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How to Train Fierce Dogs

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How to train dogs for ferocity

How to train dogs for ferocity

Some people like to buy pets and raise them at home. There are those who raise cats, dogs, birds, and sometimes poultry if there is space for them. Many enjoy raising cats and dogs in particular, because of their ability to respond to them. Dogs have been loyal animals to their owners since ancient times, and this has led many to raise them. Many people around the world prefer to raise and care for dogs for several different reasons, the most important of which is the protection of private property and entertainment. Dogs are a domesticated breed of wolf. Therefore, dogs have a sharp predatory tendency, and this ferocity found in dogs is exploited by breeders of some animals to give dogs more ferocity and benefit from them in different areas.

Classification of dogs
The dog is a pet of mammals. This animal has often been associated with fulfillment in many books of literature and novels in particular, and man has exploited this animal for several purposes; the dog was used for guarding, hunting, and towing carts as well, as dogs were the companions of the blind on their way and transport, and it is also for the deaf, and it has been used for police purposes as well; after it is trained it is able to detect drugs, explosives, find corpses, and many others.
Depending on the purposes learned from this animal, dogs can be classified according to their uses: there are hounds used by some in the forests, shepherd dogs that protect livestock, guard dogs that are placed to protect homes, sniffer dogs that are used in crime commissions, dogs that accompany the blind and deaf, and there are also dogs that are used to drag ice carts and slides.

How to breed fierce dogs
When buying a new dog, the breeder must master the methods of breeding it so that he can control it to carry out the goal for which he brought it.
The breeder must acquire the appropriate type of dog for the work that the dog will be assigned to. Therefore, he must familiarize himself with the characteristics and characteristics of the dog type before buying it, and must ensure the health, character and breed of the dog.
As the dog grows, emphasis should be placed on obedience training, which makes dog control more effective.
Obedience training begins at the age of two months or more of a puppy's life, becoming eligible to receive and execute orders.
Obedience training is the execution of the instructor's commands as soon as they are heard and repeated to ensure that the dog is subordinate at various times to the breeder.

How to breed fierce dogs

How to breed fierce dogs

Different tips for raising dogs
At the beginning of the exercises and before mastering the exercises, the dog must be careful not to conflict with the rules. If a rule is set for the dog, he must adhere to it all the time and not ignore the matter in case the dog violates one of the times.
It is not recommended to give a lot of kindness to ferocious dogs, and to provide rewards and food to dogs for no reason, so it is recommended to reward them when achieving the exercises and exercises well and benevolently, as this pushes the dog to benevolent behavior every time in order to covet the reward.
Some experts also recommend that attention be paid to the work of exercises for regular periods, and the work of exercises that help the dog to get rid of the pent-up energy inside him so as not to become aggressive, and these exercises are not limited to running, jumping and dodging only, and the implementation of orders to sit, bark and others, but also some exercises that make him use his mind.

It is also necessary to create a language of dialogue between man and dog in order to create a means of understanding between the individual and his dog, and this language determines the time of attack or submission. All the trainers have to teach the dog the meaning of the word (attack).
The dog is ready for this after reaching 4 months, especially when it sees any small animal, to have this reaction every time.
When repeated more than once, the dog's natural reaction becomes an attack if it sees the object that provokes it, or even when it hears the word "attack."
His ferocity in the tenth month, if he trains a lot, it may reach the point of killing, but the trainer must be careful when the dog reaches this degree of ferocity, as he must remain obedient to the orders of the trainer, and not get out of control.

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Breeding and training dogs

Breeding and training dogs

Uses of fierce dogs
Fierce sniffer dogs are used to assist the police in their work on various missions in searching for bags, places of explosions and crimes, and are also used to defend a particular character.

Dogs have 220 active sensory cells to carry out their work quickly, effectively and accurately, and the German Shepherd family is one of the most used breeds in the police force due to their loyalty to their owner and their intelligence to quickly and efficiently perform the tasks required of them.

The German Shepherd is a medium-sized dog used to track criminals and detect drugs because of its strong sense of smell, and is easy to train to obey a human.

The German Shepherd is considered one of the best detective species ever.

The fiercest and most dangerous dogs
The Shepherd, Rodfeller and Rhodeweiler are very ferocious dogs; two of these dogs are enough to eliminate a tiger.
The pitbull, a small dog, is also considered a very fierce and harmful dog with strong muscles as well, and the pitbull is classified in many classifications as the most violent ever.
There is the Rottweiler type that is used to guard very important figures of politicians and artists, but if not well trained it can become very dangerous.
The Siberian husky species that is widespread in Russia and that resembles a wolf in its shape has a very strong bite that can be fatal, but she is sincere and lives among family members without causing them any harm.
There are also many species of dogs famous for their ferocity, such as the Alaskan Malmut, the Douberman, the Chau Chow, the Great Dan, St. Bernard and the Dalmatian.

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