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Is A Bulldog The Best Fit For Your Family?


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Bulldog on Sofa

Bulldog on Sofa

People Find The Excess Wrinkles And Short Snout Adorable

Bulldogs are a popular small breed dog with lots of wrinkles and a short snout! They tend to hobble low to the ground and are well recognized as a generic family dog. Find out what it takes to care for one of these adorable dogs and learn how they may be perfect for your family.

Bulldogs as Part of The Family Pack

This breed is said to have great emotional intuition with the human members of their "pack", and will provide the appropriate emotional support at any given time. Bulldogs bond easily with human families and children of all ages, they love to be social and they love to play!

They are a reasonably hardy breed that can withstand most child's play, regardless of age. They love hugs and cuddles too.

Bulldogs can also bring comedy to their family, as they develop confidence with the family "pack" you will see their clowning side which is always entertaining and brings many great laughs and memories.

Bulldogs also get along well with other pets in the household. Most notably, other dogs, cats and even hamsters.

They do not require extensive amounts of daily exercise, and this also makes them convenient for a busy family.

The breed is known to be so close to their human companions that they often will not explore beyond their own yard unless accompanied by their human family members.

Considering a Bulldog For Your Family

Bulldog Breed History: A Bull-Fighting Warrior's Story

The Bulldog originated in 1568 in the British Isles. The Molossian Dog was the first type of Bulldog, introduced by Phonetician traders. This breed became known as a "Bull" dog because the dogs were bread for bull-baiting, bear-baiting and dog fighting. A popular sport at the time. The first Bulldogs were selected to be ferocious, courageous and brave; although, others might think of them as savages.

Breeders have worked for the past two centuries to breed-out the fighting instinct and aggressiveness from the bulldog.

Today, the Bulldog breed is known as docile, and good tempered. The dog's even-tempered nature makes him or her ideal for families with young, growing children. Bulldogs are hardy and patient dogs that can withstand child's play, but of course should be supervised at all times by a responsible adult.

Bulldogs doing what they were bred for - bull baiting

Bulldogs doing what they were bred for - bull baiting

Did You Know: Unique Bulldog Facts That Will Surprise You!

  • Bulldogs are what they call brachycephalic dogs. Broad headed with a short snout. Because of these characteristics Bulldogs are heat and exercise intolerant.
  • Most bulldogs are born by Cesarean section. A surgical removal of the puppy from the mother's womb because the puppies heads are too wide.
  • Bulldogs loose skin and many skin folds served as an advantage during their bull-baiting days giving them more agility during the fight
  • This breed may have issues with air plane travel as their short snouts make it hard for them to adjust to different altitude changes.
  • Bulldogs are gassy and snorty dogs again because of their short snouts and unique way of breathing causes them to swallow a lot of air.

Bulldogs As We Know Them Today

Over the years, people began to breed the original Bulldogs with Mastiffs and Pugs therefore achieving a more desirable temperament. It was after this time that the differentiation between American Bulldogs, English Bulldogs and French Bulldogs occurred.

American Bulldogs are generally taller, lean, less skin folds over the body and the traditional broad head, wrinkle faced, with triangle floppy ears.

English Bulldogs are generally short, stocky, lots of loose skin folds over the face and body, with the traditional broad head, wrinkled face and triangle floppy ears.

French bulldogs are generally small and lean, with less skin folds over the body and the traditional broad head, wrinkled face, and triangle floppy ears. However, it is also common of French Bulldog style, to crop the ears and that makes them stand straight over head.

Types of Bulldogs: See The Difference

American Bulldog

American Bulldog

English Bulldog

English Bulldog

French Bulldog

French Bulldog

Bulldog Celebrities You've Seen on TV!

  • Skateboarding English Bulldog, Tillman. Made the Guinness Book of World Records for the fastest 100-meter run on a skateboard by a dog!
  • Adam Sandler had a Bulldog named Meatball who even acted in his movie Little Nicky.
  • Jack Osbourne owned Princess Lola who had her own social networking site with thousands of followers and was often filmed on their reality show The Osbournes.

With such celebrity status it is easy to see why so many universities and sports teams have also chosen the Bulldog as a mascot!

Watch Tillman Skateboard and Surf!

Bulldog Health Issues

Although most Bulldogs will be healthy, they are predisposed to multiple health issues. Some health issues may be heredity and some may just develop through aging. This breed is at risk of:

  • breathing difficulties because of their very short snout. They are known to snort, breath heavily and snore on occasion. Any breathing issues should be assessed by a veterinarian immediately.
  • These dogs are also very sensitive to warm weather and cannot tolerate warmer temperatures, as they overheat very easily.

Hardy Bulldogs Are Great For Any Family With Children

Bulldogs are great dogs for families with children. Bulldogs enjoy the company of children and get along well other pets in the home. This breeds personality is generally tolerant, and medium energy. Which means they do not require high-energy and endurance outings. They prefer shorter walks a couple of times a day.

Bulldogs have low grooming needs which makes them most convenient for homes with busy schedules!

Does the Bulldog sounds right for you?



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