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How to Tell When to Separate Aggressive Hamsters

In this photo is a Black Bear Hamster which is a color phase of Syrian Hamsters

In this photo is a Black Bear Hamster which is a color phase of Syrian Hamsters

Baby Black Bear Hamsters

Check Out This Black Bear Hamster

How to Tell When to Separate Aggressive Hamsters

If you have Syrian Hamsters you will need to separate them into a male cage and a female cage at 4 weeks of age. I suggest keeping same sex dwarf hamsters in pairs so that the hamster has a friend. But remember if you keep male and female hamsters together your eventually going to have baby hamsters.

Keep in mind when you bring your hamster or hamsters home that they are not a dog or cat. They are a hamster. Give any hamster at least 24 hours to get used to its surroundings before you try to start working with it. Some hamsters will never want to be handled like a dog or cat. You'll need to take things slow and see how far your hamster will let you go as far as handling it and interacting with it. Go slowly because you don't want to stress your hamster out. If you do take things to fast you may never make friends with the hamster. Keep in mind that your hamster really isn't out to get you. If it bites its because its stressed out or scared. This is also why you need to buy a young hamster before it learns a lot of bad habits.

You should always keep in mind that if you keep male and female hamsters in the same cage your going to have baby hamsters. Unless you are breeding hamsters to sale them or for research separate the male and female hamsters. If you have baby hamsters put all your females in one cage at four weeks of age and all your males in one cage at four weeks of age. And even when they are separated into a female cage and a male cage if they are Syrian Hamsters they will fight. If you see them start fighting you must separate the hamsters or they will seriously injure each other and can often kill one another.

Dwarf hamsters can be kept in a large cage or enclosure together but you will have baby hamsters if they are all kept together in one cage. So be warned that if you keep them together you will soon be having baby hamsters. If your going to allow your hamsters to have baby hamsters what are you going to do with all the baby hamsters. Who are you going to sell them to or give them to. You also need to be responsible in giving them away.

If you see hamsters fighting each other and chasing each other it is time to separate the hamsters. The larger alpha hamsters will fight the other hamsters more and more and in the case of Syrian Hamsters they will kill each other. So if you have a litter of Syrian Hamsters born be sure to figure out what your going to be doing with them by four weeks of age.

Aggressive Hamsters Need To Be Separated

You need to separate hamsters that are being aggressive towards each other. Overly aggressive hamsters can quickly become hazardous to each others health.

If you know you need to separate two hamsters that are fighting or attacking each other I suggest putting on a pair of heavy gloves and remove the hamster that is the most friendly to you. I always have a small Rubbermaid container ready for this purpose that I have bored one inch holes in the lid of. I have shredded newspaper bedding already in this container, a nest box, and a food and water dish and I put the hamster I remove into the box and put the lid on. If your planning on keeping both hamsters you will need to provide the hamster you removed with a permanent home in a few days.

Breeding Syrian Hamsters

You should know that out in the wild that Syrian Hamsters live in burrows by themselves. They live solitary lives and only come together for breeding. I raise Syrian Hamsters all the time and I always take the female to the males cage and leave her for an hour or two while I observe closely. Once I know the breeding process has occurred I take the female Syrian Hamster back to her cage. I do not leave female Syrian Hamsters in with the males overnight because I have ended up with seriously hurt and even dead hamsters that way. If they are breeding stand there and quietly observe, After you know they have went through the breeding process a couple of times take the female back to her cage. If after 7 - 10 days she does not show visible signs of being pregnant take her back to the males cage.

Why Dwarf Hamsters Fight

When you see fights among dwarf hamsters it is almost always a territorial dispute. The male who has established its self as the alpha male feels threatened and may show aggressive behavior towards another male dwarf hamster. If it continues you will have to remove one of the male dwarf hamsters in order to keep all the other hamsters happy and healthy.

Not all hamsters that are showing signs of aggression will bite or attack the other hamster. Your hamster may lay its ears back against its head, show its teeth, and glare at the other hamster. If you learn to spot these particular behaviors in hamsters you'll learn that your going to need to do something about overly aggressive hamsters.

Often when I have an aggressive dwarf hamster I'll add on another cage with a connecting tunnel to my dwarf hamster habitat. I then put the more aggressive hamster in the new just added cage and it I need to I can close up the tunnel and separate the hamsters.

Baby Hamsters Will Play Fight With Each Other

You should know that baby hamsters from either Syrian Hamsters or Dwarf Hamsters will play fight with each other often as soon as they start walking. This is perfectly normal behavior and is nothing to worry about. However when Syrian Hamsters are four weeks of age they do need to be separated into one group with all the females and one group with all the males.

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You can leave baby Dwarf Hamsters in the cage or enclosure where they were born but you will be having more baby hamsters very soon. Be sure that you have a plan for what you are going to be doing with your baby hamsters. If you have no plan for selling or giving away your baby hamsters you will in short time have a large population of breeding hamsters. So develop a plan early on as to what you are going to do with your baby hamsters. When hamsters are crowded together in a cage they can also become aggressive. So decide early on what you are going to be doing with your baby hamsters and your growing population of hamsters. if things get out of hand separate your female and male Dwarf Hamsters into two groups until you can sell or give away some hamsters.

Please be responsible and never turn hamsters loose into the wild. Hamsters particularly dwarf hamsters could establish themselves in the wild in the United States. Some people say it has already happened in many parts of the southern United States.

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Here is a beautiful Dwarf Hamster enjoying a few green beans.

Here is a beautiful Dwarf Hamster enjoying a few green beans.

How To Tell When To Separate Aggressive Hamsters

If you have aggressive hamsters living together and one of your hamsters injures one of the other hamsters you should take it to see a vet especially if the hamster has received a serious bite or tear to its skin. Always know of a local vet in your area that will treat small animals like hamsters. Not all vets will treat hamsters and not all vets even know how. So be sure to check ahead of time to locate a good small animal veterinarian.

Always get used to a new hamster in a cage by its self. Never put a new hamster in a cage with a hamster or hamsters you've had for a long time. When I add new dwarf hamsters in with my breeding colony I always quarantine the new hamster or hamsters for thirty days and observe them carefully. If a hamster is sick it will most likely get sicker during those thirty days. If it is really mean or aggressive you will also know that by the time that thirty days has gone by. Never put a wild, mean, or aggressive hamster in with tame gentle hamsters. It will never work.

Mean Hamsters

I have had both Dwarf and Syrian male hamsters that suddenly for no reason started attacking any other hamster near them. If you experience this type of behavior you will have to get that particular male hamster into a cage by its self. If it keeps up that behavior I usually use that particular hamster for snake food. You however may have to give it away or try to find another home for it.

I know I keep saying it but Syrian Hamsters that includes Teddy Bear Hamsters, Black Bear Hamsters, and Golden Hamsters must be kept in cages or enclosures by themselves. I don't care what the guy down at your local pet shop told you. You can not keep more than one Syrian Hamster in a cage with out there eventually being a problem resulting in serious injuries or death.

Aggressive hamsters can also be caused by hamsters not being provided with the proper diet and by to many hamsters being kept in to small of a cage or enclosure. If your keeping dwarf hamsters in cages I would limit it to two females and a male if you are breeding and raising young. And if you are breeding hamsters for the pet trade always keep careful notes and document how you are keeping your hamsters. All of my hamsters are handled as often as possible to insure that we produce tame hamsters.

People should always keep in mind that if you keep male and female hamsters in the same cage your going to have baby hamsters and you will have to eventually find homes for them. You can either try selling them or giving them away. Pet shops will often buy young well cared hamsters from you.

Health Problems Can Cause Hamsters To Be Aggressive

In order to keep your hamsters from being aggressive be sure that you know exactly what diet your hamster should be eating and what it should not be eating. Your hamsters all need wooden chew sticks in with them and a mineral block to make sure that your hamsters teeth are staying worn down and in good health. Hamsters incisor teeth keep growing all their lives so you have to provide the hamster with a way to keep their teeth healthy.

You need to always keep doing research on keeping your hamster or hamsters healthy and happy. Happy healthy hamsters rarely bite.

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Here is a baby dwarf hamster at about 21 days of age.

Here is a baby dwarf hamster at about 21 days of age.

Dwarf Hamsters at about 28 days of age in this photo. They really are cute aren't they.

Dwarf Hamsters at about 28 days of age in this photo. They really are cute aren't they.

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Andrea on October 26, 2017:

Never put syrian hamsters together...Male or female..They are naturally territorial...They cant stand being together...If they do, it wont be for long because the stress of not being able to live out there instincts will kill them...All hamsters are best by themselves...They prefer it physically and mentally..

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