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How to Clean Your Guinea Pigs Cage

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Cleaning your Guinea Pigs cage.

If you have a pet or a rodent especially, you know that most animals are messy. But as a fellow Guinea Pig owner, cavies can be dirty and stinky pets. Here's what you need to know about cleaning your piggies' cage.

  1. It will smell, so you will need odor control.

Odor control and smells are apart of a guinea pigs genetic makeup. Poop doesn't smell that bad, but their pee will smell strong and linger for days. This can be easily maintained by spot cleaning, odor controlled bedding or a spray.

2. Correct bedding

If you've ever been to a pet store, there is always a variety of bedding's to choose from. The best kind is the one that offers odor control, usually paper based to soak up any liquids from the small pet.

3. A cleaning solution

These you can either buy from pet store's or any place that has pet supplies. But I find the best solution's are to make yourself. Vinegar, water, and soap are a great example. Vinegar helps clean out the smell and anything stuck on, while soap gives it a disinfectant and clean wash.

4. Where to put you pigs?

If you don't want your pigs to make a mess in the cage while you clean it, a good idea is to have another small cage or place they can hangout. If you have someone available, they can watch them outside while the pigs forage for grass. If not, the best idea is to create a run and open the floor or place them in a large container until you're finished.

5. How often?

Well, this can depend on how many pigs you have, how messy they are, how big your cage is, and how much time you have. My two guinea pigs have a 5 foot by 2 foot cage, and are relatively messy. They cannot go more than a week without smelling unless I spot clean, but if I do it'll only last another week. For people with a bigger cage and more pigs, trying to clean it more often is ideal. The waste can attract flies and bugs, and you wouldn't want that mixing with your pet. Honestly, this all depends on you and your schedule.

I hoped this article helped you and I tried not to miss out on anything. I hope you have a good time cleaning your piggies' cage!

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