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How to Get Your New Guinea Pig to Trust You

3 ways to build a relationship with your new furry friend!

To get your Guinea Pig to like you, they must first trust you! 'How do you do that?' You may ask, here are 3 simple yet effective ways to build a relationship with your new furry friend:

Guinea pigs are indeed social animals, they love to have friends around, but they are not extremely cuddly creatures. I'm guessing the reason you're reading this is because your Piggy is not too keen on you, so you want to give them their space! It is extremely normal for your new Piggy to at first hide away when you come close, so give them time! Not all Guinea pigs are the same and some open up quicker than others, but don't give up because you will get there!

1. Its all about balance!

You must first try your best to find a balance between getting them used to your company, yet not invading their personal space! Something that I always do when getting a new piggy is just spending a few minutes every day sat next to their cage or hut talking to them, but don't take them out! After all, even if at first they're shy, Guinea pigs are chatter boxes. So a simple thing such as spending a little while, speaking to them while still letting them have their own space it can help them feel more friendly around you.

2. Have them see you as the person who gives them their favourite thing... FOOD!

Guinea Pigs are truly ALWAYS hungry! You want them to see you as the veggie person, hand feeding is an amazing way to built trust with your fellow piggies. It gets them somewhat used to your scent and instead of seeing you as a threat or someone who will always take them out of their cage, over time they will become even exited to have you walk in, knowing the treats you may bring!

3. Let them know, its on their terms!

Once your Guinea pig has become more used, and at ease to having you around you can start to entertain the idea of becoming more comfortable petting them! You must remember that after all, we are still trying to gain their trust! You must only pet your new furry friend if they allow you to, start off by simply placing your finger in front of their nose, not too close, and if they seem comfortable sniffing you out, you may try petting them. But don't over do it! You want to gradually have them become more comfortable around you!

Now that you have gained their trust, this is the fun part! Watch their personalities unfold with the relationship you have worked so hard for! Give them veggies, floor time and more veggies and they are set for life!

My Piggy

My Piggy

© 2020 Abbie Baldwin

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