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How to Train a Hamster

You Have To Be Patient But You Can Teach Hamsters To Do A Lot Of Things

You Have To Be Patient But You Can Teach Hamsters To Do A Lot Of Things

How To Train Your Hamster

Hamsters make wonderful pets. But they are sometimes bored, scared, or frightened. You'll have to work with your hamster friend to bring out his hamster personality. Maybe just maybe you can train your hamster to be a star like one of the hamsters in the wonderful and funny hamster videos located here. Here you'll find all kinds of wonderful information about how to train your hamster and make them into a star. So lets get started.

All The Hamster Information You Could Ever Want

If you've decided to get your very own hamster be sure to check out the links section below. If your looking for hamster information we have it all for you. All of this information comes from Thomas Byers who has been keeping and raising hamsters for over forty years now.

So You Want A Hamster For A Friend

When you bring your hamster home already have its cage or enclosure set up and ready for it. You'll want to learn everything you can about keeping a hamster and what the needs of the hamster are before you bring it home so be sure to check out all the information we have for you and get busy reading.

When you choose a new hamster try to find one that is 4 - 6 weeks old and healthy. You'll have much more success with making friends with a young hamster. Older adult hamsters may have already learned bad habits and not be as open to learning new things.

Warning About Syrian Hamsters

You should also keep in mind if your going to be purchasing a Syrian Hamster that it will need to be kept by its self because Syrian Hamsters are very territorial and will often fight and seriously injure each other. So if your buying a Black Bear Hamster, a Teddy Bear Hamster, or a Golden Hamster know that all of these are Syrian Hamsters and if put in together they will fight.

Once you buy your hamster and bring it home to its newly set up cage I strongly suggest not bothering the hamster for at least 24 hours. Some people say three days. But you should give the hamster enough time to get used to its new surroundings and you before you start trying to make friends with it. And you should be sure to start with a young hamster that is 4 - 6 weeks old.

Get Your Hamster Used To Your Voice

You need to talk to or read to your hamster to get it used to your voice. When you talk to your hamster talk to it in a low calm voice. Don't ever talk loud around the hamster or it may become scared of you and your loud voice. Once your hamster gets used to you and trusts you then it will know your around when it hears your voice.

Use Sunflower Treats To Get Your Hamster Used To You

Sunflower seeds are a favorite treat of hamsters. Be sure any sunflower seeds you give to your hamster are not treated and are for consumption by pets and animals. You should also know that sunflower seeds are high in oils and can quickly make your hamster fat. So limit their intake of sunflower seeds. Hamsters can get diabetes and heart trouble the same as humans.

But its alright to use sunflower seeds to train your hamster and make friends with it. Lay a couple of sunflower seeds in the palm of your hand and lay your hand flat in the hamsters cage. Do this over a period of three to four days. Let the hamster smell of your hand and get used to you.

What your trying to do is to get the hamster used to you and associate you with the sunflower treats. If you can achieve this then you will have success

When You Pick Your Hamster Up

When you pick your hamster up scoop it up in your hand all at once. Don't chase the hamster around the cage with your hand or you may frighten the hamster and cause it to bite you. Look at how big you are and how small the hamster is. Would it not frighten you if the roles were reversed.

You need to be calm and patient when it comes to your hamster. This is the only way your ever going to be able to be your hamsters best human friend.

Once your hamster starts to trust you and accept you then you'll be able to get your hamster to do more and more. If your hamster doesn't trust you then its going to be very hard to ever get the hamster to ever do anything.

Teach Your Hamster Simple Tricks

You want to start with real simple tricks that you can teach them and get them to repeat. You can start with the command stand. Hold a sunflower seed up in the air over the hamsters head and say stand softly but firmly. You may have to repeat this over and over but in time it will work. You will be able to get your hamster to stand when you say stand and hold the sunflower seed over its head. Don't give the sunflower seed to the hamster until it stands up to take the sunflower seed.

You can repeat this training practice with paw or set. Just be firm and don't give up the sunflower seed until the hamster does what your asking of it. In time the hamster will see it as a game and will try its best to do what you ask of it. As hard as it may be to believe you can train your hamster to perform tricks for you. Watch the video about the hamster playing dead when shot and you'll see what is possible.

If you want the hamster to turn or roll over put the sunflower seed on its back side so the hamster will have to turn around to get the sunflower seed. Yes it really is that simple.

But it will take patience and you should know that the hamster may tire easily. If the hamster walks off or refuses to play any more wait a couple of hours or try again the next day.

Hamsters can easily learn the word know and love you. When your hamster does something you don't want it to do say no firmly and if you need to move the hamster. If you want to you can say love you and as soon as you say love you offer the hamster the sunflower seed. Rub the hamsters cheek or under its neck at the same time. In time you can teach the hamster to give you a kiss when you say love you.

Teach A Hamster To Jump

You can easily teach a hamster to jump by saying jump and holding a sunflower seed or other treat just up out of reach. When the hamster jumps or tries to give them the treat. I've found that tiny slices of fresh strawberry works perfect for this. I have a friend that has a hamster he has trained to pat its foot three times when he says what is two plus one. It took time and it didn't happen overnight but its an amazing trick that most people would not think a hamster possible of doing.

Are You Trying To Train Your Hamster To Do Tricks

Are you trying to train your hamster to do tricks? If so why not post a comment below and let us all know how things are working out with training your hamster. Also feel free to post your comments, tips, suggestions, or questions.

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Big Mouth Hamster Storing Food In His Cheeks

Strawberries Are A Favorite Treat Of Hamsters

Strawberries Are A Favorite Treat Of Hamsters

How To Train A Hamster

You can try giving your hamster a small piece of freshly peeled carrot as a treat. Most hamsters love carrots. Just don't give them a carrot to often. You can often use a carrot to get a hamster to do tricks it may not otherwise do. You'll find that hamsters love Cheerios as a treat but don't give them cereals that are high in sugar content. If you give your hamster to much sugar you can make it to fat and often high doses of sugar will make your hamster sick. So go easy with the sugar. Hamsters can and often do develop diabetes and heart disease. Especially hamsters that are overweight.

Do You Have An Angry Hamster

If your hamster gets angry or tries to bite you when your trying to get it to do a trick back off. Your doing something that is making your hamster uncomfortable and your probably frightening your hamster.

You should keep in mind that there are some hamsters that just don't want to or won't do tricks. You can keep trying but if the hamster bites or gets angry back off. Try a different trick. Hamsters will learn tricks but they are not a dog.

Hamster Balls

Most hamsters love to get in a hamster ball and roll around the house and play. However some don't. Observe the hamster when you put it into the hamster ball and see what it is doing. The hamster needs to be in a part of your house where it can freely roll the ball around and play. I never leave my hamster in its play ball for over two hours. Putting the hamster in its ball is a great place to put your hamster while you clean its cage. Remember your hamsters cage and bedding must be kept clean or your hamster could get sick from it. Wet tail is a often fatal disease hamsters develop from being kept in dirty cages.

Some Things To Keep In Mind About Your Hamster

Be patient and understanding when it comes to trying to teach your hamster tricks. If at first it doesn't work wait until the next day and try again.

Use a low firm voice when your training your hamster. Remember that loud or harsh voices will frighten your hamster.

Finally give your hamster lots of love and attention and you can train it to do a lot of amazing tricks.

Thanks For Reading My Hub Page About , How To Train A Hamster

I appreciate you taking the time to read my Hub Page on , How To Train A Hamster. I consider myself an expert on hamsters. I've been keeping and raising them for over forty years now. Hamsters can be trained to do all kinds of tricks. But you have to talk to them in a low quiet voice and you need to be patient. Try training your hamster for only about 30 - 45 minutes at a time or your hamster will get tired of what your trying to get it to do and it may refuse to play alone in the future.

Adorable Hamster gets Shot and pretends to be dead. [Original]

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