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How to take care of your Bobcat - a complete guide

Baby Bobcat

Baby Bobcat

You’ve probably entertained the idea of having a Bobcat as a pet a million times in your head. They might be wild and exotic, but the inherent cuteness in these cats and their affable personality makes you go ‘aww’ every time you look at them. Cuddly, lazy and completely lovable- if you’ve always known deep down in your heart that the Bobcat was meant to be your pet, here is a chance to get to know more about the kind of creature it is.

Home is where the Cat is- Welcoming the Bobcat Home

A Rescued Bobcat

A Rescued Bobcat

These furry little creatures are chiefly found in the North American countries, especially the USA. Twice as large as the domestic cat, Bobcats have special needs when it comes to housing and shelter. You might do well to provide:

  • Indoor and Outdoor housing enclosures so that they can go out when they choose to and have freedom of movement
  • Doggy-Doors to help the Bobcats go through them and enter decently sized outdoor enclosures
  • Construction of separate enclosures for Bobcats to not make them feel restricted or confined; ensure that these enclosures are big enough to house the Bobcat
  • Double Door entrances which lead to a smaller room where the Bobcat can be kept when you leave for work
  • Travel carriers to make separate space for your Bobcat to sleep in. This is a good idea as exposure to new situations will always ensure that the Bobcat has a safe place to come back to.

The way to cat’s heart is through his stomach- regulating the diet of the Bobcats

Bobcat or Toy

Bobcat or Toy

Bobcats have a voracious appetite. Unlike with domestic cats, deciding on a diet for these creatures is a difficult task. The diet of the Bobcats is all raw meat; no canned pet foods or dry commercial foods are deemed suitable for the furry creature’s appetite. It is essential to ensure that the food is raw and not well cooked at all, as it isn’t healthy for them. Even when you are feeding them chicken, ensure you supply the bone along with it too. This is vital for their calcium intake. All the food served to them is supplemented with high doses of vitamin intake designed for these wild felines. Meat, without the bone is also supplemented with calcium. Also, ensure that your Bobcat has adequate amounts of water throughout the day. As long as it is doing that, it would generally be safe from any food-related ailments.

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A handbook to health care programs for Bobcats and other miscellaneous factors

Bobcat With a Look

Bobcat With a Look

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Bobcats are an exotic category of pets, which mean that caring for them could involve unique challenges. However, for an adult-sized Bobcat, there are certain procedures recommended to keep it healthy. The neutering and declawing of all four paws should be done within the first 9 weeks, by an experienced veterinarian. Bobcats who are neutered early hardly ever spray. Furthermore, the vets need to check for parasitic infections in your Bobcat and take faucal samples on a regular basis. The kind of temperature they are kept in is another major concern. Since the Bobcats are exotic species by nature and because of the uniqueness of the environment they are naturally used to, it would be difficult for them to adjust to extreme temperatures. Just make sure the Bobcats are put in a temperate environment with high humidity and moderation of temperature.

Test Your Knowledge

For each question, choose the best answer. The answer key is below.

  1. How many recognized subspecies of Bobcat are there?
    • 12
    • 18
    • 13
    • 15
  2. Which of the following folklores have references to bobcats?
    • North American
    • Indian
    • African
    • Chinese

Answer Key

  1. 12
  2. North American

Bobcats being naturally lazy animals; it might not be that difficult to catch up with your cute pet now and again. They tend to be fast runners, especially when they spot a prey or a mouse scampering along; they also generally prefer to not move unless it is absolutely necessary. Seeing them stretch and lie around on the floor all day is a treat to the lazy man’s eyes. Bobcats also are nocturnal creatures and have bizarre sleeping patterns, but fret not, because your pet is an introvert anyway. It will take a lot of time for a Bobcat to become friendly with its owner. But think of how peaceful it would be to have these cats lying around when you come back after a hard day’s work, looking for some calmness and tranquility.

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