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How to Teach Kids to Trap Skunks on Your Property

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Mamabyrd is a homeschooling mom with three children. She has a preteen daughter that specializes in trapping and releasing small varmint.

Trapping a Skunk on Your Land

Catching a Skunk On Your Property

Catching a Skunk On Your Property

Trapping Live Animals With Kids

Trapping and releasing animals on your property can solve problems and be a fun and educational experience for children. First you need to ensure that your child has shown an interests in the outdoors. Trapping skunks also requires responsibility and caution. It can be dangerous without the proper tools, education and supervision! Eliminating skunks on your property is a unique task that might be perfect for the outdoorsy young adventurer seeking responsibility. Research is the first step and key to success.

Live Skunk Trap

Live Trap

Live Trap for Kids

Live Trap for Kids

Trapping a Skunk on Your Property

Educate your Child on Trapping a Skunk

The first step in teaching your child how to trap a skunk is to do research. Start by researching skunks on the internet at your local library or on Youtube. The more you understand these stinky animals the better. Teach your child how to recognize skunk habits, how to identify skunk droppings and how to lure them into the trap using the most appetizing bait. Skunks are not usually aggressive creatures but they can harbor diseases, not to mention they omit a horrendous odor. safety should also be covered every step of the way.

Research should also include knowing your land. Identify any potential dangers while scoping out the best location to trap a skunk. Once your child feels confident and has found the perfect spot, it is time to gather your equipment.

How to Safely Catch a Skunk in a Live Trap and Release It

Catching Skunks

The Equipment You Will Need to Trap a Skunk

  • Large Trap
  • Store Bought or Homemade Bait
  • Gloves
  • Blanket or Trash Bag
  • Long Stick or Shovel
  • Cleaning Supplies
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Getting Skunk Smell Out

Don't Get Sprayed

Getting Rid of Skunk Smells

How to Trap the Skunk

  • It is important to find a good trapping location once you have gathered all of your equipment. Ideally, someplace near a wooded area. Place your trap in a shaded area where the skunk won't get too hot if you aren't able to check the trap first thing in the morning.
  • Place the bait inside the trop just past the silver plate that the animal steps on to trip the front door. A can of wet cat food is one of the easiest baits to use but you can be creative. Skunks are scavengers and will be attracted to almost any scrapes you have left over from the kitchen.
  • Leave the trap overnight! Skunks are nocturnal creatures. They will usually come out to dig around first thing in the morning before day break.

You Caught a Skunk NOW What Do You Do?

  • Patience is the key! Take your blanket or trash bag and hold it out in front of you so that the skunk see the blanket NOT you. Skunks do not really want to spray you. They will usually stomp their feet before they spray. This is also one time that you want the animal facing you as you approach.
  • Slowly cover the cage with the blanket or trash bag with the exception of the front gate for the animal to escape. Here is where your tools will come in handy. a garbage picker tool works great to keep your distance but you can use a shovel or stick to open and prop the door. It just takes a little practice. large plastic clips can be used to hold the front gate open. They are not usually necessary but can be handy for a novice skunk catcher. Most skunks will simply walk out of the cage. Babies can be more fearful and stay at the back of the cage. Try walking away from the cage for a few minutes.
  • Clean your trap with vinegar, alcohol, bleach or simply leave it in the sun for a few days to get rid of the skunk smell.

I guarantee your child's favorite part of trapping will be making the stinky bait, picking the perfect spot and the anticipation of checking the trap in the morning. Sorry mom and dad but most kids will need a hand in covering the trap to avoid getting sprayed! It also usually takes an adult to maneuver the long stick to prop the door of the trap open for the skunk to walk out without everyone getting sprayed. One thing is certain, you will make great childhood memories and your child will learn a skill that can be useful in the future.

Avoid Gettin Sprayed When You Release a Skunk

Avoid Getting Sprayed By a Skunk

Avoid Getting Sprayed By a Skunk

Tool for Releasing Skunks

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

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