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How to Train Your Cockapoo

Training your Cockapoo

A common question all new Cockapoo owners have is "how do I train my Cockapoo?" Don't worry, we have all been there, and it's not as overwhelming as it may seem. Starting off, Cockapoos are known to be pretty easy to train. They are a product of a Poodle and a Cocker Spaniel, which are both very intelligent dogs on their own, so it only makes sense that the Cockapoo is also intelligent. Cockapoos are also very people oriented and enjoy being close with their owners at all times. This clinginess is another reason why Cockapoos are easier to train.

The first step to training your Cockapoo is to gain its trust. This often takes no time as Cockapoos generally love people, so talking to them in soft tones and showing them affection will usually gain their trust. Once you have gained your dog's trust, you can begin.

It would be beneficial to start with potty training, because no one wants their dogs using their floors as a bathroom! It is important to be consistent with this, and it is advantageous to use a reward system. A reward system helps your puppy learn because they get rewarded with a treat every time they do something good, and they will eventually pick up on this good behavior.

For example, to potty train your dog, you can take them outside at similar times every day so they can learn a schedule. If they go to the bathroom outside you can give them a treat, but if they have an accident in the house, they don't get a treat. Over time, your Cockapoo will learn that outside is the place where they can go to the bathroom.

More uses for the Reward System

This method also works when training your new Cockapoo obedience and tricks. When training your dog obedience, you may use terms such as sit, stay, come, no, drop it, etc. A reward system would be beneficial here as well because the dog will quickly pick up on what they are being rewarded for. If you call out to your dog and tell them to come and give them a treat when they do, they begin to learn that listening gives them a treat. As long as you are consistent with training, your Cockapoo should catch on within a month or so.

Another thing you need to think about when training your new Cockapoo is where you want them to sleep. Some people like to go with crates and others like to let their new pups sleep in their own space, such as a bed. The reward system could be useful for crate training as well since you can reward them for staying in their crate throughout the night.

To conclude, training your Cockapoo puppy may seem like a difficult or overwhelming task, but it is actually pretty simple. The reward system is very beneficial to use when training, and helps puppies catch on to what is right and wrong.

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