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How to Have a Pet Cat if You've Never Had a Pet in Your Life

You want a cat? Of course you do who wouldn't. Here's how to do it...


Have you always wanted a cat but never had the chance to have one? Maybe your parents were anti-pet-in-the-house? Or maybe you never had the place or time for now?

If that's you and all of a sudden things have changed and you find yourself on the lookout for a pet Kitty here are a couple of tips for complete cat noobs!

Firstly, Cats Are Costly

Cats are the absolute best no two ways about it. But make no mistake, they are high-maintenance animals. So be prepared to lose a chunk of your money for things like cat food, cat toys, cat litter, cat wipes, cat equipment such as food bowls, litter boxes, cat trees, and of course, vet fees. So make sure you know what you're getting into before you bring your new furry friend home.

Second, Cats Are Like Kids with ADHD

Cats are very much like kids. They need you to spend time with them daily to entertain them, groom them, wipe them if they get dirty, feed them, make sure they don't eat too fast and regurgitate their food, make sure they don't steal food from each other (if you have more than one!).

Cats get "Zoomy" if they haven't let their energy out and they will dash around wildly in the middle of the night if you haven't given them their playtime! That's why if you are a busy working person and don't think you will be able to play a lot with your cat maybe get two so they can chase each other!

And just like a kid, a cat's needs will change as they grow up from cute little furball kittens to adult cats. Make sure you know what your cat needs at each stage. This includes things like type of cat food, the amount they should eat each day and how many times, vaccinations, and worm and flea treatments. Make sure you are with a good vet who you can call and ask when you're not sure.

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Third, Cats Have Personalities

Cats are full of personality and no two cats are the same. Some cats are pushy and loving and will snuggle up to anyone. Whereas other cats can bond with one person only and be extremely loyal to him or her but highly suspicious of anyone else.

They can also vocalize and behave differently when they want to communicate with you. I have two cats and one of them meows for her food and when she wants a door to open she will scratch. The other cat will trill for her food and meadow for the door to open!

Fourth, Cats Are Independent

If you're thinking of buying a kitten - congratulations! its amazing to grow with your cat and see her in all her phases. But you should know that the loving kitten who always followed you around when she was small might change into an independent lady cat who wants her own space and beauty naps!

Fifth, Cats Need To Be Spayed

One of the most painful things about having a cat is the decision to neuter. Cat neutering or spaying is a decision you will come across sooner or later and sooner is better since it's easier if you decide to spay her to do it before her first heat. On the other hand, if you decide not to neuter, you need to think about potential kittens. Whatever you choose, make sure you go into it with your eyes open.

Sixth, Cats Shed A LOT Of Fur

Cats shed. A huge amount. So be prepared for your cleaning workload to increase and make sure you've invested in a good hoover and some grooming equipment that can help you keep on top of your cats shedding. Grooming helps get rid of any loose hair on the cat and also if its done positively can be a bonding time between you and your cat.

Finally, cats are a joy to have. So make sure you have lots of fun and enjoy the journey of making a new furry little friend for life!

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