your fanclub and would like to invite you to join mine. :)

emievil from Philippines on August 17, 2010:

Wow! This hub is quite an eye opener. My husband wants a rottweiler but I'm not too keen on this breed as they tend to be aggressive. I guess we can compromise, we can get one if we can actively train him or her. Thanks for this hub and good luck on your hubnuggets nomination.

Denise Handlon from North Carolina on August 16, 2010:

Hi Shawn-welcome to hubpages! Great info here on your hub. I had a female and didn't find her moody. But, good point that they need that daily attention. Congrats on your hubnugget nomination. Good luck.

Shawn Scarborough (author) from The Lone Star State on August 16, 2010:

ripplemaker--I am honored to be nominated. Thanks.

elayne001--thanks for your comments and voting.

Pamela99--thanks for reading my hub, I'm glad you enjoyed it.

bayoulady--thanks for the congrats. Glad you stopped by.

mquee--I considered getting a Boxer before deciding on a Rottweiler. Boxer's are excellent watch dogs and are great companions. I have a friend that had Boxer for many years. Thank you for your comments.

kingkhan78--thank you for reading my hub and commenting.

LisaAuch--thanks for stopping by and commenting. Mastiffs are another wonderful breed of dog. Just their size alone will scare away most intruders

KFlippin from Amazon on August 16, 2010:

If you have any ideas about ever getting a smaller dog and keeping it in the house, you should think twice about a Rott. A perfectly well-behaved, well-raised old female Rott (visiting with family) snatched my dog from my doorway and almost killed him -- she was jealous.

Just thought I'd add an opinion from a non-Rott lover for a little balance. They are powerful dogs, and they do act instinctively and unchecked at times, no matter how well they're trained/raised, and they do hurt other animals and people.

LisaAuch on August 16, 2010:

I love the fact you have given straightforward advice, I have a Mastiff that has a touch of rotty in tempermant in a dog I HAVE EVER SEEN, but we have had to work hard as she has that stubborn streak, and requires to know we are in charge, she loves my daughter and indedd follows her from romm to room, and waits for her to come in from school - its sweet, She looks terrifying as she is very big and black, and it is SO important people are educated about these dogs, and that they are just such BIG pets.

kingkhan78 on August 16, 2010:

interesting hub and very useful information thanks for sharing

mquee from Columbia, SC on August 15, 2010:

I got here by seeing your nomination and congratulations on that. I am glad I ran across this article, not knowing much about rotts, except that they are big. I happen to have a boxer, also a loyal dog and an excellent watch dog as well. You pointed out that research on any breed is important and that is advice that everyone should follow. Great article.

bayoulady from Northern Louisiana,USA on August 15, 2010:

Congratulations! Super information on this breed!

Pamela Oglesby from Sunny Florida on August 14, 2010:

Congratulation on your nomination. This is a good hub and I liked the fact that you pointed out the differences between males and females. You dog is adorable.

Shawn Scarborough (author) from The Lone Star State on August 14, 2010:

LillyGrillzit--Thank you so much for the nomination! I am truly honored. Thank you for the nice comments too.

Sweetsusieg--Thanks for stopping by. I'm glad you learned something about Rottweilers.

Fetty--You are right, Rottweilers do have a lot of pages out there. I think they are one of the most interesting breeds as well as one of the most misunderstood. Thanks for your comments.

Elayne from Rocky Mountains on August 14, 2010:

Congrats on your nomination. Well deserved and voted it up.

Michelle Simtoco from Cebu, Philippines on August 14, 2010:

Hubnuggets Announcement: Congratulations Shawn! Your hub has been nominated for the Hubnuggets! Please join the Hubnuggets merriment and adventure by clicking this link: Vote and promote...okay? Have fun!

fetty from South Jersey on August 13, 2010:

The rottweiler has more pages on the internet than most other breeds. ( I know this as I prepared for a teaching assignment.) They are smart and beautiful. Great hub with alot of resources. Congratulations on your nomination.

Sweetsusieg from Michigan on August 13, 2010:

This is a great article. I love all dogs and rotties are so beautiful and powerful. You highlighted some things I did not know about the rottweiler. Lovely pictures as well! Good work!

Lori J Latimer from Central Oregon on August 13, 2010:

Every person who is shopping for a Big Dog, and considering a Rot, needs to read this article...They Love to work and do problem solving. I agree, do not get such a brilliant pooch if you do not have time to play, excersice and work with...Great Hub. Linked by Hub nomination...congrats

Shawn Scarborough (author) from The Lone Star State on August 10, 2010:

Thanks for stopping by Patty.

Patty Inglish MS from USA and Asgardia, the First Space Nation on August 08, 2010:

Awesome and great. Rated and voted up.

Shawn Scarborough (author) from The Lone Star State on August 03, 2010:

Thanks for visiting jacobkuttyta.

Jacob from Delhi, India on July 29, 2010:

Nice hub with lot of information.


Shawn Scarborough (author) from The Lone Star State on July 26, 2010:

Thanks for stopping by Granny's House. Sorry to hear your daughter had to give up her dog. I know if I had to give mine away it would be very difficult to do. At least she found her dog a good home.

Granny's House from Older and Hopefully Wiser Time on July 26, 2010:

My daughter had one and when they got their house had to give him away because of the insurance. Thank God her husband's mom took him. Great hub

Shawn Scarborough (author) from The Lone Star State on July 26, 2010:

Thanks for visiting habee. I like Great Danes too. It's amazing how agile they are for such large dogs.

Shawn Scarborough (author) from The Lone Star State on July 26, 2010:

Thanks for stopping by kellydove.

Holle Abee from Georgia on July 25, 2010:

I had a good Rottie, but now I'm totally faithful to Great Danes. Good info here!

kellydove on July 25, 2010:


Shawn Scarborough (author) from The Lone Star State on July 23, 2010:

Thanks for stopping by Joni. I love German Shepherds too. I used to have a German Shepherd Rottweiler mix. He was a great watch dog.

Joni Douglas on July 23, 2010:

I love Rotts. Used to have a pair of them at the place I worked. They were lot dogs at night and during the day, they were beloved pets in the office. They could kill skunk and not get sprayed, they were that fast. They worked together as a team and even brought down a deer that wandered in the lot. Gentle as a lamb around small children yet very protective when needed.

At home I have 2 large German Shepherds. I like big dogs, and I understand the training needed for big dogs.

Great Hub!

Shawn Scarborough (author) from The Lone Star State on July 20, 2010:

Thanks for stopping by akirchner. I love Malamutes. You make a great point about keeping dogs out of shelters. Research is the key.

Audrey Kirchner from Washington on July 20, 2010:

Beautiful pictures - they are a tough dog unless you know what you are doing and I only say that because I own another tough dog...malamutes! I wonder - do Rotts urban mush? I have never seen one but that doesn't mean that they don't and I would think that with their power and large body, they would be a natural at it!

I've known some great rotts that friends have had over the years - and have seen some horror stories but in that case, only because of the way that they were raised (or NOT raised really).

Great pointing out the pros and cons and as with ANY dog, if only people would research what they were getting into before they brought the dog home, wouldn't that be the miracle? That is my message always - to hopefully keep more dogs out of shelters and from being 'dumped' because people don't know the breed and think that dogs are disposable.

Great job!

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