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International Hoof Care Week

Peter is an independent international zoo consultant, critic and writer with over 50 years of work within zoos.

Example of a horse with extremely long hooves. It has no quality of life.

Example of a horse with extremely long hooves. It has no quality of life.

International Hoof Care Week

International Hoof Care Week takes place every year in the third week of January. The week is designated to raise awareness of the extreme importance of the proper care of hooved animals. The maintenance of a healthy hoof goes a long way towards keeping an animal healthy.

It is not just about horses but of all hooved animals, the ungulates. Within a zoo setting this may mean Giraffe, Pigs, Buffalo, Rhinos, Deer, Antelopes and of course the Equids. Elephants and Tapirs too may need regular nail care.

In the modern zoo enclosure design can go a long way towards the maintenance of healthy hoof. Training for hoof care is so important. Training is enriching too and can eliminate the need to chemically immobilize animals.

Giraffe Hoof Trimming

The most overgrown hooves that I ever saw were on a Giraffe during a visit to Lambton Safari Park.

People notice. It is extremely important that Goats and Sheep in a Pets Corner setting have the very best of foot care.

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Camel Handling, safely trimming nails

2018 Thailand. Different approach. Elephant foot trim. Positive reinforcement and target training.

Elephant Hoof Trimming

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