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How to be a cat parent


Want to know how to become the best cat parent? Look no further!

Choosing your fur baby

So you have decided to become a cat parent, but you are not sure what breed to choose and where to get one. Do you go with a breeder and if so how do I find a good one. Or should I go with a rescue or shelter, and what is the difference?

I will answer all those questions and more in this guide.

First things first the type of breed depends on your life style, your personality and health. If you have severe allergies then that would rule out certain breeds. So say you are active and love to travel, explore the outdoors. Yes there are cats who would be a perfect fit for you!

If you want a cat with "dog" like personalities then yes there are breeds to fit that ! If you want a snuggly lap cat to spoil rotten there are breeds to keep your lap warm!

Let's breakdown some of the most common and choosen breeds.

For active adventurous people a Bengal:

These would be a good fit for you. Bengals are a stunning hybrid cat with a wildcat look and wild personality! These cats typically love the water and are very brave in trying new adventures. Bengals are also easy to train, they have no problem going for walks while wearing a harness and a lead.

Another excellent adventure partner would be a tabby cat:

I call them the ninjas of the cat world. These crazy cats love to run around, fetch, protect, and just go bonkers! They also are very loving and loyal. They come in all colors, patterns and sizes!

Now then for the king of cats the regal Maine Coon:

These giants are great adventure partners and also great snuggle buddies . Maine Coons also have dog like traits, so they pretty much are perfect for everyone unless you have allergies and asthma. These cats have massive coats that do require regular grooming. They can get up to 20 pounds and sometimes more!

Next up the spoiled lapcats !

Persians :

These cats were once the cats of Kings and queens. They would love nothing more then a lap to lay on and their loyal subject to pet them for hours! Now like the Maine Coon These cats have amazing long coats that require daily brushing and grooming. Persians also attach themselves to one person and "tolerate" everyone else in the house.

British shorthair:

The British Short-haired is another breed that is active but also an excellent lap cat. They love to be snuggled and loved on and they also love playing with their kitty parents.


Siamese cats love to talk and talk. If you are gone for the day and not home snuggling them, then be ready for an earful! These stunning cats can be trouble makers but also excellent cuddle bugs.

Cats for people with allergies

Russian Blue :

These short-haired cats are low shedders and do not require alot of grooming. Russian Blue cats also have dog like qualities they love to fetch and are quick learners. They also make excellent lap cats.


These "naked" cats are great for people with allergies but they are high Maintenance so be prepared for that.

Alright now that we covered some popular breeds let's get into where and how to go about getting them:

I am always apt to first suggest a rescue and shelters. Now shelters are city run and some are "kill" shelters and some are not. Rescues are always "no kill" usually a rescue will go to high kill shelters and save the "death row" animals. Also there are breed specific rescues so if your want a certain breed check to see if one is in your area.

Shelters often times have pure breeds so if that is what you are looking for then first check shelters and save a life! I do NOT suggest ever buying a cat from a pet store. They usually come from animal mills and are severely mistreated and come with a whole host of health problems. Shelters and rescues will have animals at stores like Petco and Petsmart those are safe to adopt. I am talking about pet stores that are selling pure bred animals.

If you are set on getting a purebred cat from a breeder or Cattery then do your homework! If you find one then ask for vet refrences, genetic testing reports and ask to see the parents. Also have a contract that states you have 24 hours to have the cat checked by a vet, if any health issues show up you will get a full refund or another cat. If the breeder or cattery does not offer any of those things then move on to another.

Most reputable breeders and cattery know the importance of genetic testing before breeding. That way the kittens will have long healthy lives. When choosing a kitten make sure they are at least 12 weeks old have bright clear eyes, no nasel discharge or eye discharge and are up and playing around.

Alright now you know how to choose the right kitty for you! The next article will be on what supplies to get, bringing the kitty home, introducing them to children and other pets!

Some cat breeds a Bombay cat and calico point siamese

 Coal the Bombay cat

Coal the Bombay cat

Luna a Calico Point siamese kitten

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